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Chapter 7: Delicious Fruit

 The next morning, there was a crowd of people in the backyard of the dormitory.

 The jewel apple tree, which was shriveled up like an old woman yesterday, was now full of life and sporting lush leaves.

 The branches were covered with fruit that seemed like it would be dripping with sweet juice at any moment.

"It's a miracle! Hirune has performed a miracle!

“The goddess must have lent her power.”

“Let's not take it all, there’s just enough for everyone!”

 The Saint Apprentices and maids were picking the fruit with glee.

 They were all smiling brightly. Everyone was hungry for sweetness.


“What’s this all about?”

 Archbishop Zekyutos, who had received a call and came to check on the situation, asked Wanda, the educator.

 Wanda, who hasn’t slept since Holly woke her up last night, bowed reverently.

“It seems that Hirune, who’s under the guardianship of Archbishop Zekyutos, has cured it with holy magic.”

"She did? She’s only been a Saint Apprentice for half a year, right?"

 Zekyutos stares at Wanda with a deep crease between his eyebrows that extends to the middle of his forehead.

“Did anyone else see her?”

“Yes. It seems that the Saint apprentice Holly and Maid Apprentice Jeanne that where with Hirune were watching. According to them, a magic circle with a diameter of thirty meters was deployed and the jewel apple tree was instantly rejuvenated.”

"A magic circle with a diameter of thirty meters ...... isn’t that holy magic of the Great Saint class?”

“Yes. It's hard to believe, but the jewel apple tree is the best proof.”

 The tips of her tousled hair shook as Wanda looked at the lush tree.

“Hirune might be a one-in-a-hundred-years gem."

“I knew she wasn't just a ...... girl, but I didn't ...... expect her to go this far."

 Zekyutos made his way through the backyard and touched the trunk of the Jewel Apple tree.

 The girls who had gathered made way for him.

 He chanted a scripture and exercised life-sensing magic.

'...... It’s full of life.'

 Zekyutos removed his hand and quickly headed off to his quarters.


 Hirune, who was sleeping in the infirmary, woke up to a sweet smell.

"...... Mmm ...... huh ...... hey, what is this place?"


"Oh, good morning, Hirune-sama."

 Jeanne gave Hirune a passionate look.

    Jeanne, who had been taking care of Hirune all night, showed no sign of fatigue. It was thanks to the blessing she received while sleeping with Hirune.

“Are you okay? Holly said you had a magic deficiency.

"Magic deficiency?"

“If you use too much magic at once before you get used to it, it’ll feel like anemia.”

"I see. That explains why I'm so sleepy. ......"

 Hirune stroked her chin like a detective who had found the real culprit.

 Jeanne laughed, "That's always the case, isn't it?" 

“I'm sorry you had to nurse me back to health. You haven't been sleeping, have you, Jeanne?"

“I'm fine. I've actually been in very great shape lately.”

 With the blessing of fatigue reduction, Jeanne was now able to stay up all night for three days and still feel fine.

 No one knows that she is becoming a superhuman maid.

“That's fine then.”

“I'm the maid of Hirune-sama, so you don't need to worry about me. Besides, Hirune-sama was thinking about everyone in the dormitory, so I have to keep my head up high as her maid.”


 The black-haired ponytailed girl's dazzling gaze was directed at Hirune.

(It's hard to say anything when people look at you with such innocent eyes. Half of it was my own desire to eat. ...... Well, whatever. she's happy.)

 Hirune said nothing and smiled.

(The bedding in the infirmary's not bad. It’s high quality.) 

 I was immediately interested in the bedding.

 I nuzzled my face into the thin, sun-scented comforter and took a deep breath.

 Jeanne took a knife from the bedside table, cut the peeled jewel apple into bite-sized pieces, and offered them to Hirune.

“Can you eat it? It's a jewel apple.”

“Oh, it smells so good. I'll eat.”

“Okay. Here you go.”

 She opened her mouth and ate a bite.

(It's like a super juicy apple! The whole thing is packed with juice and the sweetness spreads in your mouth!)

 Hirune smiles happily.

     Seeing the happy Hirune, Jeanne naturally smiled.

"Hirune-sama. We're all harvesting jewel apples together. We'll have the fruit on our table for a while.”

“That sounds great.’

“I also heard that the trees in the neighbor's yard have come back to life. Hirune, you must have thought of that when you used such a big amount of holy magic. I'm impressed!”

 Nodding her head, Jeanne said, "That's wonderful." She put her hand on her chest while holding the knife and looked up at the ceiling. It's a little dangerous.



 Hirune opened her mouth wide.

 Jeanne smiled and fed her the jewel apple.

"Oihii!" (delishious)

 The sounds of crunching and chewing on the fruit echoed.

 It was not polite to talk while eating, but Jeanne understood how the parent bird felt. It makes you want to pamper them unconditionally.

(Ahhh, this is it. I love it when people let me eat apples in my sleep.)

 After a while of enjoying the leisurely time, the door to the infirmary opened.

  Holly with her blue hair walked in with a tired look on her face.

"Oh, you're awake."

"Yes. I'm sorry I had you worried.”

“It's okay.”

 As soon as she walked back to the bed, Holly snatched up a bite-sized jewel apple and ate it.

“It's delicious. ...... I can’t complain with this much.”

“What happened?”

 “Since you collapsed, Wanda has been asking me a lot of questions. ...... I haven't been sleeping well.”

“That's terrible. Come here."

 Hirune unrolled the covers and urged her to come lie next to her.

Holly stared at Hirune with a big sigh.

“You really are going at your own pace. Besides Archbishop Zekyutos-san and Saint Wanda are here. 

“What? Is that so?

(I haven't seen Zekyutos-san much since my reincarnation. ......)

    While she was thinking about this, the door to the doctor's office opened and Archbishop Zekyutos, wearing a tall white robe, and Wanda, the educator, came in.

"Hmm. You look well."

 Archbishop Zekyutos and Wanda approached the bed and looked down at Hirune.

"Zekyutos-san, it's been a long time."

“Oh yes, It’s been a long time Hirune.”

 Zekyutos stroked Hirune’s head with natural movements.

    Her fine blonde hair spilled silently from her fingertips.

( I'm so happy)

Hirune’s eyes narrowed and she was left to her devices.

 “I'm very happy to see you.”

 Wanda was surprised to see Zekyutos and Hirune like that.

 As a former saint, Wanda was one of the people who had been rigorously instructed by Zekyutos. Her sincerity had led to her being appointed as a trainer, but she had never received a pat on the head before. She felt like she had seen a new side to Zekyutos, who was expressionless but clearly somehow relieved.

“Hirune, try to get up. If your head still feels fuzzy, it's a sign that your magic hasn't fully returned.”

 Hirune looked at Zekyutos, who had let go of her hand, and said gently, "Yes. I understand”

 Hirune lifted her back off the bed.

(I'm totally fine, but I'd like to sleep on this bed for a while longer. ...)

 "Oh no...... I still feel lightheaded."

 Hirune puts her hands on her forehead and laid her head back against the pillow.

She was a perfect big role actor.





 Jeanne and Holly gave her a "this child is useless, we have to do something” look, while Zekyutos and Wanda giggled.

“Take a break from today’s practice. Skip the alms at noon.”

 At Archbishop Zekyutos' grateful words, Hirune cheerfully replied, "Yes.”

 No one could say no to her when they saw her lift up the covers with a happy expression on her lovely face.

"Hirune, why did you use holy magic on the jewel apples tree?"

 Zekyutos-san asked.

"There was no fruit on the table, and everyone looked disappointed, so I used it. And I heard the jewel apple tree say, "I want to live. ...... Was that a bad idea?”

“It's not like that. Everyone is happy. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that The people around you have been very complimentary of your work.”

“Oh, really? I'm glad to hear that.”

(I'm glad. If they get angry and punish me again, I won't have time to sleep. If everyone is happy, I'm happy too.)

 With that in mind, Hirune opened her mouth wide.

 Jeanne noticed and quickly put a jewel apple in her mouth.


 The sound of the fruit being nibbled on echoed.




 Holly, Zekyutos, and Wanda, who were watching, smiled again.

Holly said in a small voice, "Hirune, you're being too ...... free in front of Archbishop Zekyutos."

 Hirune finally noticed.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

 Even as she apologized, the sweet fruit tasted so good that it made her smile.

 Finally, Wanda put her hand on her forehead.

"Archbishop Zekyutos, she's always been like this. ...... There's no sense of urgency, or rather, her own pace. ......”

“It's fine. Take good care of her."

 Zekyutos said to Wanda and looked at Hirune.

“ Don't cause too much trouble, okay?”

“Yes, sir. I understand. Thank you, Zekyutos-san.”

 Hirune owed him a debt of gratitude for picking her up. Even if it was the goddess's will, she hoped to repay Zekyutos for his kindness one day.

“If anything happens, report back to me immediately.”

“I understand”.

 Wanda bowed, and Zekyutos left the infirmary.

 The door slammed shut and there was silence for a while.

 Then Wanda, the educator, turned to Hirune and looked into her eyes.

(Oh, am I going to be scolded? )

“Hirune, Your deeds are noble. Everyone in the Western Church has praised you.”

“ I’m glad. ...... Thank you.”

"However, leaving your quarters in the middle of the night is not a commendable act."

 Hirune choked on the jeweled apple she was trying to swallow.

“I'm sorry.”

“As punishment, you will be cleaning the thousand-hall corridor for a week starting tomorrow. You must clean it by yourself. You are not allowed to use any holy magic.”

(No! That's a punishment. ...... Ugh.)

 Hirune caved into the bed with a sigh.

“ Hirune-sama, I'll help you too.”

 Jeanne says whole heartily.

“You're being too reckless.”

 Holly crossed her arms and nodded, and Wanda tapped her on the shoulder.

 Holly's face tightened as Wanda put a knightly grin on her face.

"What is it, ......?"

“Holly, you too.”

“Ugh ...... that's right. ...... I'm sorry, too. ......”

“Jeanne, too. You're the maid, you have to follow the rules.”

“Yes. ...... I'm sorry. ......”

“The three of you will start cleaning tomorrow. Okay?"

 Hirune, Jeanne and Holly shook their heads in unison. "Yes.”

Hirune then slept less and less, and looked like a shriveled vegetable. 

(Next time we'll do it secretly ......)

From the backyard, I could hear the girls happily exclaiming, "It smells so sweet!" The wind was blowing and the leaves of the jewel apple were rustling. 

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