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Chapter 33: A Detour and the Shape of a Bell

As they walked down the main street of Kazesuna, greeting the citizens, Hirune found a skewer shop along the way.

It was a skewer shop that had moved from the Royal Capital.

When they first moved, they seemed to be looking for a place to set up the store, but recently they have set their sights on the main street of Kazesuna. The main street seemed to be a calm place for them to sell their product.

“Hirune-chan! Would you like one?”

The friendly shopkeeper spotted Hirune and called out to her. He was one of the few people who had known her since her apprenticeship as a saint, and even now that she was a Great Saint, he was one of the few people who were willing to speak informally with her.

( Tanetu-san, you’re looking good today.)

His standard hairstyle was a square haircut and a headband. Perhaps it was his own obsession, but his kebab stall was clean and there were hardly any signs of grease splatter. This was one of the reasons Hirune liked him so much.

“Are you sure you want to do this today?”


“Of course! It’s the new one with spices from Ixendahl!”

“I see.”

As she approached the stall and peered into the net, she could see the charcoal fire burning red and oil spilling from the meat skewers roasting on it. The fragrant smell made her cheeks relax.

(The smell makes me feel a little sleepy. It looks delicious. ……)

“Then please pay the Great Saint payment for the  skewers…….”


The Great Saints Pay-In other words, it was free.

Jeanne had seen this scene many times in the capital, so she only complained, “You are not like a saint at all …….”

(If I eat it, it will be a publicity stunt, so the payment method that came with it is “the Great Saint payment”, ……. It’s a win-win situation.)

The payment method had been changing as Hirune got promoted from Saint apprentice to Saint to Great Saint.

While thinking about this, Hirune received a skewer from the store owner.


“It looks delicious, Jeanne.”

When she turned around with a smile on her face, Jeanne looked as if she wanted to say something and mumbled, “I can’t say anything when you look so happy, Hirune-sama.”

The attendant priests opened their mouths to stop her several times, but they all couldn’t say anything when they saw Hirune happily holding the skewers. Behaving in a manner unlike a Great Saint seemed to be a natural behavior for the Great Saint Hirune.

More than anything, the sight of the pretty girl’s face breaking out in happiness warmed the heart of those watching.

“Mmmm… yum!”

“Fufufu! You’re a good eater!”

Hirune ate the skewers with gusto.

(The spicy sauce and the spices mixed into the meat accentuate the full flavor of the meat. I wonder if the Japanese pepper-like aroma comes from the Ixendahl spices?)

Hirune thought about it as she chewed on the skewers.

The meat’s fragrant charred edges arousing her appetite.

“Please, your maid too!”

The shopkeeper happily served out the skewers.

“I’ll take it.”

Hirune took the skewers and smiled as she presented them to Jeanne.


“Hirune-sama, I’m working …… that ……”

“Here, Jeanne, ahhh. Aah!”

“Oh, …….uh ……”

Jeanne’s brow furrowed as she tried hard to say no today, but after a few seconds she gave up and opened her mouth.

“…… it’s always delicious.”

“Thank you!”

The owner of the restaurant, Tanetu, burst into laughter when Jeanne paid him a compliment with an embarrassed look.

“Jeanne, in times like these, it’s good to be loud! That’s how it should be. That’s the skewering style.

“I’ve never heard of such a style. ……”

“Come on, together, it’s good.”



The two of them continued on their way down the main street after enjoying the skewers.

Hirune would stop and talk to citizens when she found something of interest.

She mainly paid attention to things that could be used to make futons or materials that could evolve into chairs that would ruin people.

The priests accompanying her walked around with a sense of pride when they saw Hirune, thinking what a wonderful, Great Saint she was, who was so kind to the citizens. They were more enthusiastic than usual when they made the holy seal.

By the time they arrived at Morgul Steel Mill, which took quite a while, it was beginning to get dark.

“Let’s go.”

As soon as they entered the steel mill without an appointment, the craftsman working there noticed and hurried to call Master Zuguri.

In a few minutes, the master arrived.

“Oh …… Great Saint Hirune.”

“I heard that the freelance saint Makura took care of you the other day.”

Hirune said plainly as she listened to the sound of iron being struck with a Clang, Clang, Clang.

“We really appreciate your work. I can’t thank you enough.”

Master Zuguri was not the type of person good at belly tricks.

He didn’t know why Hirune, dressed in the clothes of a Great Saint, had come to visit him, and his words were stilted.

“Well …… Great Saint Hirune? What is your relationship with the Freelance Saint Makura-sama?”

The master was confused by Hirune’s governing setting.

(Come to think of it, …… Hirune and Makura are strangers. …… What should I do?)

Hirune, who hadn’t thought much about it, was dismayed and looked up, pondering.

“I know the Saint Makura,……. Yes, I talked to her the other day.”

“Really? That’s, heh, I see.”

“Yes, it is. That’s right.”

“Oh, yeah. Huh.”

It was awkward, as if two noob actors had come on stage and were acting.

Jeanne had a troubled look on her face, unsure of how to offer a helping hand.

After a few seconds of awkwardness, the master clapped his hands to change the subject.

“So, Great Saint Hirune. What need do you have of such a hot and humid place?”

“Yes. Actually, I’m thinking of reviving the clock tower.”

“The clock tower? Oh, that’s a good idea!”

The master responded with a favorable impression.


Hirune smiled.

“Does Master Zuguri also have a fondness for the clock tower?”

“Of course I do. When I was a kid, I lived by the sound of bells.”

“Hmmmm. It seems that the clock tower is an indispensable part of Ixendahl.”

Hirune raised her eyebrows sharply.

When her long eyelashes rose, her blue eyes glittered with the flames from the demon coal, and her appearance was that of a precious great saint who used her power to save the frontier city.

(Everyone wants one. I also want the Bell of Restful Sleep. This is a win-win relationship. ……!)

Hirune was thinking seriously about it.

“Hirune-sama, that’s a wonderful idea, just like a Great Saint!”

Jeanne was so moved that she clasped her hands in front of her chest.

“Oh …… how sublime” “Hirune-sama,” “Ixendahl really is changing ……!”

The attendant priests also made the holy seal reverently.

They didn’t think that Hirune had half a desire for more restful sleep than good intentions.

“The bell was made by the great saint Martine here at Morgul Steel Mill, according to the old man of the previous generation. I believe she left a journal behind.”

“Can I see it, please?”


Master Zuguri took Hirune into the office building behind the Steel Mill.

It was a stone building made of ochre-colored sandstone.

Hirune, Jeanne, and the accompanying priests went up to the third floor and entered the room of the Morgul steel mill family.

Master Zuguri pulled out an old book from a bookshelf in the ruggedly built room and placed it on the table, saying, “Here it is.”

Hirune stood tall and peered into it.

(The Great Saint Martine used holy magic to transform iron into bells–that’s about it in a nutshell.)

It seems that instead of having a craftsman make the bells, she transformed them from iron.

The bell depicted in the memoir was shaped like a round wind chime.

(Heh, ……, it’s kind of round and cute, isn’t it? I wonder if the Great Saint Martine liked this kind of shape.)

Hirune thought about the great saint she had never seen before.

(I think I’ll copy this shape for the bell: ……)

Thinking such, She turned her head to the side, Jeanne’s eyes lit up as she looked at Hirune.

“What kind of sound do you think the bells you make will make?”

“Well, …… I hope it sounds beautiful.”

“Don’t worry! I’m sure Hirune-sama will make them just fine!”

Seeing Jeanne’s smile, Hirune got an idea.

(The shape of the bell is …… decided. Now we can try to make some bells with holy magic.)

Hirune smiled and thanked master Zuguri for the valuable materials.

Author Note:


The manga of “Reincarnated Great Saint’s leisurely Journey to another World” has finally begun to be serialized …! !!

The atmosphere of the whole manga is soothing and relaxing at MAX ^^!

I’ve been wanting to become blonde haired and blue eyed and chill all day long… lol

You can read it from the following, so please try it!



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