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Chapter 15: Souvenir of Bread

 With the souvenir for Jeanne in her pocket, Hirune returned to the dormitory with a full heart.

(It was delicious. ...... Now all I have to do is take a nap.)

 The return trip was also by carriage.

 The interior of the carriage was filled with the aroma of bread.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Phi Phi-san?”

 Holly, who had eaten three loaves of strawberry bread since then, looked at the pile of bread on the carriage and said.

"Yes. The two of you used purification magic on me. I'm so sorry that this is all we could do.”

 Phi Phi's gratitude was so extraordinary that she said she would donate all the bread she had just baked in the store to the saint's apprenticeship program, and took one of her employees with her to load the bread.


 The coachman sniffs the aroma of bread and mutters, "I'm hungry."

 In the meantime, the carriage arrived and the bread was brought to the West Church and the saint apprentices dormitory by Phi Phi and her employees.

 When Hirune, Holly, Phi Phi and one of the employees arrived at the dormitory dining room, Wanda, who was just taking a break, opened her eyes to see what was going on.

Hirune, Holly, what's this all about? Where have you been? What's going on over there?"

"Oh, ......, um, ......."

 Holly was stunned, but Hirune stared at Wanda, unconcerned.

“Phi Phi-san gave us some strawberry bread to eat. It was so delicious that we both cleansed Phi Phi’s store as a token of our appreciation. Then she told us that she was going to donate all the bread she sold today.”

 Hirune's eyes were sparkling.

 She can't scold her for this.

 She had no idea what was going on, but a freckle-faced woman wearing an apron is laying out bread on the table. At least she's sure they will donate for the time being. 

 Wanda quickly stood up and made the holy seal.

"Dear Phi Phi, thank you ...... for donating the bread. I’m sure that the Goddess Sophia has seen your good deeds. May God bless you and your store. ......"

“No, I'm sorry this is the only donation I can make. I wish I could bring you bread every day, but I have mouths to feed......"

Wanda, a dignified woman in vestments, said this to Phi Phi, who was rather frightened.

“I've heard that there are about fifty saint apprentices. There is enough food for one person to eat two or three of them. ...... Would you like one too, saint sama?”

 Phi Phi offered Wanda a piece of strawberry bread.

Wanda looked at the bread intently, cleared her throat and opened her mouth.

“I'm sorry for the delay. My name is Wanda, and I'm the educator, and I’d like to take a look ….. without reservation.”

“Yes! Here you go."

 Wanda made the seal again, took the strawberry bread, and looked at it carefully.

“Wanda, it's delicious.”


"Yes, it is. The strawberry bread wraps around your entire body.”

 Hirune and Holly came running up to Wanda and looked up at her with excitement.

 The sparkle in their eyes was dazzling.

  She used to be like this. Wanda smiled at them, reminiscing about how bright the world used to be.

She smiled at them.


 Wanda gracefully took a bite of the strawberry bread and held her mouth with her right hand, saying, "Well.”

“It's sweet ...... and the strawberry flavor is ...... delicious."

The surprised look on her face made Hirune happy, and she looked at Holly and Phi Phi and said, "I’m glad. It looks as if the mischief had worked.”

 After that, Wanda asked Phi Phi about the situation in detail, and since they had to take a horse-drawn carriage to get there and back, the punishment for Hirune and Holly was to clean the thousand corridor was reduced from one week to three days. Going out without permission was still a penalty. Wanda's face showed that she had made a hard decision.

“I'm sorry for the trouble we’ve caused you this time. You even arranged a carriage for these children. We will send you the cost from the West Church later.” 

'No way! That's outrageous! It was an honor to have had the saint apprentices there, so the money for the carriage is fine...


 Holly listened apologetically to the exchange between the two.

 Hirune, on the other hand, sat in a chair, the smell of bread making her sleepy.

(...... I’m full and ...... sleepy and ...... surrounded by the smell of bread)

 While the adults were discussing, Hirune plopped down on the table and fell asleep.

 It was quick work.

 It had been a long time since she had slept with a full stomach, and it felt good.

"Oh, Wanda. Hirune is already asleep.

"Oh, really. It's true. I just took my eyes off her.”


 Hirune closes her long eyelashes and whispers in her sleep.

 She hides Jeanne's souvenir strawberry bread, in her pocket and holds it with both hands.

“And she’s having weird dreams. ......”

 Holly poked Hirune on the cheek.

“It's no use. Let her sleep for a while.”

“I'll get her a blanket.”

 Holly walked out of the dining room with a practiced look on her face.

“It's a cute sleeping face."

 Phi Phi, the baker, looked down at her with a smile.

“I'm not sure if it's because she ate a lot of strawberry bread or because her white cheeks are rosy.”

“Yes, ...... looking at Hirune's sleeping face, I couldn't even scold her for anything. ......”

 Wanda sighed.

 Hirune looked happy and was sighing peacefully.


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