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Chapter 26:  Holy Weapon

 When Jeanne and the soldiers entered the armory, they found Hirune asleep in the corner of the room.

 She was using a Hinoki stick as a pillow.

  The two soldiers were impressed that she really could fall asleep so quickly.

“Hirune-sama, please wake up.”

Jeanne gently shook her shoulder.

 When she did, Hirune woke up, mumbling, “Mmmm.”

“I have a pain in my neck.”

“It’s because you were sleeping on a cypress stick. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine — holy magic, self-healing.”

 The light flashed and stardust fluttered, and Hirune’s neck felt lighter.

“I’m fine now.” 

“I’m glad. Now, the carriage is coming back. Let’s go.”

 Taking Jeanne’s hand and rubbing her eyes, Hirune stood up.

 After greeting the soldiers, they left the armory and returned to the main church by carriage.

(Carriage rocking…… makes me sleepy……)

 Resting her head on Jeanne’s shoulder, Hirune fell asleep again.


 A week later, a demon strike team was formed using the weapons that Hirune had purified and blessed.

 Since the miasma was flowing toward the royal capital from the south, the kingdom decided to mobilize.

 As the first group, ten troops of about a hundred people were formed, and each of them went on an expedition to a designated location.

 In one of the ten troops, there was an incident.

“Who brought such a useless weapon?”

 A soldier in charge of weapons management lifted a cypress stick.

 The stick was seventy centimeters long and shaped like a baton. It was actually a weapon that was owned by the royal capital’s guards and had been left behind in the armory when the weapons were replaced.

“This is very difficult to use.”

 The man waved the stick like a boom.

 A mysterious force prevented him from swinging it properly.

 It’s was as if he was waving it in water.

“What’s wrong with this thing?”

 He shook it again, but it felt awfully heavy.

“I can’t even beat my wife with this thing.”

 The soldier in charge of weapons management said, and the soldiers around him laughed.

 Morale was high, everyone was in high spirits for the upcoming battle with the demons.

“Hey, Ponte!”

“Yes, sir!”

 A young soldier who had been called out suddenly rushed over.

 The small young man had to reposition his large helmet several times because it kept shifting.

“Ponte. You’re not very good with a sword or a spear, are you?”

“Yes. I’m ashamed to say I’m not very good with them.”

“You’re too kind. …… Everyone here knows that you work harder than anyone else. ……”

 The man in charge of weapons management had his eye on Ponte.

 Ponte volunteered as a soldier when the village he lived was attacked by a demon. He wanted to defeat the demons with his own hands so that no more people would be killed. He had such noble intentions.

 However, he was too kind-hearted.

 During training, he couldn’t hit his opponents, and in mock battles, he would always lightly hit his opponents, only to be struck back.

 Even in training, he was not capable of hitting his comrades.

 He was also a big softie. If someone was in trouble, he would reach out to them, and was willing to sacrifice himself. He had been hurt by it several times, but he refused to stop.

 That’s why the weapon management guy liked Ponte.

 He was simply a good guy.

“If you die, everyone will be sad. Can you slay a demon?”

 The man pointed to the sword Ponte was wearing.

 Ponte hesitated, then nodded slowly.

“I think I can, sir.”

“Well, you’re not very sharp, are you?”

 The man slapped his thighs and held out the Hinoki stick to Ponte.

“If the sword doesn’t work, hit him with this one, and if you need to, you can throw it.”

 He would usually never let a soldier carry an extra weapon. This was special.

“Yes, sir. Thank you very much.”

 Ponte bowed dutifully and touched the Hinoki stick.

 That’s when it happened.

 A dazzling light rose from the Hinoki stick.

 Stardust bounced like dancing stars and clung to the Hinoki stick.

“……, what is it?”

“This  …….”

 Ponte fixed his helmet, which had slipped down, and looked at the Hinoki stick with his mouth open.

Stardust is dancing around the stick. It looks like the holy magic of a saint.

“This didn’t happen when I had it, ……. Let me have it.”

 The man in charge of weaponry took the Hinoki stick from Ponte, and the stardust instantly disappeared.

 He tried it with all the soldiers around him, but the stardust only appeared when Ponte held it.

 After that, the Hinoki stick became Ponte’s personal weapon.

 The performance of the stick was astonishing: a light tap of the stick would cause a demon to disappear. One flash of the stick and the demon would burst away. It was a holy weapon specialized for fighting demons.

 It was also a perfect match for Ponte’s fighting style.

 Just as his name implied, a simple tap would annihilate the demon. He was able to fight without worry.

 The first group of demon slayers had succeeded in their mission.

 Thanks to the weapons purified by Hirune, each of the troops achieved great results, but of the ten troops, Ponte’s troop was the most successful.

The kind-hearted young soldier became an ace in the fight against demons with his Hinoki stick.

“I’m sure the goddess gave me a Hinoki stick for my lack of courage. ……”

 Ponte stroked the Hinoki stick around his waist with great care.

 In time, the Hinoki stick became famous as a weapon that could only be used by kind-hearted and honest people, and was named Hinokibolg, after the Hinoki stick and the legendary spear Gaebolg. It is said that ten noblemen and the leaders of the Mephistopheles Church gathered for the naming, but I won’t say anything about that…….

 Certainly, they’ll find out soon enough that a certain saint used it as a pillow, but it’s still a long way off.




“What is it?”

 Jeanne looked at Hirune, who was in paradise mode lying in the chair that ruined people.

“I heard that the soldiers with the weapons that Hirune-sama purified were very successful. Thanks to the holy magic that Hirune-sama granted them, we’ve received letters of appreciation from everyone.”

“Well, that’s good to hear. I’m very happy I could help them.”

(I’m glad I did my job diligently. …….. Next time I’ll do both, purify and grant.)

 When Hirune smiled, Jeanne also smiled.

“The main church also has its eyes on you, you know?    Since that’s the case, the day when you become a great saint is near.”

 Jeanne made a big smile.

(It’s already been four months since I became a saint. ……. I can’t wait to become a Great Saint.)

Repositioning her head with a crunching sound, Hirune looked up at the ceiling.

(But if I become a Great Saint, there’s a good chance I’ll be sent to the southern region. Only in the south, there are no Great Saints. ……. Well, if that happens, I’ll just have to deal with it. It’s probably better to be free in the middle of nowhere. It’ll be great to have a church …… dedicated to the Great Saint with fluffy bedding and fallen angels of immorality everywhere …….)

Hirune’s face beamed as she dreamed of herself as a great saint.

 “…… Haaah. …… It’s peaceful again today. …… I’m getting sleepy, Jeanne… …” 

As she was thinking about this and that, a drowsiness came over her, and Hirune faded into unconsciousness.

“It’s peaceful, isn’t it? It’s thanks to the hard work of Hirune-sama…..”

 Jeanne murmured happily and gently pulled the quilt over Hirune.

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