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Chapter 9: Jeanne's Troubles

 Ever since the mushroom-headed Count Bon Hazel came to observe the Bible reading, the eyes around Hirune have been looking at her even better.

 Saint Apprentices, maids, and priest all say that she is an amazing girl.

 It was a happy miscalculation for Hirune, who may have benefited from her appearance as she was told that her sleepy eyes were because she was talking to the goddess.

(Hah, ...... when will I get a futon offering.....)

 The first candidate for sainthood looks like she’s worried about the world, but she just wants a futon.

“I'm not going to lose next time, Hirune. I also received thirty gold coins from Count Bon Hazel.”

 The blue-haired Holly puffed out her cheeks and took a bite of her jewel apple.

Hirune looked at Holly, smiled, and nodded.


“If you add that to my gold, that's one hundred and thirty coins. If we become saints together, we can each use sixty-five of them. I'll let Wanda know.”

(I want to become a saint together with Holly. We've become such good friends.)

"Oh, yeah. That's not what I meant......"

 Holly scratched her cheek with her fingers as she looked at Hirune’s innocent face.

 Holly felt like she was competing with the wrong person.

“Hirune-sama, would you like some water?"

"Thank you, Jeanne."

 Jeanne, who was serving in the cafeteria, poured water into Hirune’s cup.

Whenever a Saint Apprentice eats, a maid is supposed to accompany her. The apprentice maid with Holly had probably already finished eating and was waiting behind her.

“I'll take care of the rest by myself.”

 Holly said so, and the apprentice maid bowed and left.

 Hirune finished her meal at a leisurely pace.

(Yes, it's simple, but the fruit makes me happy.)

 By the time she was done, everyone had finished their meals.

 Hirune said, "Thanks for the food," and looked up at Holly.

“Holly, I hope you'll come to my room today.”

“Are we going to practice our scriptures?”

“Yes, I don’t remember today’s scriptures. I was half asleep.”

“Oh, then it can’t be helped”

 Holly, who was always so helpful, sighed and her eyes became determined.

“I'm not sleeping in your room today though. I'm tired of cleaning the thousand-hall corridors.”


“ Why don't the three of us sleep together? The three of us girls will be very comfortable.”

“Wanda told me yesterday that ...... You, me, and Jeanne are the most punished of all the apprentices, ...... and it's a disgrace.”

“I'm not trying to be a bee in your bonnet about sleeping with you. Though, I'm sure the goddess won't be offended by such a trivial matter. I can assure you of that.”

"You sound as if you've seen her before."

 Holly shrugged her shoulders.

“Yes. She's the mother of all humanity and a very kind one at that.”

 Certainly the goddess I met when I was reincarnated was beautiful, compassionate and kind.

 She was the one who had approved of me in my previous life.

“...... It's scary because it sounds so true. It's better not to say too much about that. There are some extremists from other churches.”

"Is that so? I understand.”

(Are there dangerous people when it comes to religion? It's just like on Earth.)

 While making small talk like this, Hirune was given a jewel apple by Jeanne to eat.

 The sound of crunching and chewing on the fruit echoed.

"By the way, Jeanne, your not feeling so well today, are you?"


 Maybe it's because she's always with her, so to Hirune’s it seems that way, but to Holly's eyes, Jeanne looked the same as always.

 She stopped the fork she was about to stick into a jewel apple and turned her head.

“Hirune-sama , I need to talk to you later. ......”

“Please ask me anything. Let's go to my room now.”

“I'm here to help you too, okay?"

 Hirune and Holly nodded.

“Thank you.”


 The three of them gathered in Hirune’s room after changing into their nightgown dresses.

They’re used to it because they’ve done it many times.

Hirune is laying on the bed with Holly and Jeanne sitting in the chairs.

 The windowpane reflected the lush green leaves of the jewel apple tree in the dark night.

“Actually, it seems that I'm not very athletic, and today I was scolded by the maid who is in charge of education.”

Jeanne admitted her serious weakness and lowered her eyebrows wistfully.

"The preparations for the rituals were delayed because of me. ...... I'm not very good at climbing platforms, reaching high places, or quickly picking up dust. ......"

 Her ponytail is wilting too.

Seeing the sad expression on Jeanne's face, Hirune stepped out of the bed and hugged her.

“Jeanne is afraid…..of not being my maid anymore. Isn’t she?”

 Hirune looked into her eyes.

 Her steeple-tongue-colored eyes, which were shaking with anxiety, suddenly stopped. Then tears began to flow.

"...... Yes."

 Jeanne nuzzled her face into Hirune's chest.

“It's okay. Jeanne is doing her best. If Jeanne is not my maid, I can't live anymore. Even if they change me to another maid, I will absolutely refuse. I'll sleep in my bed all the time as a counter-movement."

"Hirune-sama ......"

"Good girl, good girl."

“You're always sleepy, aren’t you?”

 Holly, who was listening, flicked Hirune on the forehead.



 Holly made a disapproving look, smiled and hugged Jeanne from the side and patted her head.

"As the snoozer says, we all know you're doing your best. I'd rather protest with her than have you removed from being Hirune’s maid."

 Jeanne looked up at Holly's kind words and let out a tearful voice.

"Holly-san ...... ugh ......."

“Oh, please don't cry. Come to my chest, there."

    Hirune hugs Jeanne’s head and stroked it repeatedly.

 (I know, everyone is anxious.  She's still a child. ...... I have to be strong. ...... I feel like my mind is being pulled down by my body. ......)

 With that in mind, she wondered if she could solve the problems of the healthy Jeanne.

 Hirune came up with an idea. It hit her.


 She put her hand on Jeanne's shoulder and released her, and Hirune looked at them.

“I've got an idea.”

“What is it?”

 Holly, who had been holding Jeanne, also lets go of her.

 "Jeanne, I want you to stay still in your chair. Okay?"

“huh? Oh, okay.”

 Jeanne wiped her tears with the sleeve of her dress and leaned her body against the backrest.

(It won't make you more athletic, but it will at least heal the tiredness after a long day.)

 Hirune closed her eyes and concentrated.

She captures the magic that is sleeping inside her and slowly rotates it, chanting the scriptures in her mind and imagining that the fatigue accumulating in Jeanne will recover. 

(Holy magic: ...... recovery from fatigue: ......)

 A magic circle unfolds at Hirune's feet, and stardust begins to glitter and dance.

“Holy Magic ......”

“What are you going to do now?"

 Jeanne and Holly are dazzled by the brilliance of Holy Magic.

 With the blessing of the Goddess, Hirune's holy magic is no less than that of the Great Saints.

(Heal Jeanne, ......!)

 Stardust leaps and floats through the air, entering Jeanne's body.

"Wow ...... the light is ......"

 Jeanne was surprised to find that her body was glowing, and opened her eyes with her hands.

 The opportunity to receive holy magic is rarely available to ordinary people.

 Therefore, Jeanne's surprise was considerable.

"Oh ...... what is ...... this feels so good ......."

 Jeanne makes an ecstatic expression. It was a strange sensation, as if the day's fatigue was dissolving away.

Receiving nightly blessings from Hirune has made Jeanne less fatigued, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get tired. She had always had a problem with her lack of motor skills. It was somewhat heartwarming.

(Is that enough? ......?)

 Hirune cut off the magic.

 The magic circle disappears, and the stardust fades away.

“Let me help Jeanne, please. I'll use holy magic every day from now on to take away your fatigue.”

"Oh, no!

Jeanne shook her head when she saw Hirune with a big smile on her face. 

"I'm afraid not. I'm not the one who you should be using your precious holy magic on."

“ You're my dear friend, please allow me to do this.”

"Aww ......Hirune-sama ........."

 I'm not sure if she was crying again, but Jeanne started to let the tears well up in her eyes.

  Holly, who was watching the holy magic, exhaled.

“I feel like I won't win against you for the rest of my life. I'm glad Jeanne."

 Holly gave a troubled smile to Hirune and Jeanne.

“Let's not cry anymore. Jeanne, Holly, let's get under the covers. Let's get warm and forget about the bad things. Tomorrow will be a good day. Because this world is so wonderful."

 Hirune looked at them with her starry blue eyes and tugged at their sleeves.

 Jeanne laughed and Holly giggled and nodded.

“Thank you, Hirune-sama.”

“It can't be helped. Just for today, okay?”

“Jeanne, this way. Holly, this way. I'll give you a hidden pillow."

 Hirune assigned them both to be next to each other and took a hidden pillow from under the bed for Holly, who didn’t have one.

“You're very smart when it comes to sleeping.

 Holly seemed to have given up on the idea, and tucked her head into the pillow.

“Hirune-sama, I think I'm going to sleep well.”

"Yes, let's do our best tomorrow. I'll sleep in and wait for you.”

“What are you talking about?”

 Holly poked Hirune in the side and giggled.

"Oh, I get so sleepy as soon as I get under Hirune's covers. It's really ...... strange. ......" 

“It's really strange. Huh. ...... Good night ......."

 Holly and Jeanne closed their eyes.

The perforated quilt that Hirune sleeps on every day has the blessings of a saint in it. It gives her a good night's sleep.

(Jeanne and Holly are both good girls. ....... I hope Jeanne's problems are solved. ...... Goddess ......, please watch over this healthy maid so that she can be agile. .........)

 Hirune ell asleep while praying.

 At some point, the three girls' sleeping breath echoed softly.

 Stardust fluttered and glittered in the dark room and was sucked into Jeanne.

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