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03-19-Before the decisive battle, the view of the sky

An angry roar echoed across the meadow from the vantage point.


I, Toru Fujima, exclaimed.

I raised my common walking stick – made of some kind of bone – and roared loudly.

“Come and get me!”




One minor kobold came while we were collecting epee grass and life herbs.

Kobotaro bravely stands up to it and fights to the death.

I searched for something I could do to help, and what I came up with was to interfere by provoking the enemy.

I decided that simply going behind the enemy’s back and shouting with my weapon at the ready would be effective enough. ……



A spear that is entwined with its tip.

.. no. It doesn’t matter at all. Far from looking back at me, I’m sure he wasn’t even aware of it.  I just hurt my throat pointlessly.

No, I understand. It doesn’t work because I’m super scared.

When the Kobold, who proudly shows his back to me in front of me, turns around, he doesn’t even look back because I seem ready to run away at any time.

So you want me to hit him with the stick?

Damn ……! If I could do that, I would have done it from the beginning. ……!



Without taking into consideration my anguish, the Minor Kobold was hit by Kobotaro’s sharp thrust and ascended to the heavens with a green light.

《End Battle》

《Gain 1 EXP》

“Huh…! Huh…!”

I-I’m glad…!

“Heh heh heh heh…”

I collapsed on the spot.


“I’m sorry Kobotaro. I wanted to help you with something, but I couldn’t do anything.”

Kobotaro reached out his hand to pull me up and shook his head.

“Are you okay? You must have been attacked quite a bit.”

It looked like it was as tough as the first match, but Kobotaro’s body doesn’t have any deep scars.

Check Kobotaro’s status from [Olympus].


Kobotaro (Minor Kobold)

Consumes MP9 State: Summoning

Remaining summon time: 35 minutes


LV 1/5 ☆ number of reincarnations 0 EXP 1/3

HP 11/15 (+5) SP7/10 MP2/2


“Oh, that’s fine.”


Kobotaro pointed at his equipment in turn and say, “Thanks to you for buying me armor!”

By the way, Lydia said that “(+5)” next to HP seems to be the total “HP” of the armor.

When you wear protective gear, an invisible aura of mana clings to your entire body, shielding you from enemy attacks.

In Kobo-taro’s case, the HP that takes the place of the mana is 5.

By the way, as long as the armor doesn’t break, it seems that the HP of this armor will be fully recovered at the same time as the “Battle End” message. That’s why HP10 (+100) is more advantageous than HP100 (+10) because it doesn’t require recovery time, items, magic, etc. It seems that in some dungeons, there are monsters that ignore armor HP and deal damage directly to HP, so I said that’s not the case.

“Anyway, I’m glad  Kobotaro was okay.” With a relieved look on her face, Asshimar rushed over from a distance.

“It’s no good, Fujima-kun… It’s dangerous if you get close to monsters like before..”

“I know, but…”

I know.  There’s nothing I can do.

On the contrary, if I die, Kobotaro will also disappear. That’s why I have no choice but to pray for Kobotaro’s victory from a distance.

“Shall I open the box, then?

“Please do”

I don’t think it’s bad to believe and wait.

But I’m not brave enough to stand behind Kobotaro when he’s on the verge of life or death, and I’m not strong enough to help him in battle.

Humans are greedy.

When you get what you want, you immediately want another one.

Having obtained the power of summoning, I now desire the power to help Kobotaro.


《Unlock result》


Unlock success rate 72%

Atelier de Lumiere LV1→×1.1

Unlock LV1→×1.1

Luck LV1→×1.05

Unlock success rate 91%



Atelier de Lumiere LV1→×2.0

Luck LV1→×1.1

66 Copper

Kobold Spear

[Fire arrow skill enhancement LV2]

Acquired [Repeat Side Jump LV1]


But right now, what I want the most is ──

“What is this [repetition side jump]? Where is it used?”

“Ehehehe… It seems like it will be an advantage during the physical fitness test…”


“Ah, Kobotaro, it’s a physical fitness test, isn’t it?”


This scenery.

This warmth.

──I won’t abandon Fujima-kun.

It’s completely ridiculous.

I, who can’t say a single word,

That one thing I want the most.


──Don’t throw me away──────

──Don’t leave me behind──────


In this way, I can deceive my weakness again and put what little strength I have into my calves.

Is there anything I can do?

Make sure Asshimar doesn’t leave?

So that I can live even if Asshimar leaves?

──So that Asshimar can live even if she leaves me?

I don’t know.

What can someone who has only thought about himself do for others?

When did I become so disgusted with myself?

Even though I looked up at the sky, the irritatingly blue clear sky didn’t give me any answer.


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