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Chapter 12: Napping at the Bedding Store

 The owner of the bedding store Valhalla is a dandy man in his forties, with a haircut of seven-three.*

 The store is about the size of a medium-sized store, as it deals in bedding for the common people. It is much smaller than the large merchant houses. Even so, the fact that most of the common people know about this store shows how popular it is.

“Hirune-chan, no, Hirune-sama, can you take a look at my arm?”

“Oh, my God. Thomas-san’s precious arm is swollen and red. It’s the end of the world…… It’s the end of a good night sleep……”

 Hirune opened her sleepy eyes unusually wide and started pacing left and right.

 Thomas chuckled, hid his arms, and opened his mouth.

“I was doing inventory and I fell down from the second floor. I put my weight on my arm and …… ugh …….”

 Thomas, who had been trying to be patient, frowned.

 Thomas is a very important person to Hirune.

 She had escaped from the church many times, pretending to be a commoner, and even though she had no money, she went to the bedding store Valhalla.

 Her blond hair, blue eyes, and conspicuous appearance made her memorable, and Thomas began to call her Hirune-chan. When Thomas found out that Hirune was a candidate for sainthood during his tour of the capital, he was astonished.

 Despite this, he still calls her Hirune-chan, probably because his own daughter is the same age.

 In fact, Thomas has been donating a lot of money to the West Church.

 Hirune is excited to see when she will receive her donation in the form of a futon instead of cash, but that day sadly has yet to come.

 Hirune seemed to have regained her composure and puts her thin arms out in front of her.

“Thomas, your hand.”

“Got it.”

 Thomas offered his hand in a polite tone, as expected.

 Hirune touched his hand and closed her eyes.

(Life-Detecting Magic: …… You have a compound fracture in your arm and a sprained leg. If anything happens to Thomas, the common people of this country will lose sleep. Let’s keep our spirits up.)

 Hirune opened her eyes and kneaded her magic.

She omitted the scriptures and built up the holy magic all at once.

 A magic circle about fifty meters in diameter unfolded from under Hirune’s feet, and stardust flooded out like a murky stream.

“Aah! Now this is dazzling.”

 With his entire body enveloped in stardust, Thomas closed his eyes, unable to bear the glare.

  The voices of the saint apprentices’ such as “Kyaa” and “What?!” leaked from the surroundings.

 Hirune’s magic circle and stardust had penetrated the other patients. As a result of Hirune’s overzealousness, an ordinary healing spell became a widespread healing spell.

 Eventually, the magic subsided and Hirune cut it off, thinking that the patient was already healed.

 The magic circle disappeared, and the stardust disappeared into the ceiling of the center, making a shuffling sound as if it were singing.

“…… Hirune-chan? This is that …… thing? My arm doesn’t hurt, neither does my leg.”

“I prayed a lot, Thomas-san.”

“Oh, …… I knew you were a saint. …… how divine. ……”

 Thomas let out a sigh of admiration when he saw Hirune smiling against the vanishing residue of stardust.

“I’d like to thank you for using your precious holy magic. You’re going to be a wonderful saint in the future.”

“Is that so? I don’t really feel it, but I’d be happy if such was the case …….”

 Hirune blinks her long eyelashes sleepily.

 Holly, who had come to check on her, poked her head out from behind the partition.

“Hey, Hirune, you’re using too much magic.”

“I’m sorry. I really wanted to heal you, so I put too much energy into it.”

“If that’s the case, it’s fine, but I’ll tell Wanda ….. to send him on his way.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

 Holly pulled her head back and headed toward the back of the center.

 As soon as no one was around, Hirune spoke up.

(We’re going to take a break from now, I won’t get a chance like this ……. Okay, let’s make our first request!)


“You don’t have to say ‘sama’, Hirune.”

 Hirune looked up at Thomas.

“Thomas-sama, I have one …… request to ask you.”

“What’s the matter?”

“ I’m going to take a break now. If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a nap on the new bedding you have in your store, the one made from Pyory’s feathers.”

 This was Hirune’s earnest wish.


 Looking up at eyes like the shining star sea, and staring at Hirune who was squeezing it, Thomas was not disturbed. He would rather make her wish come true.

“Of course you can. Are you sure you don’t want to tell anyone?”

“I’m fine. I’ll be right there.”

“Okay. I’ll walk you home, okay?”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

 Hirune’s big eyes crinkled up in a big smile.

Thomas mumbled, “This is going to make a lot of men and women cry in the future.” He said no to the priest man at the entrance, just in case, and took Hirune to his store.

(Fufufu.. …… I’m taking a nap on a soft futon…)

 Hirune couldn’t stop smiling.


 The bedding store was a ten-minute walk from the West Church.

 The store was crowded with people.

“Master! Master! Your arm is healed!”

 A young boy jumped up when he saw Thomas, and ran into the shop, shouting, “Master’s arm is healed!”

“I’m sorry for all the noise. Hirune-chan, enter through the back door.”

“Got it”.

 Thomas told her to go in through the back door of the store.

 It was almost eleven o’clock in the morning. The sunlight was warm.

(The back of the store was the main building, …… and the garden is connected to the interior like a porch. It’s a great house. If possible, I’d like to have the futon laid out near the back of the porch.)

 Thomas may have given the order, but a female employee laid out the futon at the back of the porch. The pillows were just in the shade. As expected of a bedding store owner, he knew what he was doing.

 Thomas’s wife, Natasha, came out of the main house and bowed happily at the sight of Hirune.

 She was a plump woman who looked like she could use a good night’s sleep.

“Hello, Hirune-chan.”

“Hello, Natasha.”

 Hirune had become a familiar face.

 Natasha squinted at Hirune, who greeted her with a smile and gently opened the quilt laid out by the employee. The saint apprentices would never come to take a nap in any house, but Natasha, who was very religious, was filled with gratitude.

“Hirune-chan, What time do you want me to wake you up?”

“I’m on my lunch break, so I think one o’clock will be fine.”

 When it comes to sleeping, Hirune is a big taster. It was completely over time.

 She hurriedly slipped under the covers.

 Natasha softly pulled the quilt over her.

 Hirune nuzzled her face into the comforter and breathed in the smell of the sun.

(A comforter made from Pyory’s feathers. …… It’s light and comfortable. …… It’s also smooth to the touch. I’ve heard that the material inside is 30% pyory and 70% other feathers, but if it were 100%, I’m sure it would be very light, wouldn’t it?)

 Pyory is a type of demon that has levitation magic in its feathers.

 The wings are incredibly light.

(It was warm and the sun was shining …… and the hustle and bustle of the stores could be heard …… in the distance ……)


 Hirune began to breathe in her sleep after about ten seconds. She’s a fast sleeper.

 Natasha smiled.

“What a pretty sleeping face, dozing princess. ……”

 Natasha watched Hirune sleep for a while, and then gave strict orders to her employees not to enter the main house.

 Hirune was moving her mouth, perhaps dreaming of eating a skewer.


 It had been an hour since Hirune had gone to the bedding store with Thomas for a lunch break.

 Wanda, the educator, was suspicious that Hirune, who was supposed to come after one last treatment, did not show up, so she went to her post. She had been assigned the job by her boss, the bishop, and had left the field supervision to another educator.

“She’s sleeping in her chair, isn’t she?”

 Wanda peeked out from her chair, mumbling something like that.

 But there was no one at Hirune’s station.

 Then Holly came running in.

“I thought she was asleep somewhere. I’ve been looking for her, but I can’t find her.”


 Wanda’s blood drained.

 The worst-case scenario crossed her mind, thinking that the ever-present Hirune had been kidnapped.

 But the guards are there, and there’s a wise priest at the only entrance. She reminded herself that no mistake could happen.

“Holly, I’ll go find her. Don’t worry about it, just go about your business. You haven’t even eaten lunch yet, have you?”


 Holly was equally worried that Hirune had been kidnapped.

 It’s easy to take Hirune. All you have to do is hold her when she is asleep.

 Wanda put her strength into her sharp eyes and nodded her head strongly.

“I’ll take care of this. Okay?”

“…… Okay.”

 Seeing that Holly nodded, Wanda spoke to the priest at the entrance of the treatment center.

“She said they were going to Thomas’ store, the owner of the Valhalla bedding store.  Hirune said that you knew him too. ……”

“Oh, thank the Goddess.”

 Wanda breathed a sigh of relief.

She felt like she was going to faint.

 Hirune is a treasure of Mephistopheles. Archbishop Zekyutos is always concerned about Hirune And more than anything, he loves Hirune’s existence. Wanda thought that Hirune would become a great saint who would leave a lasting mark on history, as she felt that Hirune was seeing a world that no one else was seeing and that no one else could see.

“I wonder how much more I have to worry about …….”

 Wanda hurried over to the Valhalla bedding store.

 It took her about ten minutes to walk to the store, where people were constantly coming and going.

 The owner, Thomas, came out as soon as Wanda, her long hair pulled back and wearing a robe, entered. He made the holy seal reverently and bowed his head.

“How may I help you?”

“Is there a saint apprentice named Hirune here?”

“Yes. She is taking a nap in the main house.”

 Thomas smiles, showing his white teeth.

“I knew it. ……”

 Wanda lowered her shoulders in relief. It was the first time in the history of the Western Church that a saint apprentice took a nap in someone’s home.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll take her home.”

 “No, it’s no trouble at all. Ever since Hirune-chan started coming to our house, we’ve been very prosperous.

“She’s been coming here that often?”

“Yes. Sometimes for five minutes, sometimes for twenty.”

“She’s been sneaking out of the church to come to the bedding store. ……”

 she didn’t know how to react to Thomas’ words.

 Wanda was led into the main house and saw Hirune sleeping happily on the porch.


 Her starry blue eyes were closed and her long lashes hid her eyes.

 Her pink mouth was slightly open, and she was sighing in her sleep.

 Wanda slowly stroked Hirune’s head and gently lifted her from the covers. Hirune was light for the tall Wanda.

“Thank you for taking care of her, store owner.”

“No, no, no. I feel like I’m the one being taken care of. When you’re around, I feel like I have to work harder.

 Wanda smiled as she understood what Thomas was trying to say.

They greeted each other again, hugged Hirune warmly, and returned to the West Church.

“Hirune, I’ll give you a sermon when we get home.”

 Wanda said to her cute sleeping face.

Hirune, who was sleeping comfortably, nuzzled her face into Wanda’s chest and rubbed her face against her vestments. She was squirming.

“I can’t say what I want to say while you’re sleeping with such peace of mind. Goddess, it’s hard to discipline a child.”


“I wonder if she’s having a good dream. I’m in trouble …”

Wanda couldn’t stop smiling even as she blurted it out and stroked Hirune’s head again and again.

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