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Chapter 16 – A View I’ve Never Seen Before

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Hirune automatically purified the mining site and went to sleep slobbering on someone’s cloak. <(¦3 [▓▓] 


 Hirune was dozing on a huge, fuzzy sheep.

 The sun was just right for basking in.

(Something is shaking ……an earthquake?)

 The sheep’s wool shakes unsteadily, and her vision becomes blurry.

“…rune… Hirune…. wake up…. wake up. –“

 When she slowly raised her eyelids, she saw Wanda’s face in her blurred vision.

(……Mmm, a dream. I’d like to get some sheep fluff. …… Are there any big sheep in this world?)

 “Oh, Hirune-sama. Are you awake?”

“ Wanda-san, Jeanne. Good morning. …… fwahh ……”

Hirune yawned loudly, and Wanda and Jeanne smiled with a sigh.


“Huh? I’m sure I was sleeping with Carlos-san?”

 A few moments ago, she was sleeping on a horse, using Carlos’ cloak as a comforter.

 When she turned her eyes around, she found herself in a simple tent.

 She was lying on a thin rug.

 When Hirune rubbed her eyes and raised her body, Wanda’s eyebrows tightened.

“While you were sleeping on the horse, the purification was finished. Right now, the stonemasons are cutting out the holy Quartz.”

“That’s right…… Huuh. ……”

“Hirune, that was wonderful holy magic. We’re very proud of you. The artisans are happy to have more work to do.”

 Wanda gave a small smile and patted Hirune on the head.

“Thank you.”

(I’m glad I was able to purify it well. ……)

 Hirune crinkled her large blue eyes and smiled.

 It was nice to see everyone happy, no matter what.

 Jeanne was also smiling beside Wanda.

 But the warmth didn’t last long, and Wanda’s eyebrows tightened again.

“ However, …… the great saint who is the face of Mephistopheles was asleep on a horse. …… Moreover, she caused trouble for the troop leader. ……”

  Wanda sighed and looked into her eyes.

 Hirune covered her ears, thinking that this was a bad situation.

“Ahhh…..I can’t hear a thing. I can’t hear you, Wanda-sama.”

“As punishment, you’ll have to clean the thousand-hall corridor.”

“I can’t hear a thing.”

  Seeing the Great Saint covering her ears like a child, Jeanne smiled bitterly and tickled Hirune’s side with her familiar hand.

 ( Jeanne! How terrible ……, but I can’t lose here ……!)

“Ku … fu … fufu … fuhihi …!”

 Hirune shook her long blond hair and desperately struggled to endure.

 But she was no match for Jeanne’s expert hands, and finally she pulled her hands away from her ears.

“Jeanne! Jeanne! You are not going to get away with this! Hiya! I give up!”

 Hirune twisted around like a caterpillar in a pond.

 Jeanne was a serious girl. She had no mercy for Hirune when it was time to scold her.

“Wanda-sama, now.”

 Jeanne quickly removed her hands from Hirune’s sides and said with the dignified face of a sniper observer.

 Wanda nodded.

“Hirune. When we get back, you have to clean the thousand-hall corridor.”


“Do you understand?”

 Wanda looked at her and Hirune nodded her head.

“I understand. ……”

  Hirune hung her head dejectedly as the tickling lingered.

 ( I should have cast a holy spell to wake me up. …… I was careless. …… I shall not fail in dozing off next time.)

 The Great Saint was not disciplined at all.

 Then, Captain Carlos walked into the tent.

“You’re awake, Great Saint.”

“Ah, Carlos-san.”

 Hirune, Jeanne and Wanda looked at the entrance.

“I heard what you said. Wanda-sama, Hirune-sama did her best, so please don’t punish her. I’m the one who caused it.” 

 Carlos walked into the tent, scratched his head and looked at Wanda.

 He was a veteran warrior, so Wanda cleared her throat, almost tempted to ask him what he wanted when he looked so apologetic.

“It’s true that I’ve made things difficult for you, sir. But Hirune tries to slack off whenever I take my eyes off her, so you can think of cleaning the thousand-hall corridor as a way of keeping her on her toes.”

“I see.”

 Carlos looked at Hirune and lowered his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry, Hirune-sama.”

“ No,no,no, I’m very glad you feel that way. Besides, I’m the one who took the liberty of putting my back to you and dozing off. …… Huh? What?”

(Carlos’s face is ……?)

 Hirune got out of the futon and looked up at Carlos.

 Carlos turned away. He looked a little embarrassed.

“The big scar on your face is gone!”

 At Hirune’s words, Jeanne and Wanda nodded, as if they had already noticed.

 Carlos shrugged his shoulders and looked down at Hirune.

 “It seems that you cured me while you were sleeping.”

“I see. Did I heal you?”

(I was hoping that the wound on your face would heal before I went to sleep. ……)

 Hirune bends her neck, she couldn’t remember anything about it.

“Only the Great Saint could heal such a deep old wound.”

 Carlos gently traced his finger from the top of his eyelid to the bottom of his chin to make sure.

 What was there before was now gone. Carlos looked as if he had just eaten the fruit of a strange tree, he shrugged again.

“What can I say, thank you. Now that my wounds are healed, my men are teasing me about finding a wife.”

 Carlos smiled, showing his white teeth.

(Oh! You’re looking even more handsome!)

 Hirune looked up at Carlos with a meek smile.

(Carlos-san isn’t married?  Oh, ……)

 Hirune’s eyes sparkled, she suddenly had a good idea.

“Carlos-san doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

“ Oh, what is it, all of a sudden?”

“No, I was just making small talk.”

“Hey, Hirune. Don’t ask the captain strange things. I’m sorry, Carlos.”

 Wanda chided Hirune with a troubled look and bowed to Carlos.

  Jeanne’s eyes sparkled and she let out a snort. She likes to talk about love.

 “It’s okay”, Carlos said, shaking his head.

“ That’s right. …… I didn’t go home at night after a battle, and I didn’t know when I would die. I’ve been living like that. It wasn’t a good idea to have a girlfriend.” 

 Since it was a question from the Great Saint Carlos couldn’t ignore it, so he answered crisply.

 Hirune crossed her arms and nodded

 He seems to think she’s an opinionated person, but she always has sleep on the back of her mind. She has zero dignity.

“So, why don’t you go out with Wanda?”

(I think you’d make a good match.)

 Carlos and Wanda froze at Hirune’s sudden and mysterious suggestion.

 “Wanda is a very kind person. She is also a very beautiful woman, and when I see her and Carlos-san side by side…..yes, I’m sure you’ll agree that the two of you look great together. You two are a perfect match. I have a strong feeling that the Goddess Sophia is saying something like that!”

 Hirune spread out her hands, getting excited on her own.

  She hadn’t had a single love story in her previous life, so she was in a very happy mood.

 Jeanne clenched both fists in front of her maid’s uniform and exclaimed, “That’s right!”

 Carlos and Wanda, who were being talked about without permission, looked at each other and then quickly looked away.

 Wanda was the first to speak up.

“Don’t talk nonsense. There’s no way I can match up with Carlos. This man is a brave warrior who has defended the south with only a sword since he was young. He is trusted by the soldiers and has a good reputation in the Church. He’s also popular with unmarried girls.”

 Wanda said, while Carlos scratched his head.

“I’m the one who should be talking about it. You can’t match Wanda, a former saint, with a soldier. And when she was a saint, she saved me many times.”

“Oh, …… Carlos-sama, excuse me, but when the giant stone eagle demon appeared…”

“Oh, you remember. Do you remember me, I’m the young soldier who had you attach my almost torn arm. That was a tough fight. ……”

“The soldier from that time was you, Carlos?…… Yes, …… your scars are gone and you look like ……”

 The two of them seemed to know each other and started talking about the past.

(This is a heartwarming development–!)

 Hirune beckoned Jeanne over, took her hand in hers and whispered.

“Let’s sneak out of the tent.”

“That’s what I thought.”


“We’ll leave you two to yourselves.”

  They laughed, and with a few quick steps, Hirune and Jeanne slipped out of the tent.

 When they stepped outside, they were greeted by a bright, dazzling light.

“Wow! Jeanne, it’s beautiful!”


 In the mining area where the miasma had been removed, the holy Quartz was shining.

 The holy Quartz, piled up like a small mountain, looked like an opal gem with stardust crystals kneaded into it. It was sparkling, and rainbow speckles ran across the stone.

(Wow, …… it’s so nice ……)

 Hirune was dazzled by a sight she had never seen before.

 The bright voices of the stonemasons echoed from the quarry.

“Jeanne, let’s climb up there!”

“Eh? Hirune-sama, wait! Oh!”

(Chanting the scripture …………, holy magic of levitation–!)

 Stardust dances and softly Hirune and Jeanne’s bodies float up towards the surface.

 “Ah! If I suddenly float, my skirt will fall off!”

With a flap, Jeanne moved her hands to hold down her and Hirune’s skirts.

 Ascending quickly, the two of them reached the top of the small mountain of holy Quartz.

“Oh! It’s the Great Saint! “Hey! Thank you for purifying it for us!”

 The soldiers and Craftsmen working noticed and waved at them.

 Hirune smiled and waved back.

“ Ahh! Hirune! What are you doing? Come down and help me!”

 Holly, who was using holy magic to help with the work, spotted them and pointed her finger at them.

“Hi-ru-ne!! You Great Saint of napping~!”

 The craftsmen around laughed.

 Waving to Holly as well, Hirune landed on the top of the Holy Quartz. Then she Slowly lowered Jeanne down using holy magic.

(Wow …… so beautiful …… I can’t even find the words ……)



 Hirune and Jeanne sighed in admiration as they took in their surroundings.

 The mining site was littered with holy Quartz, all of which glittered and shone. Such a beautiful scene, It was like rainbow-colored soap bubbles scattered all around them, spread out for a kilometer.

 The setting sun illuminated them and the wind shook Hirune’s blonde hair.

“Jeanne …… after all the world is still shining.”

 Hirune looked at Jeanne and smiled.

“Yes …… it is very beautiful!”

 Jeanne nodded loudly and gave a big smile.

 They both laughed at each other.

 After looking down at the mining site for a while, Holly came swooping towards them, using the holy magic of levitation.

“Hey Hirune! What do you mean you only want me to work….huh?”

  Holly was having trouble levitating, she was losing her posture and almost crashing.

“Aah! I can’t levitate ……, I still need to practice ……!”

 Seeing Holly moving up and down and not getting any closer at all, Hirune chuckled and assisted her with holy magic.

 Holly, who was helped, swooped down and landed at the top of the mountain.

 She seemed to be upset, squinting her large hanging eyes.

” If you were going to help me, help me sooner. I can use holy magic better than you, but–“

 Holly, too, was surprised by the view and trailed off.

“It’s beautiful … I’ve never seen anything like this …”


Hirune smiled at Holly and laughed.

 Hirune, Jeanne, and Holly continued to look at the same view until Wanda called them.

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