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Volume 2: Ixendahl Frontier City

Chapter 1: Before Departure

 It's been two years and eight months since Hirune was reincarnated into the otherworld of EverSophia.

 In the past, she worked hard to make a living, but now she was living in a world where she could heal herself.

(Since my reincarnation, my personality has become more laid-back. ......)

 Hirune, lounging on her bed, looked up at the ceiling.

 There was a lot of healing going on, or perhaps it would be better to say that her body has become a body that seeks healing on its own. 

  I think Goddess Sophia said something like "Oh ... you seem to have a very self-paced personality in your next life ... fufufu". with a beautiful smile, 

 She wasn't told whether the way she is now is her true self or not though. 

(Even so, the appearance and the contents don't match at all ... I've gotten used to it, but every once in a while I look in the mirror and think, ‘who is this beautiful Western-style girl?'…. ... Oh, I love my bed.)


Her body, given to her by the goddess, is blond-haired and blue-eyed, with large eyes, a lovely nose, and lips. Her face is like a work of art, and if she were silent, she would look like a great saint who jumped out of a picture book.

(My goal is to become one with the futon.)

 Hirune wrapped the usual thin comforter around her body and rolled over. It seems that she no longer cared about her appearance. She had zero sense of being the Great Saint. 

(Why can't I take Pyory’s comforter to the south? ....... Goodbye, Pyory-chan. My beloved Pyory-chan: .......)

 The donated futon will be left in Hirune’s room at the main church.

 It would simply be too much luggage. It was a physical reason.

(Is it so wrong to leave it in the carriage seat?) 

 Archbishop Zekyutos, Hirune's guardian, said that leaving the futon in the Great Saints carriage was a matter of public opinion.

 However, as a loophole, he doesn't mind if the bedding store Valhalla, which will accompany her on her journey to the south, gives her a bedding. As for Zekyutos, he cares about Hirune and is giving her preferential treatment.

(Thomas from the bedding store, can you give me a new comforter? I wish I had some money to spend on my own.)

 The saints don't have any money of their own.

 Unfortunately, they can't buy anything, so they can only receive things through goodwill donations. Well, most people will give something to the Great Saints if they ask for it, but Hirune is steeped in the Japanese custom of buying things if she wants them.

(Well, I still have my partner right? My little raggedy futon. My partner, my buddy.)

 I've been using this futon since I was reincarnated.

 At the time, it was a bit ragged and had a hole in it.

 Now, thanks to Jeanne, it's been repaired and has appliqued stars on it. It comes with a nap slobber cover.

(A partner's sense of security ... Nemumi) { TN: Guessing it’s some anime’s intro song}

 Saying to herself it was her partner she played the background music of a certain detective drama in her mind. 

   While Hirune was relaxing in bed, there was a knock on the door and a maid with pretty black hair in a ponytail came in.

“I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Hirune-sama. We'll be leaving soon.”

 Jeanne, who had a small animal-like look, said with a smile.


(Jeanne is always cute. She could be the center of an idol group. ...... And she's a super high-spec maid. It's a total defeat in girl power.......)

 Jeanne cocked her head as Hirune stared at her with sleepy eyes.

“Hirune-sama? Are you getting sleepy again?”

“No. I was just thinking Jeanne is cute.”

“What? What? What's with you all of a sudden? Please stop, it's embarrassing.”

 Jeanne blushed at the sudden praise and gripped the skirt of her maid uniform.

“No, no, this is purely factual.”

“Please don't make fun of me. I'm not happy to hear you say that when you’re much more beautiful than me.”

 Jeanne turned her head to the side with a pout.

 Even so, she looked somewhat happy.

"I'm still no match for Jeanne. I'll tell the man who wants to take Jeanne as his wife to do so after defeating me..”

“What's with that?”

“A greeting from a friend’s perspective.”

“What kind of friend's greeting is that?  - There is no one who would try to defeat you. You’re a Great Saint, after all.”

“At that time, I'll take off the mask of  Great Saint and call myself just a bedding store girl. The true identity of the Great Saint is ...... the daughter of a bedding store. Ja-jan!" 


"That's a bit of wishful thinking isn't it?"

 Jeanne giggled as if she found it funny.

When she took off the mask of the Great Saint, she became the daughter of a bedding store. She was full of desire to have a futon.

"Hirune-sama, how many times do I have to tell you, you can't take Pyory’s futon with you?"

 Jeanne laughed as she approached the bed and with a deft hand, stripped off the partner wrapped around Hirune. It was the hands of an expert.

“Oh, don’t take my partner. I'm still in bed. About an hour more.”

"An hour? We have to get ready to leave.”

“I can't hear you. I'm one with the bed."

 Hirune turned into a prone figure, spread out her blond hair like a fan and clung to the bed.

“I am the bed. If you're going to carry me, please carry the whole bed.”

 The Great Saint Hirune, has a problem of becoming one with the bed.

“I'd be happy if the mattress was a little softer. ......”

 It was hard to hear her because she had her face buried in the bed, mumbling.

 Jeanne looked at Hirune, still smiling as she always does.

“Hirune-sama, we've prepared cushions for the Great Saint in the southbound carriage. And you can have strawberry bread as a snack. We don't have a bed, but  Zekyutos-san has prepared a custom-made mattress for you. It's the soft mattress that Hirune-sama has been talking about, you know?”

 The bed and Hirune twitched.

“ Thomas from the Valhalla Bedding Store made a mattress with a design that's typical of the Great Saints, just in time for our departure. We'll definitely get a good night's sleep on it."

 Jeanne observes Hirune.

 The hands clinging to the bed had loosened a little.

“It's a travel mattress that won't weigh you down. It's wonderful!"

 Jeanne said, and Hirune turned her face lazily to the side.

“I have no choice but to try it”.

“Yes. So let's go. Please stand up.”

 As soon as she affirmed, Jeanne carefully pulled Hirune’s hand and helped her up.

“Let's find another time to become one with the bed......”

 As Hirune strikes a regretful Hail Mary pose, Jeanne giggles as she removes her nightgown and dresses her in the clothes of a great saint.

She arranges Hirune's blond hair and puts on a pendant to amplify her magical power.

 In no time at all, the Great Saint Hirune was complete.

(What is it? I feel sleepy when I get out of bed. ......)


 Hirune yawns loudly.

Jeanne looked at Hirune's whole body as she stood there in a daze.

 Her blond hair and blue eyes shone in her pure white saint's dress.

 She let out a small sigh as she admired the beauty of Hirune.

“She's beautiful. ......”

“Jeanne? Are you finished?"

 Hirune slid her gaze sleepily. When she saw the eyes glittering like a sea of stars, Jeanne came to her senses and nodded her head.

“I'm done. Everyone is waiting for us, let's go.”

“Yes, let's go.”

 Hirune and Jeanne left the room and headed for the chapel of the main church.

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