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Chapter 30: The Story of the Clock Tower

Three days have passed since the black smoke from the steel mill stopped coming out.

The town was abuzz with rumors that the Great Saint Hirune was saving the town in secret.

If you go to a tavern, you’ll hear the beginning of a conversation that starts with “The Great Saint…” over and over again.

The Steel Mill, Morgul, was also the center of attention.

Incidentally, since Master Zuguri did not tell anyone that the fountain had been turned into holy water, it would be some time before the rumor spread.

It would be the righteousness of Master Zuguri.

The Great Saint Hirune was going around changing her name. She seems to think that she should be the one to tell everyone what she’s going to do.

The person at the center of the rumors, Hirune, was currently in a village on the outskirts of Ixendahl.

It was a village that had somehow managed to control the miasma and damage caused by the demons. It had not lost its function as a village.

Hirune looked up at the sky and waved to the villagers who were hard at work on their farms.

Her long blond hair fluttered in the wind. She was dressed in the pure white dress of a Great Saint.

“So the vigilantes are protecting the village from the miasma, right?”

she turned her gaze to the village head walking beside her.

(He looks like an uncle but is the village head. He’s a simple but kind man.)

He bowed his head and made the holy seal.

“Yes. We have been working with the Saints to protect the village. If the miasma contaminates the village, Ixendahl will run out of food.”

“So this is the kitchen of the frontier city.”

Hirune nodded in agreement, looking at the vast farmland.

As the wind blew, the wheat that had begun to bear fruit shook in unison, changing color like ripples.

“The people of the village are delighted to have the Great Saint Hirune here today, and we are also grateful to you for sending soldiers from Ixendahl …….We can’t thank you enough.”

“I’m not doing anything special.”

Hirune smiled.

(I just reserved magic in the statue of the goddess in the Great Church and added holy magic to the fountain at the steel mill ……)

The village head, who took Hirune’s words as humility, was so moved by the Great Saint’s profundity and humility that he burst into sobs.

Eventually he began to cry, Hirune was surprised, and Jeanne, who was walking behind them became worried about the village head.

“I’m sorry ……, but when I look at you, I feel like a boy in a story. ……”

“I see. Well, then, is there any kind of lore left in the village?”

Trying to change the subject, Hirune asked a question.

The village head pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, blew his nose and nodded.

“It’s not a legend, but the great saint Martine, who was once in the frontier city, built a clock tower.”

“A clock tower?”

(Hmm, I’ve never heard of it …….)

In fact, the topic of clock towers had come up in the church, but  Hirune was too sleepy to hear it.

“There is a large bell in the clock tower, …… and its beautiful sound reaches all the way to this village. When I was young, I used to live with the sound of the bells ringing day and night.”

“Beautiful sound ……. It has to be a big bell, for it to reach all the way to this village, right?”

“It’s a very big bell. I’ve heard that the Great Saint Martine made it with holy magic.”

The village head spread out his hands several times to emphasize the size of the bell.

He then opened his mouth wide, as if he was getting excited.

“When you hear the sound of the bell, it gives you a strange sense of peace. I used to say, ‘If you want to quarrel with your wife, do it just before the bell rings.”

“I see. …… So it might also help you get a good night’s sleep. ……?”

Hirune narrowed her eyes and looked at the village head.

Jeanne, walking quietly from behind, stretched her neck slightly, knowing that this was a sign that Hirune would act on her own impulses. She steeled her attention and focused her ears to make sure she didn’t miss anything.

(I think I just heard a seriously old story.)

The village head wavered slightly as Hirune stared at him.

“Of course, I think so, but it was a long time ago, so I may not be so certain.”

“No, no, thank you for the useful information.”


“By the way, where in Ixendahl did the clock tower stand?”

“I think it was in the center of the city. I heard from a soldier that it was the first building to be destroyed by demons because it was so conspicuous.”

“I see. ……”

(This is a time-sensitive matter. Bells, whose sound can give you a good night’s sleep. …… And if Wanda hears it during the sermon, her anger may subside. It’s a deal.)

Hirune decided that she would fix the clock tower and bell that her predecessor, Great Saint Martine, had built.

“Ahhh … ahhh”

When she has to do something, Hirune starts to get nervous. She also can’t stop yawning. In the afternoon, the air in the village was relaxed and drowsiness overcomes her.*

“Hirune-sama, let’s go to the next village.”

Jeanne confirmed the schedule and told Hirune to return to the carriage.

Today’s job was to make rounds to the villages around Ixendahl and purify the crops.

(Clock tower….. Bells …… Sounds of a good night’s sleep: ……)

The bell that would give her a good night’s sleep was bothering her, and she couldn’t concentrate on her plans for the rest of the day.


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