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Chapter 32: At the Clock Tower

Hirune arrived at the Central Goddess Square in the center of Ixendahl.

The place, which once housed the main facilities of the city, was a sight to behold with its collapsed clock tower.

(Looks like the miasma and demon attacks were fierce. ……)

The clock tower had fallen from the middle like a broken branch, and the lower part was full of holes as if there had been an explosion. If she hadn’t been told that the tower was there, she would have thought it was just a pile of rubble.

“I’ve been expecting you, Hirune-sama.”

At the place where the clock tower used to be, Archbishop Zigitoria was waiting for them.

He was a priest called the Father of the South, whom Zekyutos admired. He had a smooth forehead with a star-shaped bruise.

He smiled softly and made the holy seal.

Hirune and Holly also made their seals and approached.

“Zigi-sama. It’s been a while.”

“That’s right. I’ve been on a lot of business trips lately, so we haven’t been able to see each other for a  long time.”

“Yes. I’ve missed you.”

Hirune adored Zigitoria as if he were her grandfather.

(That’s the air of a grandfather. It’s gentle and warm.)

When Hirune smiled at him, Zigitoria also smiled, happily.

“Hirune-sama, who told you about the clock tower?”

“The Head of Diego village told me about it when I asked. There used to be a clock tower built by the Great Saint Martine, right?”


Perhaps remembering the old days, Zigitoria looked at the collapsed rubble behind him and turned his gaze to the sky.

“It was a big, beautiful clock tower. …… When I was little, the sound of its bells echoed through the city.”

“I see.”

Hirune also looked up at the sky that Zigitoria was staring at.

(I’m sure it was a beautiful clock tower. ……)

“Unfortunately, the miasma was too strong to be prevented, so it was abandoned until now.”

Ixendahl, desperate for survival, had no time to repair the clock tower.

The economic situation had gradually improved since Hirune’s appointment.

“I’d like to ask you a few questions. …… If I’m thinking of building a new clock tower, Is there anything I can do to help?”

When Hirune turned her big eyes to him, Zigitoria pulled the corners of his mouth to the side and nodded several times.

“Actually, I was hoping that would be the case. I am ashamed of my expectations as a priest, but I am sure that the Great Saint Martine will be pleased. ……”

Zigitoria repeatedly made the holy seal and mumbled a scripture to the sky.

The other priests did the same.

“Hirune-sama….. would you be willing to make a bell for the clock tower?”

“A bell?”

“Absolutely. The Great Saint Martine made the bells. We, the Mephistopheles Church, together with the craftsmen of the city, built a clock tower to house the bells.”

“I understand. If I’m going to make the bells, I have an idea.”

Hirune thought of Morgul Steel Mill, took a breath and turned her gaze to Jeanne

“By the way, my personal maid, Jeanne, would like to say a few words as well.”

When The village head had told them about the clock tower, Jeanne had said that she wanted to talk to Zigitoria. It was unusual for her to want to speak up on her own.

Jeanne stepped forward and bowed reverently.

“I have spoken to the stonemasons about rebuilding the clock tower, and they are willing to do it for a minimal wage. I have also received requests from an architect, a sculptor, a woodworker, and a clockmaker, all of whom are eager to help.”

Jeanne bowed then stepped back.

“Jeanne, have you been planning ahead of time?”

“Yes. I knew this would happen and asked Wanda-sama to help me.”

Jeanne smiled and nodded.

It was Jeanne’s desire to contribute to Hirune in any way she could.

She had been trained in economics by Wanda, and at the age of ten, Jeanne had begun to acquire a business sense. It would not be long before she would become the most powerful maid who could handle anything.

“How about it, everyone? Isn’t my maid amazing?”

Hirune began to boast with pride.

“I’m afraid so.”

Holly nodded her head in admiration.

“No, please stop. I was just doing what any maid of Hirune-sama’s  should do!”

Jeanne, who was not used to being praised, flinched. Her ponytail swayed erratically as she wiggled her hands.

(embarrassed Jeanne …… is still so cute.)

Zigitoria was surprised, but then he smiled.

“The citizens of Ixendahl will be very pleased. I’m sure they’ll all help us.”

“That’s very kind of you! Then I will immediately go and make a wonderful bell that will give you a good night’s sleep …… and peace of mind. Good things come in haste.”

Hirune turned to walk to Morgul Steel Mill but then stopped moving.

“Um…Zigi-sama, can I ask you to take care of the clock tower?”

“Of course. I’m so …… excited to see the clock tower come back to life.”

“If possible, I’d like the tower to be white and pretty. It’ll be like a meeting place for families and lovers.”

When Hirune used to work for a black company, she used to look at the plaza of the nearest station as if it were someone else’s problem.

There was a flower bed and a statue monument in the square, and it was a meeting place for people.

She was reminded of the bitter memory of coming to work on only two hours of sleep, looking sideways at happy people.

Anyway, if she was going to build a new building, she wanted it to be cute and stylish.

“That’s a wonderful idea.”

Zigitoria smiled broadly.

“That’s right, about the design of the tower …… I’m sure Holly knows a lot about it, so I’d like her to be the general supervisor.”

Holly’s mouth dropped open as she was suddenly asked to speak.

“Wait, wait, wait, You can’t just say that. ……”

“I know that Holly reads and studies more than anyone else. Besides, you like pretty things, don’t you? I know, I’ve seen the dolls lined up in your room–“

“Right! I’m the next Great Saint, you know. I’ve been studying hard!”

Holly panicked and put her hand on her chest loudly.

“And I’ve seen a lot of Clock Towers!”

“Of course you have. Well then, Holly, I’m counting on you.”

(You study biographies and scripture until bedtime, don’t you? You also read a lot of illustrated children’s stories. …… I’m sure you’ll do a great job.)


Holly, who had just agreed with the flow, was at a loss for words and sighed, brushing her hair back several times.

“I’ll do the best I can.”

Holly politely bowed to Zigitoria.

“If the design is Saint Holly’s idea, I’m sure everyone will be pleased with it.”

The combination of Hirune and Holly was very popular in town.

The most popular song that bards are asked to sing in taverns these days is the one about the Great Saint Hirune and Saint Holly working together to save the capital. Also, Holly’s trademark light blue pigtails was a very popular hairstyle among girls.

Holly was a serious person, so once she decided to do something, she acted fast.

She began to ask Zigitoria about the previous design of the clock tower.

“Jeanne, let’s go to Morgul Steel Mill. …… Haaah, …… Oh, I’m so sleepy. ……”

“Yes, let’s go!”

Hirune yawned as she and Jeanne headed to Morgul Steel Mill.

It was not by carriage, but by walking.

She was in the mood for a leisurely tour of the city that day.

“Don’t stop at the Valhalla Bedding Shop on the way!”

Holly’s voice came from behind her.

(How did she know!?)

Hirune puts on a tight face to cover it up and turned around to look at Holly.

But the drowsiness didn’t stop, and the dignified face disappeared in two seconds.

“Ahhhhhhhhh … ohhh … it’s okay. I won’t make a detour…..huuuh.”

“You yawned so loud! You need to straighten your back and stand up straight!”

Instructions flew from the caring Holly.

“Jeanne, let me know if Hirune falls asleep and doesn’t wake up. I’ll use holy magic to carry her.”

“I understand!”

Jeanne, who was standing beside her, smiled and agreed.

“I’m not a baby,…… aaaah, not at all,…… fwaah.”

“You’re not convincing at all, Hirune-sama.”

“Mmm …… can’t beat sleepiness.”

Jeanne giggled and waved to Holly.

Hirune also waved her right hand while holding her mouth with her left. They stepped out of the central goddess square and onto the main street of Wind and Sand.

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