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Chapter 36: The Great Saint Hirune.

 One month after the total lunar eclipse—

 The Royal Capital was overflowing with people celebrating the birth of a new Great Saint, the ‘Great Saint Birth Festival’.

 Tourists from distant cities were coming to the festival, making it more crowded than ever before. 

“Here’s a picture of the new Great Saint! You can get the black and white ones in the store, the colored ones are on reservation!”

Everyone rushed to the art store to get a glimpse of the new Great Saint.

“Oh!” How beautiful, how fragile, how world-weary her eyes are.” 

 Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a well-organized appearance, like an incarnation of the goddess Sophia.

   She was only ten years old, but she had a gaze that seemed to have seen the world. Of course it couldn’t be that she was sleepy.


“I want it in color!” I’ll make a reservation! Me too! I want ten of these!”

 Paintings of Great Saint Hirune were selling like hotcakes.

 On the street from across the art store, a bard’s sweet voice spun a tale of Hirune’s exploits in saving the Royal Capital. The soldiers protecting the city from the miasma, the Mephistopheles priests, the Holy Saints, the activities of Holly, Hirune’s best friend who maintained the ward by herself, Hirune’s help ……, and Hirune’s holy magic spreading throughout the capital. –.

 Adults and children alike sweat in fervor when they hear the adventurous story.

“This was how the royal capital was protected.”

 When the song ended, the crowd applauded.

 Bronze and silver coins were repeatedly thrown into the bard’s upturned hat.

“We’re also selling a painting of Saint Holly!”

 The art store called out loudly.

 Not only was Hirune very popular, but so was Holly.

 Smiles were constantly breaking out in the capital. Everyone was happy, which was what Hirune had hoped for.

 In the midst of all this, there was a store that was so busy, it couldn’t even take a break.

“Give me the futon you donated to the Great Saint! The pyory futon! I’ll buy it! Is it true that Hirune-sama was here? Give me a pillow as well.”

 It was Valhalla, the bedding store.

 It’s unknown where the information leaked out, but it became known that Thomas, the owner, had donated a futon to Hirune, and rumor had it that Hirune liked it. From there, it was a mad rush.

“We’ll attend to you in order! Please line up!”

 Thomas, the handsome shopkeeper, whipped his tired body and shouted.

 This was all thanks to Hirune. With that thought in mind, he went on selling the futons.

 The futons were so popular that they had to be made to order, and there was a three-month waiting list. Since the futons were made from the feathers of a difficult bird, mass production wasn’t possible at present.

 Our view changes to a certain shopping street.

 The shopping street, which had been deserted with only cuckoos crowing, was once again filled with people. In one corner of the shopping district, there was a line of people waiting at a furniture store that could be found anywhere.


 “Chairs that ruin people – commonly known as ‘Hirune chairs’ – on sale.”

The saint’s chair that ruined people was also starting to attract customers.

 This one had become the talk of the town among experts with money to spare, and a quiet boom was taking place.

 The people in line were somewhat fidgety.

“Next, please.”

 Leanne, the furniture maker’s daughter, called in a clear voice.

She and her father were currently working on a Hirune chair.

 A mature man walked into the store, looked around, and muttered.

“I’ve heard there’s a chair in here that can ruin people – and that the Great Saint uses it. …… Is that true?”

“Of course it is.”

“What does it look like?”

“Here’s a sample.”

 When Leanne introduced the sample, the man exclaimed.

“It looks like …… a slime doesn’t it?”

 There was a spherical object covered with a soft-looking fabric.

 At first glance, it looked like a big, sloppy ball.

“Yes, that’s right. The people in the back are waiting for you, so please sit down and decide whether or not you want to buy it.”

Leanne said with a smile.

The man felt the way to decide was a little strange.

Nodding his head the man sat down in the Hirune chair.

“Oh …… oof …….”

 The man’s body was wrapped in the chair with a crunching sound. The man made an ecstatic expression at the unique comfort of the chair.

 Leanne quickly measured the man’s body size, wrote it down in her notebook, and told him the price.

 The man nodded his head.

 Apparently, it was a good fit.

 Leanne’s furniture store is also made-to-order, so delivery was not yet scheduled.

 After receiving the advance payment, Leanne sent the man off with a smile on her face and called the next customer who was waiting for her.


 The royal capital, the center of which was in great excitement.

 In the main church of the Mephistopheles Church, a blond-haired, blue-eyed great saint was whimpering.

“I’m sleepy. I’m sleepy. I can’t take it anymore.”

Hirune, dressed in the robe of a Great Saints, rubbed her eyes.

“… Hahhhhh … Mmm …”

“Hirune-sama, please yawn a little smaller. Also how sleepy are you to be yawning like that?”

Jeanne rushed to cover Hirune’s face.

“Even if you become a Great Saint, your drowsiness doesn’t change…”

 Hirune, who was to become a Great Saint on this sunny day, was on a break from the ceremonies.

 She’d been up since five in the morning without a break.

    At two o’clock in the afternoon, she thought it was finally time for a break, but the break was only a few minutes. There was a lot to do at a Great Saints’ birth festival, and it had to be done in order. She invoked her holy magic dozing trick several times, but still, Hirune was sleepy.

 Currently, she was taking a break.

 She ate a piece of strawberry bread, which was very popular in the capital, and felt sleepy to the max.

“Just hang in there a little longer. Hang in there.”

 Holly, who came to check on her, said.

 “Will she be fine communicating with the goddess in the square…… ?”

 “Hirune will be fine. You can’t be rejected by the goddess. In fact, no one has ever failed to become a Great Saint before.”

 In order to be promoted from a saint to a great saint, it was important for many people to think that the saint is worthy of being one. It’s said that a saint with great achievements is more likely to become a great saint.

 However, it’s not always the case that one can become a great saint if she makes great achievements. Only with the gospel of Goddess Sophia will you be considered. 

 Currently, there are three Great Saints in EverSophia, all of them were mysteriously inspired by everyone saying, “It’s time to make her a Great Saint.” Once that feeling sets in, there’s a divine compulsion that makes everyone feel the same way, regardless of occupation or gender.

 Mephistopheles called this phenomenon the gospel of the goddess Sophia.

 It was all under the guidance of the goddess Sophia.

“You mean I have to pray at the magic circle in the square and wait for the goddess to answer? When that’s done, I can go to sleep, right?” 

 Hirune asked Jeanne and Holly beside her.

“You went to bed at nineteen o clock last night, and you’re still sleepy?”

 Holly sighed.

 Next to her, Jeanne looked up at the ceiling with a dreamy look on her face. Her ponytail swayed.

“Ah, I’m really looking forward to it. …… I heard that the cloudy sky turned into sunshine in a blink of an eye at the time of the Great Saint Sansara. What will happen with Hirune-sama? ……” 

“I’m sure it’ll end with a flash of light. That’s the way it has to be. The goddess will surely be sleepy.”

 Hirune declares that the goddess is sleepy.

“ I don’t think gods ever get sleepy, but what do I know?”

“Great Saint Hirune, it’s time to go.”

 A female priest entered the break room and bowed solemnly.

” let’s go then. For a nap.”

“No, it’s not.”

“ I’m looking forward to it.”

Holly taps her shoulder and Jeanne smiles dazzlingly beside her.

 Hirune squeezed her eyes tightly to drive out the sleepiness and headed for the plaza, swaying in her Great Saint’s robe.

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