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Epilogue: Everyday Life with the Bells Ringing

Two weeks have passed since Hirune repaired the clock tower in Ixendahl.

At noon, the crystal clear sound of the great bell rings out.

The inhabitants of Ixendahl break from their work, saying, “Come on, it’s lunch time,” and everyone starts laughing and chatting happily about work and small talk. The owners of the bento shops and food stalls were making a lot of money, and they were loudly advertising their products to attract customers.

“Ohhhh…….It’s so peaceful here”

Hirune, who was cleaning the thousand-hall corridor, placed her cheek on the end of the mop handle and hung her hands slackly.

Her long platinum blonde hair swayed, and her head swayed as well.

Her cheeks were cushioned by holy magic, so it didn’t hurt to put weight on them.

“Yes, it is. It’s peaceful.”

Jeanne, a pretty maid with a black ponytail, smiled happily.

Jeanne knew that this peace had been brought about by Hirune, and she felt proud to be her maid.

The frontier city of Ixendahl was tainted with miasma and overrun by demons, and it was commonplace for people to live in fear of death by night and work hard to survive by day. Misfortune was so prevalent that not knowing the whereabouts of one’s family was no longer a story of misfortune.

After Hirune’s arrival, the situation had changed drastically.

Thanks to the ward protecting the entire city, the inhabitants were able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in years.

The city gradually regained its humanity, the symbolic clock tower was restored, and now there was enough room to take a nap after lunch.

There were still many things lacking in life.

But, the people had hope.

A joyful tomorrow, shining like stardust, laid ahead.

Everyone praised the Great Saint of drowsiness and thanked her for being born in the same era.

“Ah~…… ah~……”

The Great Saint, who had earned all the respect in her small body, was in the process of cleaning the thousand-hall corridor.

A small amount of stardust fluttered from the holy magic that cushioned the Great Saint’s cheeks, and Hirune, with her cheek on the handle of the mop, let out a sloppy “Ah~…… sleepy……” her starry blue eyes following the tiny stardust as it fizzled away.

“It’s glittery……why again am I cleaning the thousand-hall corridor …….”

“It’s because Hirune-sama flew through the air with holy magic while riding on the chair that ruined people and snacking on strawberry bread.”

“Oh, …… I act on instinct……. Why is that? Is it because I’m sleepy? “

“I think you’re too honest with yourself, Hirune-sama.”

“I wonder why.”

She moved her head and moved the handle of the mop around.

The mop doesn’t move at all.

“Um, Hirune-sama. Please stop posing in a sloppy manner that might ruin you as a person. If anyone sees you–“

Just as Jeanne was saying that much, a saint in her late teens who had been assigned to the south and her maid walked by and stopped when they saw Hirune’s pose.

“Oh, senpai! Ahh! This is not what it looks like! Hirune-sama, please be crisp, like a straight cut radish!”

Jeanne looked at the senior maid and rushed to ask Hirune to straighten up.

“Huh……..It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Hirune waved her hand in an easy-going tone, as if she was too sleepy to hear.

The saint and the maid looked at each other, and then turned their attention to the lovely and beautiful platinum blonde Hirune, who smiled as gently as the spring sun.

“How do you do, Hirune-sama? It’s a beautiful day,” she said, waving back at her.

Tatiana, a saint in her late teens, was a beautiful saint with large, droopy eyes and peach-colored hair that reached to her chest.

She was also one of those whose life had improved since Hirune’s arrival.

Before Hirune’s arrival, it was common for people to stay up all night. Trying to combat the miasma that attacked them at night, the saints would work on a night shift rotation, often to the point of exhausting their magical power.

During the day, they were dizzyingly busy with purification work, making holy water, praying, maintaining wards, chanting scriptures, giving alms, etc. Together with the night shift, they were working so hard that they could have collapsed at any moment. This was the reason why Ixendahl was under so much pressure.

After Hirune’s arrival, the working environment changed drastically.

The night shift was abolished thanks to the warding, and she was able to concentrate on daytime work.

Saint Tatiana was always grateful to the little Great Saint.

(Two beautiful women ……, long live the other world, this one)

Hirune applauded inwardly when she saw the peach-haired saint and maid.

“There’s strawberry bread in the cafeteria. I got it from Phi Phi-san. Why don’t you two go eat some?”

“Oh my. How wonderful! Thank you very much.”

Saint Tatiana thanked her with an overflowing smile, exchanged smiles with the maids, and walked quickly away to the dining room.

Sweetness was always very popular among girls.

(It’s soothing~…… I’m sleepy~……)


Hirune let out one big yawn and looked next to her to see the ponytailed maid squinting at her.

“Hirune-sama. Please stop now. You’ll get a hole in your cheek.”

“I’m using holy magic to protect myself. It’s not a problem.”

“You can’t use your precious holy magic for that again, Hirune-sama. Now, please stand up straight. Yes, that’s right. Stretch your spine……. You should also straighten your back, yes, yes, go on. You can do it if you want to, so please start from the beginning.”

“Mmm ……, I can’t say no to Jeanne’s request.”

Hirune wasn’t a straight cut radish, but she straightened up well.

From the direction of the dining room, a happy voice could faintly be heard.

Hirune looked at Jeanne and opened her mouth.

“Let’s finish cleaning and then go to the cafeteria?”

“Yes! Let’s do that.”

“Because Jeanne’s stomach is about to growl.”

“How did you know I was holding back……?”

“Yes. I used the holy magic of increased hearing to determine the status of your stomach. It’s churning right now.”

“Please don’t use holy magic on my stomach! Please use it for something better than this!”

Jeanne protested while rubbing her stomach with both hands.

Hirune chuckled, grabbed the handle of the mop, and began to run, humming.

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