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Chapter 3: New Rules for the Brigade

 The carriage rattled and shook as the Southern Brigade moved south.

 Looking out of the back window at the outer wall of the royal capital moving away, Hirune was deeply moved by the thought that they were really leaving the royal capital.

(This is the first time I’ve been outside of the Royal Capital …… I wonder if there’s anything good to eat.)

 She wants to eat good food and sleep in a good mood.

 This was the true great saint Hirune, with such desires hidden in her eyes.

 However, the profile of her starry-eyed gaze out the window looked like she was truly worried about the world. When she sighs, the trees and plants seem to sigh as well. The knight guarding the perimeter saw the look on Hirune’s face and became even more determined.

(I’ll have some strawberry bread and take a nap later. After that, sleep on Jeanne’s lap.)

 The Great Saint’s attitude was looser than the elastic of stretched-out pants.

 She thought the knights didn’t have to be so stiff.

 Incidentally, Wanda, their educator, was riding in another carriage. In addition, one bishop and three priests, the office-bearers of the Mephistophelian priests, had joined them on this journey. They were accompanied by a choir, saints, and maids.

(The carriage over there is huge. It looks a little uncomfortable to ride in.)

 Hirune looks out the window at the brigade.

 The three-horse carriage was large, but it seemed to be swaying from side to side.

 As she gazed blankly out, a brown-haired knight on a white horse brought his horse toward the carriage.

 He was a handsome man with long slanted eyes.

“I’m sorry to be on horseback. My name is Jeremy Skett, the leader of this Southern Brigade. We can assure you of a comfortable and safe journey.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you very much.”

(Yeah, not bad for a handsome guy from another world, though I’d rather have a futon.)

 Thinking about this, Hirune made a smile. Grateful to have him as her escort.

 Even if it’s not a problem for her, it would be terrible if something happened to Jeanne or Holly.

 The Commander, Jeremy Skett, saw Hirune smile and squinted his eyes as if he were looking at a dazzling light. 

“Great Saint ……, you are divine up close …….”

 He regained his composure, flipped his cloak with his hand and made the holy seal while on horseback.

“We will guard the Great Saint Hirune day and night. My men are determined to ensure that you sleep peacefully at night, so please expect a good night’s sleep.”

 Great Saint Hirune. Also known as the Great Saint of Dozing.

 Commander Jeremy smiled knowing that Hirune loved her sleep.

 They’re going to have a rotation of sleepless shifts.

 But Hirune’s face, which he thought would be happy, became cloudy as soon as he saw her.

 Jeanne and Holly, who were listening to the exchange between the two in the carriage, also noticed that Hirune’s appearance had changed.

“Commander Jeremy. when you say day and night, does that mean you have soldiers who stay up all night?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

 Commander Jeremy affirmed.

 Hearing this, Hirune looked up at the ceiling.

(All-nighters can really ruin a person…. I’ve been there…… I’m sorry you have to stay up all night for me as my escorts ……)

 Having experienced a three-day all-nighter in her previous life, Hirune knew how bad it was for the body.

 She felt dazed, and no matter what she thought, only negative thoughts came to her mind. It was also very hard on the body.

 Hirune thought for a while.

 Jeremy, the leader of the group, put on a cool face and put his hand on the reins, wondering if he had offended the kind-hearted Great Saint.

“Hirune-sama, are you alright?”

 Jeanne looked into Hirune’s face.

  Hirune nodded, staring at her steeple-colored eyes.

“It’s okay, Jeanne. I’ve just thought of a better way.”

 Then she leaned out the window and looked at Jeremy, the leader of the group.

“I don’t want anyone to stay up all night on my trip. Are you planning to camp today?

“Yes. The next village is also far away and we will camp there.” 

 Jeremy, the leader of the group, straightened his back and replied.

“In that case, I’ll create a ward to protect us all. Jeremy, please make sure you go to bed at ten o’clock, okay? Is that clear?”

“But when Hirune-sama falls asleep …….”

“I can do it. I can maintain the wards automatically. It’s a lot easier than covering all of the Royal Capital, right?”

“No, but ……”

 Commander Jeremy was struck by the kindness of the Great Saint Hirune, but he also had a role to play as an escort. It’s the role of a soldier to fulfill his duties. He agonized for a moment and then returned his gaze to Hirune. 

“We are very grateful for the offer, but we’ll have to send out an unsleeping guard to protect you. This is also the duty of the Royal Guard. We’ve been ordered to provide the Great Saint with a comfortable journey.”

“I can’t help worry if you’re all awake. Please, I beg you, don’t stay up all night.”

Hirune, who was more fond of sleeping than most people, looked up at Commander Jeremy with sparkling blue eyes.

(I know it’s your job, so I apologize. …… But I’m just going to use a little holy magic. ……)

Perhaps out of apology, Hirune looked up at him emphatically.


Even Jeremy, the leader of the group who had years of experience in relation to women, couldn’t resist the Great Saint’s request.

 Holly, who was watching from behind, muttered, “Oh, this is the one I can never refuse.” Jeanne nodded deeply.

 Jeremy, the leader of the group, was struggling while saying “ugh” and “but”, but he hung his head, defeated by the gaze of Hirune, who was still looking at him.

“I understand … Then, for the time being, we’ll accept having Hirune-sama put up a ward of Holy Magic… … However, I still have to put a sleepless round …”

“No you don’t.”


 When Hirune puffed out her cheeks, Commander Jeremy flinched.  

 Her normally sleepy eyes widened at this moment.

 Her own sleep was important, but if she was going to be traveling, she wanted everyone to be comfortable as well. That was her strong desire.

“I’ll protect you all with holy magic. No miasma or thieves will be able to enter. Oh, we can come and go as we please.”

“….I understand, ……. I’ll accept Great Saint-sama’s suggestion today. However, can’t I just stand in the no sleep watch? I just want to make sure the ward is intact.”

“…… If you think it’s okay, Jeremy, will you go to bed?”

“Ha! I swear to the Goddess Sophia, this Jeremy will definitely go to bed!”

 The Commander, Jeremy, placed his hand on the silver plate he was wearing and bowed deeply from horseback.

 The horse also whinnied. Apparently, it agreed.

 He vowed to the goddess Sophia to go to bed.

 No commander had ever acted so strangely before. Neither he nor Hirune noticed that the conversation was somewhat dumb, as they were both talking seriously.

 Jeanne and Holly looked at each other.

 The journey of the Great Saint Hirune to the south would be told to future generations, but they had no way of knowing that.

 Hirune looked at Jeremy, the determined leader, and slowly nodded her head.

“ I understand. Then Jeremy-san, please check the ward and then go to sleep.”

(Did I annoy you in any way?)

Hirune raised her eyebrows and smiled, thinking she was sorry for pushing him.

The expression on her face was so fragile that Commander Jeremy felt his heart beat faster.

“Yes, ma’am. I will keep my promise to the Great Saint.”

“What time should I put up the ward?”

 To Hirune’s question, Commander Jeremy switched his mind to a soldier’s and answered immediately.

“I think it would be best if you do it as soon as we arrive at the encampment. Since the brigade includes civilians, they will be relieved to have your blessing.”

“I understand. I’ll do that then.”

 Hirune said, with a smile.

 Commander Jeremy bowed, maneuvered his horse, and slowly backed away.

(I’ll set up the ward later. …… Is it time for a snack?)

 It hasn’t even been thirty minutes since they left. It was a bit early for a snack.

 The sky was clear, as if blessing the brigade.

(I’m……. even more sleepy in the carriage. ……)

 The sound of the horses, the carriages rattling and the regular shaking lulled her to sleep.

 Hirune yawned loudly then turned to Jeanne and Holly.

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