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02-20-The Bottom Line: How to Rise to the Top in a Different World and Become a Warrior

I visited the skill book store with Ashima, Lydia, and my first summoned minor kobold – Kobotaro – and sold “The White Sands of Orpheus” to Cocona for 2 silvers, but those 2 silvers were about to run out.


Kobotaro (Minor Kobold)

Skill Slot -> 1

[Lord] Toru Fujima 2 Silver


▼───── Status

HP LV1 30 Copper


Dexterity LV1 30 Copper


Spear LV1 30 Copper

Defense LV1 30 Copper


Walking LV1 30 Copper

Alert LV1 30 Copper

Attention LV1 50 Copper


Chivalry LV1 50 Copper


“Hey Cocona. What does it mean to set a skill on a summoned monster? Is this skill slot related?”

“Summoned monsters usually can’t acquire skills, but if the summoner has such skills, they can, and setting the skills on the summoned monsters will bring out the effects of the skills.”

“What is the difference between a set and mastery?”

“The same thing happens up to the point where you buy the skill book and learn the skills. The effect of all the skills will appear only after that, but not so for the summoned monsters. The effect will be shown only when you set the skill you want to learn. Kobotaro currently has only one skill slot, so even if you buy two skill books of level 1, they will not be effective at the same time.”

“Well, ......, so even if I learn [spear lvl 1] and [defense lvl 1], I can only use one of them?”

“The summoner can instantly switch the skill slots of the summoned monster at any time he/she likes. So, if you learn those two skills and switch to [Spear LV1] as a basic skill and [Defense LV1] if Kobotaro is likely to be hit by a big attack, you can use both skills in that way.”

Hmmm... ....... Looks like I’ll be pretty busy. Lydia stopped me, but I was thinking of doing a two-man battle with Kobotaro once I get used to it, but I may not have time for that.

“By the way, can Kobotaro switch skills at will?”

“Basically, they can’t but…..“



” Nya..... hmm?”

Kobotaro interrupted and refused Cocona’s denial.

Both Cocona and Lydia are surprised.

“Kobotaro, can you do it?”


“It looks like he can.......”

Cocona and Lydia look at each other.

“Oni-chan, how many years have passed since you summoned Kobotaro?”

“I summoned him for the first time thirty minutes ago.”

“Kobataro already has an ego. That’s why he can switch his skills at his own will.......It’s a real mystery.”

Lydia tilts her head again. Cocona is not satisfied with just tilting her head, and she has question marks floating  in front of her.

“No, no, no. Summoned monsters are like babies at first. They are infants who have been instilled with loyalty to their masters. Usually, it takes months or years for them to develop their hearts, and it is the duty of a good summoner to support them. So why does Kobo already have a heart?”

“Even if you say something like that ......It is better this way. Right, Kobotaro.”


Arcadia has unique skills that can be given.


If you ask me, [Excalibur] will make you as good with swords as Kedoin, and [Twilight Force] will make you as good with magic as Akari. There’s also Ashima’s [Atelier de Lumière].

If so, the [Olympus] given to me, in the same way, could give an ego to the summoned monster who should not have one.

I can go from being someone who can only receive to someone who can give something.

As aggravating as it is to say that it is the power of the unique skills we have been given, there is more to it than that.

I will continue to nurture with Kobotaro. I will nurture Its life and its heart. I will give, be given, and nurture.



It’s not a cheat or a unique skill, it’s my ...... Fujima Toru will.

“Let’s be strong”



From the bottom up to becoming a warrior in a different world.

A long and far away road.

Today, I took the first step.


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