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Chapter 32: New Futon

 Donate a futon–.

Hirune couldn’t help but raise her hands at those sweet words.

“I did it. After two and a half years of hard work, I’ve finally received a donation of a futon!”

“You did it, Hirune-sama!”

 Jeanne, who had always been asked by Hirune if she could get donated a quilt or a futon, also raised her hands in joy.



 Hirune and Jeanne hugged each other in front of the room.


Holly, who had been watching from the side as the blonde and the black ponytail crossed, shrugged her shoulders in annoyance.

“Hey, ……, what are you so happy about at a time like this? It’s embarrassing, do it in your room, in your room.”

 Holly pointed sternly at the door.

Seeing this, Hirune and Jeanne straightened their postures and entered the room, saying excuse me.

(I’m sorry. It was nice of him to donate the bedding, but this is an emergency.)

 Jeanne opened the door. Upon entering the room, there was a comforter on Hirune’s bed.

 A great emotion washed over her.

 The down comforter was thinner and less padded than the previous one.

 It seemed that there was still room for improvement, but the thought of the thin comforter was enough to make her happy.

“Don’t go in yet, Hirune-sama.”

 Jeanne held her hand, and Hirune automatically stopped in her tracks.


“I can’t stop. My feet are moving on their own.”

“I think we should change into our nightgowns first.”

“I’ll go to my room and get my nightgown.”

 Holly walked out of the room.

 In the meantime, Jeanne took off her saint’s clothes and put on her familiar dress, and Holly came in with her own nightgown.

“Do you mind if I change here?”

“Of course. Hirune-sama, I’m done. Holly-sama, this way, please.”

“Thank you.”

 Holly put her nightgown on a chair and stood in front of Jeanne, while Hirune, who had finished dressing tried to get into bed.

 Jeanne shouted over her shoulder.

 “Hirune-sama, you’re not ready yet. You haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and you have to brush your teeth afterwards.”

“That’s all right. I’m just going to get under the covers. See?”

“You’ll fall asleep as soon as you get in won’t you Hirune-sama? It’s difficult to brush your teeth while you’re sleeping.”

 She had been using the advanced technique of brushing people’s teeth while they were sleeping. It was difficult to brush her teeth without waking her up and making her uncomfortable.

“What are you making Jeanne do……?”

 Holly was still in the Hail Mary pose, dumbfounded.

  While saying that, Jeanne’s hand does not stop, and Holly’s saint’s clothes are taken off.

“Eating makes you sleepy. It’s a human truth.”

 Hirune’s sleepy blue eyes glowed.

Hirune settled down at the edge of the bed as if she planned to get under the covers as soon as she gets the go-ahead.

“I really feel relaxed when I’m with you. I feel so much less tense now–thank you.”

 Holly thanked Jeanne for putting her nightgown over her head and shaping it for her.

 “Now, Hirune-sama, Holly, I will bring breakfast over here. Please try not to sleep until then.”

“Jeanne, just a moment under the covers.”

 “It will be hard, if you get hungry later,  You’ll be in trouble Hirune-sama. You might even dream of a feast.”


“That’s a problem. I had a dream once that I ate a lot of food, and when I woke up I had heartburn.”

“That’s why I don’t want you to go to bed yet. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

 Jeanne bowed and walked out of the room.

“I’ve never heard of heartburn from dreams.”

“It’s the mystery of sleep.”

 Holly gave her a dumbfounded look as Hirune said so sleepily. 


 Jeanne came back, the three of them ate breakfast, brushed their teeth, then Hirune and Holly went to bed.

 The pyory comforter was soft and smelled of the sun.

(Pyory-san, …… I’ll farm you one day ……)

 Dreaming of mass production of futons, Hirune fantasized about a Pyory farm.

“Now then, Hirune-sama, Holly-sama, if you’ll excuse me, I have maid duties to attend to.”

 Jeanne smiled at Hirune, who looked happy with her floppy quilt and down comforter, and at Holly, who looked at her with an embarrassed look.

“What is it? Is there something  on my face?”

Holly said to Jeanne, “No, no, nothing on your face.”

 When Jeanne saw the blonde and light blue-haired saint in bed together, side by side, she reached over and repositioned the comforter.

“I’ll come and wake you up when it’s time. Good night.”

 Closing the curtains for the last time, Jeanne left.

 Hirune’s room became quiet.

 The pre-afternoon sunlight filtered through the curtains.

“Holly, how do you like the donated futon?”

 Hirune turned her head to the side, her blue eyes shining as if she were showing off a treasure.

“It feels good. It’s light and warm.”

“That’s true. A down comforter is the best.”

 Hirune happily rubs her face against the comforter.

  Seeing such an innocent Hirune, Holly raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Hey Hirune … aren’t you scared?”

“Scared of what?”

“There’s a lot of miasma coming to The Royal Capital.  You’ve seen miasma before, haven’t you? It’s that foul stuff that makes you uncomfortable just to be around.”

“I’ve seen it in one of the shopping malls, and Wanda has shown it to me in purification practice.”


“Then you know how scary it is, don’t you? Are you okay?”

 Holly’s words left Hirune puzzled.

(Holly’s scared isn’t she? …… that’s right, she’s only ten years old ……)

“It’s alright. We have the Goddess Sophia with us. Besides we have saint friends we can rely on, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

 Looking into Hirune’s sparkling eyes, Holly felt a warmth inside her heart and almost cried.

 Holly rushed to turn her face and body to the opposite side of Hirune.

“Yeah. That’s right. It’s not that I’m scared. I was just worried that you might be scared.”

“Okay. Thank you for always worrying about me, Holly.”

  Hirune smiled and Holly shifted her shoulders.

 She hesitantly opened her mouth, unsure whether to say anything or not.

“………… Thanks for everything, Hirune.”

 Holly’s small words made Hirune feel happy.

 She smiled and moved a bit in the futon.

‘Do you mind if I stick to Holly?”

‘……  I don’t mind.”


“I did it. it’s a saint body pillow.”

“Don’t use people as pillows.”

 Hirune turned on her side and hugged Holly from behind.

“It’s warm.”

(I wonder if Holly has a high basal body temperature. It’s so warm.)

 Hirune stuck her face to Holly’s back and fell asleep.

“Hirune…… she’s already asleep…… “

 Holly closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of Hirune’s body as she breathed in her sleep, “I’m not sleepy yet.”

 After a while, a lovely sleeping sound came from Holly’s mouth.

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