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Chapter 19: Let’s Help Holly.

 It’s been a week since Hirune said she wanted to go to the farm.

 The Great Church where she sleeps was undergoing repairs.

(It’s coming along nicely, isn’t it? I’m getting excited.)

 The crumbling rubble had been cleaned up, and about 20% of the exterior walls have been covered with holy Quartz. The remaining 80% was covered with a temporary wall made of wood. This wood will eventually be replaced by holy Quartz.

“Oh…wow…The sunrise is falling through a hole in the ceiling.”

 Hirune stretches with a hmm.

 Hirune’s bed was set up in the chapel of the Great Church

 It’s covered with layers of lace so that it can’t be seen from the outside.


 The sight of the long, platinum-blonde Hirune rising from her bed was like a page from a story.

(Where’s the chair that ruins people? ……? I can’t live without it. ……)

 She is truly glad that this world wasn’t a place where the voice of the heart leaks out.

“Good morning, Hirune-sama. You’re unusually on time. As your resident maid, I’m very proud of you.”

 Jeanne approached the side of the bed with a smile.

 When Hirune is asleep, only Jeanne has the right to enter the place.

“Good morning, Jeanne. You look lovely again today.”

“What are you talking about? Come on, come on, please get up.”

 Jeanne blushed and took the comforter from Hirune, who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I’m going to help Holly today. Let’s get ready quickly.”

 She raised her hands in the air, a rarity for her.


“Hirune-sama. You’re looking forward to meeting the farmer, aren’t you? Please come and stand over here.”

 With a giggle, Jeanne took off Hirune’s nightgown and began to wipe her body with the warm water she had prepared in the tub.

“That’s right. I’m going to help Holly and meet the farmers. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

“It was worth the three days of negotiating with Wanda, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. Are you happy to be going out of the city, Jeanne?”

“Yes, I am. …… Fruit growing was very popular in my village. I’m looking forward to it.”

 Jeanne talks and wipes Hirune’s body with a cloth.

“I see…. Huuuuh …”

 One big yawn.

 Hirune leaned back.

(This is paradise ……)

     Hirune looked up at the ceiling in a daze.  

  The sound of Jeanne dipping the cloth into the warm water echoed in the background.

   When she lowered her gaze, she saw the statue of the Goddess in the Great Church smiling kindly.


 After the morning prayers, Hirune arrived at the village, two hours by carriage from  Ixendahl.

“It’s nice to take a nap in the carriage, Jeanne.”

“Hm, yes, it is.”

“It seems that you’ve been studying hard. …… Haaah, ……”

“I read the book on economics that Wanda gave me.”

 Jeanne got out of the carriage and greeted the soldiers of the Great Saints’ guard.

 Hirune bit back a yawn and stepped outside.

(I can smell the grass and trees. It’s peaceful. ……)

 Wooden buildings were dotted around the village, and the villagers were singing songs as they went about their daily tasks.

 The scenery was idyllic.


 She was struck by how inorganic her own town was in her previous life.

“You’re late, Hirune”

 Holly, with her large hanging eyes and blue hair blowing in the wind, walked up to them at a fast pace.

 She was wearing her saint’s dress, which suited her well.

“Good morning, Holly.”

“You slept in the carriage, didn’t you?”

“Jeanne’s thighs are great. I’ll borrow Holly’s thighs for the ride home.”

 Hirune gives her a thumbs up.

 Lounging on Jeanne’s lap was for the carriage ride while coming.

“As usual…….”

 Holly giggled, and Hirune opened her mouth further.

“I’ll correct myself. I’ll borrow Holly’s glutinous thighs for the ride home.”

 Another thumbs up from Hirune.

“You don’t have to rephrase …… ‘glutinous’!”

 Holly blushed and covered her thighs with her skirt.

“It’s hard to get rid of either thigh. I’d like to announce that Holly’s glutinous thighs are good for a tired body.”

“What announcement?”

“Holly’s glutinous thighs are as glutinous as the southern castella they sell at the stalls in the back streets of Ixendahl.”

“Southern castella…….Rather, did you escape from the Great Church again?”

 Holly’s mouth dropped open in disbelief, and Hirune’s mouth formed a straight line.

 (Oops…… I slipped up. ……)

“Hirune-sama, again ?!”

 This time, Jeanne raised her voice.

“You’re a Great Saint, don’t take food from strangers in the stalls.”

“It’s okay. I was wearing a disguise, yes.”

“What disguise is that? The civilian outfit you got from Thomas at the bedding store……?”

“Yes. Yes, if I wear it, I’m a civilian.”

 Hirune, who really wanted to see the city, asked Thomas of the Valhalla Bedding Store to prepare clothes for a ten-year-old girl to wear.

 It was a very fine dress, and when she’d put it on, it would give her the air of a young lady from a good place.

 However, when Hirune wore them, she looked like a noble girl walking around in plain clothes, clearly not an ordinary person.


 The citizens recognize the plain-clothed Hirune as the Great Saint.

 With her long platinum blonde hair and starry blue eyes, she was the Great Saint herself, no matter how one looked at her. Moreover, Hirune’s paintings are becoming a long-selling product in Ixendahl, and there is not a citizen who doesn’t know what she looks like.

 An old man at a stall selling southern castella saw her drooling and said, “Hey there pretty girl,” pretending not to notice that she was the Great Saint, and gave away his surplus goods to her. He was a kind-hearted old man like the skewer shop owner.

“I’m sure they’ve all noticed ……,” Jeanne said.

“Only a blind Jar wouldn’t notice,” Holly said, referring to a character in the Bible.

“No, no, my disguise is perfect, even the street vendor didn’t notice.”

“A kindness that keeps them silent. That’s how much the people love you.”

 Holly shrugged her shoulders and let out a sigh.

“Well, I’ll have to report it to Wanda later–“

“Holly, Holly, please don’t make a report. Please keep it quiet.”

 Hirune grabbed Holly’s sleeve.

“It’s against the rules no matter how you look at it. Moreover, It’s not fair that you got to eat southern castella.”

“Oh, you want some too? Is that what this is about?”

“No, it’s not!”

 Holly lifted her arms to get away from Hirune’s hands and turned her head away.


“I’ll report you to Wanda anyway!”

“Holly …… I’ll bring you one of the southern castellas …… and we’ll call it a deal.”

“What …… are you talking about?”

“It’s so delicious. You’ll feel like you’re climbing to heaven when you eat it.”

“…… No.”

“It’s fluffy and sticky. It’s also sweet. Speak to that pious uncle and I’m sure he’ll share it with you.”

 Hirune came around and peered into Holly’s face.

 Holly winced and turned her head away.

 She thought for a moment and brushed her hair back a few times.

“Well, let’s put this one on hold. …… I guess.”

“Thank you, Holly.”

 Hirune smiled at her.

 Jeanne giggled happily at the sight of the two of them. She knew that it would be useless to stop Hirune.

 Holly cleared her throat and straightened her back, trying to change the subject.

“So, Hirune. are you really going to help me with my work? I still have my suspicions that you’re just here for fun.”

 Holly narrowed her eyes and stares at Hirune.

“Oh no, I’m just here to help my friend.”

 Hirune smiled at her.

 Half of her wanted to help Holly and half wanted to visit the farm.

“Hmm, I see…… come on then.”

 Holly said, turning on her heels, her mouth twitching. It seemed to make her happy.

 Hirune and Jeanne looked at each other, smiled and followed Holly.

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