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Chapter 22: The Wind is Calling

 Hirune walked out of the saint’s quarters in the main church and walked through the spacious church.

 As the home of the Mephistopheles religion, there was an air of tranquility in there. In the cool marble hallway, there was a scripture inscribed. Whenever the priests saw Hirune, they bowed and passed on by. The status of a saint is higher than that of a layperson.

(It’s different from the West Church.)

 The main church was quiet, and she couldn’t hear anyone’s footsteps as she walked down the corridor.

(I get sleepy when it’s quiet.)

“…… Ahh.”

Hirune yawns a little.

“ Hirune-sama, please tell me when you’re going to yawn next, I’ll hide it.”


 Jeanne cautions me from behind. It’s a problem for a saint to walk around yawning.

“I’m sorry. I thought yawning was a self-reported thing. …… Ahhhh ……”

“…… Um, Hirune-sama? Did you hear me?”

“Yawning is not something you can say before you do it. I’m in trouble.”

 Hirune glances at Jeanne.

 Jeanne, dressed in her maid’s uniform, lowered her eyebrows as if in trouble. She’s worried that one day Hirune will be scolded by the big guys one day for going at her own pace too much.

“Speaking of which, how many hours is today’s reading session?”

“It’s three hours today.”

“Three hours. …… Oh my Go….”

“Are you okay?”

 The work of a saint is very diverse. She now has more responsibilities than when she was an apprentice, and has become more involved with the aristocrats of the kingdom.


(This main church’s readings …… long. ……please forgive me already.)

 Under the supervision of the Archbishop, they read from the Bible in front of the nobles.

 This is the role of the new saints, and it’s a great way for them to show their faces. 

“Isn’t there any way we can decline? It’s been two months since I became a saint, and I’ve been so busy that my sleepiness is at its peak.”

“I feel like your sleepiness is always at an all-time high …… Well, it’s your role, so I don’t think you can, can you?”

“At the very least, I need a chair that can ruin people. Let’s sit down and do the reading.”

“I don’t know of a chair like that. But let’s ask Wanda-san if you can sit in a chair, shall we?”

 Jeanne blinked her steeple-colored eyes.

 In fact, Wanda, the educator, has been appointed as the saint’s counselor. It was at the behest of Archbishop Zekyutos, and Her main focus was to educate Hirune and Holly. Both of them were only ten years old. It was the result of Zekyutos’ consideration for the two girls.

“Holly said she was tired too, so it might be a good idea to ask Wanda.”

“Holly’s here too? – Then let’s ask her to do the reading today. I’ll take it next month.”

(Once that’s decided, let’s go to bed in our room.)

 Hirune tried to go back to her room.

 Jeanne took Hirune’s hand in a panic.

“Hirune-sama, let’s go to the waiting room for now. I’ll ask Wanda-san.”

 Jeanne let go of her hand, took Hirune by the shoulders and spun her around in the direction of the waiting room.


“Well, if Jeanne says so, I’ll just  have to go.”

“Good. I’ll ask her about the chair.”

“Jeanne, it’s a chair that can ruin people. It shouldn’t be an ordinary chair. Tell her that, too.”

“I don’t get it, but I understand.”

 Jeanne smiled and nodded. Becoming a formal maid with an official saint, the hardships are unbearable. Even so, she seems to be enjoying herself, probably because she’s with Hirune.

“let’s go.”

“All right.”

 The two of them headed to the waiting room for the reading session.


 They arrived in a few minutes. There was no one inside.

 It was a simple room with few furnishings. There was an old-fashioned chair, a long desk, and several mirrors. This was to make sure that your clothes were in order.

“Please wait a moment, Hirune-sama. I’ll go ask Wanda, okay?”

 Jeanne shook her ponytail and walked with light steps out of the room.

(I’m all alone. ……)

  Hirune placed the Bible she was carrying on the long desk.

 When she looked at the window, the soft sunlight was falling through the trees into the room.

 A cool breeze was blowing, and it felt good.

(I feel like the wind is calling me. Now is the time to make a chair that will ruin people. ……!)

 Hirune was driven by an unfamiliar intuition.

 She approached the window.

 There was no way she was going to jump from the second floor. There was a hedge and a lawn downstairs.

(In times like these–remember the scriptures  …… holy magic of levitation.)

 Hirune chanted holy magic.

 A magic circle unfolded at her feet, and stardust enveloped her body. Hirune’s body started to float in less than a few minutes.

(Oh, I feel so fluffy and comfortable. It feels like I’m moving in the direction I want to go, right, left…)

 After a few tries, Hirune went out the window.

(Going over the window frame, and then slowly going down.)

 She fluttered her pure white saintly dress and fluffily escaped from the waiting room.


 She slipped out of the main church without a care in the world.

 She was afraid that the guards would say something if she went through the main entrance, so she went out the back door, which was less crowded, and said “Have a nice day” to the guards. The guards seemed to have a “please come in” attitude, since the saint rarely passed through there. In their position, it was rare to see a saint.

(It’s the royal capital. Now, where will the wind take me?)

 A big yawn.

 Hirune started walking leisurely.

 A cool breeze blew through the hot weather that was beginning to heat up.

 The saint’s clothes dance and it makes Hirune’s blonde hair float softly.

(It’s a nice morning air, isn’t it? I want to take a nap somewhere like this.)

 With a yawn, Hirune walks through the alleys of the royal capital.

 Perhaps it was her luck, but no one had seen her.


 If the people found out, there would be a crowd. And moreover, the whole capital knows the name of the dozing saint, Hirune, because of that big holy light.

 A picture of Hirune’s beautiful figure was also plastered all over the capital.

 A famous painter who saw Hirune drew a picture of her, and copies of it were circulated. Holly’s painted figure is also circulating.

 Not knowing this, Hirune walked aimlessly down an alley and hit a shopping street.

(Is this the end of the shopping street? It’s a bit deserted, isn’t it?)

 The royal capital is large.

 It’s also sensitive to trends and fashion.

 This shopping street used to be crowded with people a few decades ago, but after a certain period of time, the number of customers began to decline. The reason is unknown.

 (There’s a furniture store. Let’s go there and ask them to make chairs that ruin people.)

 Hirune strolled into the furniture store on a complete whim.

 Inside the store, there was a lot of furniture on display, all polished and clean. However, the wooden tags with the prices were discolored. Apparently, it hadn’t been sold for a long time.

“Hello. I’m looking for a chair that can ruin people.”

  Hirune’s voice echoed inside the store.

“Dad, we have a customer!”

 Such a shout came from the back of the store, and a woman came out with great speed.


 It was a girl with young grass-colored hair and a simple atmosphere. She looked to be fifteen or six years old.

“Welcome! Are you looking for furniture …………?”

 She was at a loss for words when she saw Hirune.

 The saint of the hour, Hirune, was standing in a deserted furniture store. The girl rubbed her eyes to see if she was mistaken, but the saint was still standing at the entrance. Blonde hair, blue eyes, well-groomed appearance, and a pure white saint’s dress that amplifies magical power. No doubt about it.

“I need you to make me a chair that can ruin people.”


 Hirune’s sleepy blue eyes intersected with the girl’s.

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