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Chapter 5: Moving by Carriage

 The Southern Brigade was making good progress.

 On the way, demons attacked them twice, but they were easily defeated by the skilled soldiers.

 At night, they went to bed at ten o’clock in Hirune’s ward.

 Some of the soldiers said that they felt better than when they were in the capital.

(I wonder how long the ward I put up at the encampment will hold? I’ve made ten of them so far, but hopefully they’ll last for a while. …… so that people who come after us can use them. ……)

 No one knows that  Hirune’s wards on the Southern Roads will hold up for several hundred years.

 The Southern Road will develop around the wards, but that’s a story for the future.

 The carriages rattled and shook as they made their way south.


(It’s peaceful. ……)

 From the window of the carriage, she could see a meadow. The velvety grass swayed softly, making a rustling sound. In the distance, a goat-like creature was grazing in the meadow.

“…… Huuh!”

 Hirune yawned and slumped her face and arms out the window.

 You can see the ground moving forward, and when you look up you can see the wheels of the carriage turning beside it.

“I’m not busy……. Isn’t it time for a nap yet?”

“Come on, come on, Great Saints shouldn’t strike such a sloppy pose.”

 When Holly noticed, she picked up Hirune from behind and dragged her back into the carriage.

  Hirune left her whole body to Holly.

“I’m a potato. I can’t move. I can’t live without Holly to carry me.

“What are you talking about? Sit down. Wanda’s watching you from the other carriage.”


 Holly dragged Hirune inside the carriage and sat her down in a chair.

 The carriage is a two-way chaise longue with seating for eight. It was large enough to be used by the three girls.

 Jeanne, who was reading a book on business administration that Wanda had given her, chuckled.

“Take a lesson from Jeanne. She’s studying to be of use to you.”

“Potatoes can’t study.”

“Where is there a great saint of potatoes? Hey, don’t just lie down. Don’t put your head on Jeanne’s lap.”

 The Great Saint of potatoes put her head on the lap of Jeanne who was sitting next to her.

(It’s just the right height and softness.)

 “Sweet potato, brush my face.”

 Hirune rubbed her face against Jeanne’s maid’s uniform, then turned on her side and nuzzled her face into her stomach. The freshly washed maid’s clothes smelled of the sun.

“Omomo, ohifu heshu hasu.”

“It’s ticklish, Hirune-sama.”

 Jeanne’s shoulders shrunk as her stomach chattered with moxie.

“This Great Saint has been getting lazier and lazier the longer this trip lasts. It’s better to give you a saint job with fixed hours……” 

 Holly shrugged her shoulders and took a seat across from them.

“Hirune-sama and Holly-sama worked all day in the royal capital without a break, so I think it’s good for you both to spend the rest of their time relaxing during this trip, don’t you?”

 Jeanne smiled happily.

 Holly nodded vaguely, “I guess so,” and opened her Bible.

The sound of the carriage rocking, the turning of pages, and the sound of Hirune sleeping echoed in the air.

 After a while, Holly looked away from the Bible.

“We do have a lot of free time. I’ve been practicing my scriptures and praying, but I guess I should consider it a good thing that I’m …… safe.”

 At Holly’s words, Jeanne, who had been reading, looked up.

 Hirune was snoozing and sniffling in her sleep.

“That’s right. It’s due to the fact that Hirune-sama has put up a ward for us that we’re able to do this. We can’t show this figure anyone though ……”

Jeanne looks at the sleeping Hirune on her lap and smiles cutely.


Holly sighed and shifted her gaze to the book Jeanne was holding.

 “How do you like the book Wanda gave you? Is it difficult?”

“It’s difficult. You need to be able to do math to understand it.”

 She turned the business administration book over and showed it to Holly.

“It’s refreshing to me. I have a good memory. …… “

 Holly sat down next to Jeanne as if she was interested in the subject.

“Can you tell me a little about it? I’m going to be a Great Saint sooner or later, and I need this knowledge.”

“That’s what Wanda-sama said. Wanda also said that if you have knowledge of territory management, you’ll be able to calculate the development of the city and conduct purification patrols.”

“Mmm-hmm. That’s good. I’m glad you’re so efficient. It’s a big world…”

 Holly murmured with a smile, “As expected of Wanda-sama.”

“You know, Hirune-sama is strangely good at math. She can do two-digit multiplications by heart.”

“Huh? Is that so?”

 In her previous life, Hirune was good at calculations.

 Holly was surprised, looking at the Great Saint of Potatoes sleeping with a stupid look on her face.

 And then her fighting spirit flared up, not wanting to be defeated. Holly hated to lose.

“Jeanne, please teach me how to do math. It’s a good way to pass the time.”

“Yes. I can teach you if you like.”

 Jeanne smiled.

Serious Holly looked so dazzling to her.

 They continued to study until lunch time, with Hirune’s sleeping sighs as background music.

 At twelve-thirty in the afternoon, the carriage pulled into a village.

 The study session was interrupted there, and Jeanne looked out the window.

“I heard that the next encampment is in an inhabited town. There’s a beautiful lake and demons don’t come close to it. I’m looking forward to it.

“It’s been a while since I’ve slept in an inhabited place. I’m glad.”

 Jeanne and Holly smiled at each other and it took both of them to wake up Hirune.

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