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01-16-The back that filled my heart to the brim.

“Lydia-san, …… ehehe, Lydia-san ♡”

“Ashima, cute”

Five minutes have passed since room 201 of the cheap inn “Tomariki no Jade Tei Hisui Tei” was enveloped in a lily- Yuri space.

The two of them are still stroking each other’s hair endlessly. The room smelled so good, I even felt like I should go outside.

Shady people basically have a narrow community circle. And it’s narrow and deep.

If we fight, we hurt each other deeply, and if we get along, we talk with each other like we’ve found a comrade. In my case, we haven’t even gotten to that point yet.

In the case of Ashima, she was already smitten with Lydia, a beautiful woman who did not distance herself from her, but rather took a liking to her.

“Funya … Lydia-san is soft ♡”

“Ashima is also soft”

“Mine is called stubby. Lydia is fluffy.”

“Ashima is warm. Stroke.”


As I first suspected, if Lydia was a villain, Ashima would not be able to recover.

“So, what’s the story?”

Half-heartedly thinking that it might be too late, I called out to Ashima to cut off the lily space before she went any deeper.

Lydia, who was entwined in Ashima’s bed and was entwined with Yuri, sits on the bed and opens her mouth.

“I came to ask you to mix a potion for me.”


A potion is a chemical that restores HP, probably the kind of potion you hear about in RPGs.

“I want potions. I want so many, I can’t even count them.”

Lydia’s sullen face never wavered as she said this without hesitation.

“Even if you say so, how do we get potions in the first place?  We don’t even know how to do that.”

“Drops from monsters. You can buy them at stores and markets for 60-70 coppers. The rest is blending.”

This is what Lydia was talking about.

You can only get so many potions from a monster. If you buy potions from the store, they’re expensive. I had no choice but to make my own potions by collecting and mixing them myself, but then no matter how much time I had, it wouldn’t be enough.

The recipe for the lowest-ranked potion seems to be “herb x mandrake x empty bottle = minor life potion.

At the point of herbs, you have to prepare “epee grass x life herbs = medicinal herbs”, so it is not hard to imagine that it takes a lot of effort to prepare potions.

So, in order to at least go through the process, Lydia was collecting medicinal herbs at an unmanned market.

“But why not just recruit potions directly instead of medicinal herbs?”

“No. Potions are a popular product. Even if you charge the same price as everyone else, I can’t get them in a box at the entrance.”

Well, it’s true that in a box at the entrance to the unmanned market..


Trader: xxx-xxxxxx

Seeking] Minor Life Potion (449 remaining)

Out] 44 Copper


I’ve seen a lot of windows like this. Even if you offered the same price, the deal would probably be closed before you could get to Lydia’s box in the back of the room.

Incidentally, the position of the box is determined by the “contribution points to the unmanned market.” What are contribution points, then? The manager of the unmanned market automatically deducts 10% of the amount of money earned from transactions and makes a profit.

“I’m still in this town and the sun is shining. That’s why it’s better to leave a box. There are various disadvantages.”

“So, the herbs we were selling, I thought Lydia was buying them for 16 coppers, but she was actually paying more…….”


This means that Lydia was buying each piece of herb at 17.6 coppers, and the money was flowing to the intermediaries at 1.6 coppers each.

“If I can’t get it right, I’d rather deal directly with you instead of going through the market. I’ll buy it for 17 coppers a piece.”

“It’s a win-win. I have no objection. How about Ashima?”

“Yes, of course I have no problem with that, but I’d like to have the potion mixed for you if possible. How do I get a mandrake and an empty bottle?”

“About a kilometer south of the south gate of Eschmerde, the tree changes its shape. You can get it from the collection point at the root of the tree. The Sasha Thicket further south is the Mandrake’s military base.”

“Ugh … there are quite a few monsters there, right?”

“There’s only minor kobolds, lower kobolds, minor jellies, and forest bats.”

“What do you mean ‘only’? …… We’re no better than trash in a fight, right?”

“That’s right”

“That’s right”

She repeated my answer to Lydia like a parrot, and after a moment of thought, she said


“You’re a little more aggressive than I thought.”

I can’t sense any malice in her expression. So.

‘How can you be weak or alive in this world where power is everything?’  I know she doesn’t mean something like that, more like  ‘awwwwww grass.”

“You don’t have the face of a weak person, Toru, neither does, Ashima.”

Lydia said that to us, and a pathetic voice came out of our mouths.

“I can see that the LV is low. But you’re not cowards, I’m sure.”

And then, without thinking, me and Ashima looked at each other.

An ordinary face that cannot be called a beautiful woman. Hair that is not in line with fashion Speaking of strong, it is about her big eyes of dark brown that were clear. However, it is a pity to compare it with Lydia.…… Oh, you can line up only boobs. However, it seems to be sunk  only at the right. Well, I don’t mind it.

“Is it because she has a bad eye, Fujima-kun?”

“Hey, people have to keep silent?”

I’ve been trying to stop it in my brain, I’ve got things on my mind too, you bastard.

“Toru has faith, Ashima has courage in her eyes. They don’t have the eyes of the weak.”



Regardless of my beliefs, I still think Lydia is not a simple person.

Because she saw through it.

I may be the only one in this world who knows it as courage, her power that stood in front of six people.

“… Well, I don’t feel bad if you say that. But I can’t fight what I can’t fight. So I really can’t collect empty bottles. Should we buy it?”

I digress.

I remember many times the small back that stood up for me, and filled my heart, as if to chase away something that weighed on it, that I should not cling to forever.

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