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Chapter 21: Daily Life of a Saint

 Three months have passed since she became a saint.

 Two years have passed since her reincarnation, and Hirune is now ten years old.

 Compared to when she was eight years old, she has become much more mature.

 Her well-rounded face had gained a feminine roundness.

 When they gazed into the starry blue eyes of Hirune, everyone felt as if they were being sucked into her eyes.

 The fact that she always looked sleepy and relaxed amplified the mysteriousness she wore.

 It’s not that she looks sleepy, it’s just that she’s really sleepy.

(It’s been two years …… since then, long yet short. I have my own room in the main church, my bed is bigger, and I’m fed more than when I was an apprentice ……. But the bedding in the main church is not very good. …… What do you call it? …… It’s like a hand-me-down version of the mass-produced futons. )


 Hirune picked up the thin comforter that she had been using since her apprenticeship.

 It was clean, and Jeanne had mended the holes with star-shaped appliques.

 At the head of the quilt, just where her neck would be, was a removable cover with a button. This was Holly’s idea, and Jeanne made it for her. This was because Hirune sometimes drooled on it. The beautiful girl was ruined.

(I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I’m so used to using this quilt …… that it’s so easy to sleep with.  But I want to sleep with a down comforter in cold weather. I think a down comforter on top of this quilt would be perfect.)

Hirune smiled, dreaming of a comforter she hadn’t yet seen, and rolled over, wrapping it around her body.

 The comforter with star-shaped appliques was blessed with her blessings, and it was filled with her dreams and hopes: comfortable sleep, accelerated recovery of magic power, accelerated recovery of physical strength, and avoidance of nightmares. However, she wasn’t aware of it.

 Coincidentally, the fact that Hirune went to the trouble of repairing and using cheap quilts made people around her say, “What a thrifty person she is,” or “She is a mirror of a saint. She is trying to understand the position of the poor,” and so on. 

 (I want Thomas’s new futon. I want him to please replace all the futons in the main church.)

 I’m glad I live in a world where people can’t hear what’s going through my mind.

As she lounged around for a while, a knock sounded and Jeanne came in.

 Feeling like a flounder Hirune pulled the quilt over her head, exposing only her eyes, and flopped down flat on the bed.


Jeanne smiled and said cheerfully,

 “Your free time in the morning is over, Hirune-sama.”

“There is no Hirune, there is only a deep-sea fish.”

 The flounder …… Hirune glanced at Jeanne with one eye.

“I’m not sure what you mean by “deep-sea fish. …… Now, Archbishop Zekyutos is waiting for you. You’re going to read to the nobility today.”

“Deep-sea fish can’t read. They can’t speak because they’re in the water.”

“This is not the sea, it’s the main church. Come on, Hirune-sama, please get up.”

 Jeanne didn’t get her joke at all.

Since becoming a saint, her schedule has been so jam-packed that she hasn’t had time to take a nap at all. In this case, It would’ve been better to be a Saint Apprentice.

 Jeanne was no stranger to this.

“You can take a break when the reading is over. Let’s go.”

“The break must be just twenty minutes right? I know. When I was a saint apprentice, I was never late at night. I never heard of a saint being this busy.”

“Everyone is waiting for you, Saint Deep Sea Fish?”

“Yes, I am a deep-sea fish. I’m not a saint. You’ll have to look elsewhere.”

“That’s not possible.”

 Finally, Jeanne pulled the thin quilt over her head.

“Let’s go. Come on, let’s go.”

 Hirune clutched at the quilt, determined not to get out of them.

 “Jeanne should read it instead. The deep-sea fish will be under the covers, waiting for your return.”


 Jeanne pulled the covers languidly over her.

“Saint Hirune is not here.”

“Very well. Prepare yourself, Hirune-sama.”

 Jeanne removed her hand from the thin quilt and announced that she was going to use a secret trick.

 She then grabbed Hirune’s waist from the quilt and began to tickle her skillfully.


“Tickle, tickle, tickle.”

“Oh, no, ah, hahaha yame( stop).”

“Please come out, Hirune-sama.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

 The self-proclaimed deep-sea fish emerged, daringly brought to the surface by Jeanne’s hands.

(This is impossible. I didn’t know she could tickle my weak spots so accurately … I can’t stand that … I feel that Jeanne is becoming a stronger enemy day by day.)

 The breathless Hirune pulled herself out of the covers and posed in a Hail Mary pose.

 Seeing this, Jeanne quickly undressed her and put on her Saint clothes.

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