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Chapter 1: Reincarnated in a Different World

 When I opened my eyes, I saw a gray ceiling.


 I feel like I had a long dream.

 I don’t know when was the last time I slept so well.

“Oh, the company! Am I Late ?!”

 I jumped up and looked for the alarm clock on my bed. But I couldn’t find it.

 I turned up the futon and searched under the bed as well.



 Suddenly I felt strange.

 Was there always a thin comforter with holes in it in my room?

 The bedcovers were also flimsy. It was an old linen-like material.

 The bed itself was also quite old and damaged.


 As I looked around, I realized that the room was made of stone.

 The shining sun was streaming in through an old-fashioned glass window, changing the light into a faint glow. 

 I blinked a few times as I caught the glimpse of something golden.

(Huh … blonde?)

 When I lowered my eyes and lifted my hair, a platinum blonde popped into my vision.

 After questioning myself for a while, I remembered the existence of the goddess Sophia.

(Oh yeah … I was talking to the goddess … a new life …)

 I picked up a bit of my platinum blonde hair and held it up to the light.

It was shiny and reflected the morning sun beautifully.

 When I checked my appearance on the window glass, I saw that I was indeed the girl I saw in the mysterious space and truly resembled the goddess. I have a neat face like an elaborate doll. The blue eyes seemed to absorb me even when I looked at them myself.

“I don’t have to go to work anymore …”

 It was a strange feeling.

 The sense of urgency that had driven me so hard to do something was completely gone.

    My mind was as calm as the sea.

(I’ve become my true self … I don’t know how to describe it, but it feels like everything is falling into place. My mind and body feel like they fit together perfectly. The world looks completely different …)

 A strange feeling of comfort enveloped my whole body.


 And for some reason, It scared me.

 I looked out the window and saw a group of girls dressed like nuns, moving around as if they were working.

(Was I so busy in my previous life that I’ve become laid back? What is it about this world that makes it seem so sparkling?

 I shook my head and stared out the window vaguely for a while.

 Then, I tried to remember why I was here.

(… I collapsed on the street and the archbishop of the church, Mr. Ze-something, helped me when I was lying down on the highway? So he brought me to this church? I wonder why… Maybe the goddess was trying to keep me out of trouble.)

Speaking of which, Hirune remembered that the Archbishop told her a lot.

(Didn’t … he say something about me having the makings of a saint?)

 Just as I remembered that much, there was a knock on the door of my room, “Are you awake?” I heard a voice say.

 Just as I turned around, the door opened and a tall man in a pure white robe came in.

 The bishop’s clothing had a clerical collar, a shoulder robe, and a large fantasy-like jeweled cross on his chest. He looked to be in his late forties. 

(Archbishop …)

 For a clergyman, deep wrinkles were etched between his eyebrows, and the wrinkles rose to the middle of his forehead.

 His face looked scary, but the air around him was calm.

“I see you’re awake”

“Yes I am … Good morning”

“Mmm, good morning. How are you feeling? If you’re not feeling well, go back to sleep.”

 A low baritone voice sounded.

 He seemed to be worried about me.

“I’m fine. Thank you for helping me yesterday.”

“This is also the guidance of Goddess Sophia.”

 He makes a complicated sign in front of his chest.

“Hirune, you said? I’m glad I was the one who found you lying in the streets. If it hadn’t been for the church, you would have been sold off somewhere by now.”

“That is … Thank you so much for that.”

“You said yesterday that you had no memory except for your name. What do you think, do you remember anything?”


(Speaking of which, I think I told him that I had no memory when he saved me. I can’t tell him the truth that I reincarnated from Japan … So let’s go with the amnesia setting. I am Hirune and I have amnesia)

 Convinced by herself, Hirune closed her eyes again.

“Hmm … You have a strange fate working in your life.”

“Is that so?”

“Do you remember when I said you had the makings of a goddess?”

“I don’t remember much. I don’t even remember archbishop sama’s name …”

“I am the Mephistopheles Archbishop, Zekyutos. Please remember it”.

“Got it”

(Zekyutos-san, right! He saved my life. I’ll remember that.)

 Hirune looked at the wrinkles between his distinctive eyebrows and nodded.

“If you have no memory, then you have no place to go. Do you ?”


“Fortunately for you Hirune, you have the makings of a saint. Hirune, you will live here as an apprentice saint. The world would not exist without the powers of saints. Rather than being sent to an orphanage as an orphan, you would have three meals and a place to sleep. This is a better environment for children.”

 Archbishop Zekytos seemed to be thinking of Hirune sincerely.

 Hirune somehow understood how he felt.

 And above all, I was attracted to the word ” three meals and a bed”.

 In my previous life, I was very busy.

 I woke up at five in the morning and took the last train home. Overtime work all night was very rough and not uncommon.

 The saint’s work seems to be finished after she prays … It seems easy, I think it’ll be fun.

“I understand. I will do so.”

“Very well, then I shall be your guardian.”

 Archbishop Zekytos makes another complicated sign and waves his hand over Hirunes head.

 Small stardust danced and frizzled into the air.

(Wow, beautiful …)

“The constraints are now in place. Do you have any questions?”

“… Huh … Ahh … I can’t think of any particular questions.”

Hirune suddenly felt sleepy and yawned loudly.

 When Zekyutos saw the sleepy Hirune, he blinked his eyes a few times. Most children get scared or nervous when they see Zekyutos, but apparently not Hirune. Her reaction was refreshing.

“… I see. Then, from tomorrow, I will assign you a maid to take care of your personal needs. Get along with her. Okay?”


(I want to enter the futon)

 Hirune smiled and with a very natural movement, approached the bed and crawled under the covers. 

“What are you doing……?”

“I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed”

“… I see, that’s fine.”

Zekyutos was surprised by Hirune’s overly free behavior, but nodded, not showing it on his face.

 He is the archbishop of Mephistopheles Church, who has a strong voice in the country. He is more well-known and respected than low-ranked nobles. It seemed rude of Hirune to try to sleep in front of such a person, but he was in no mood to scold her as she slipped into the futon as if she was breathing.

 Rather, he was impressed that she had such a unique air around her.

 The fact that he’d taken the trouble to come and check on her himself was proof of this.

“If you’re hungry, go to the cafeteria. I’ll arrange it.”

“Thank you for everything”

Hirune thanks him from inside the futon.

“Tomorrow you will begin your training as an apprentice saint. You should get some rest.”

“Training? …”

“Yes. The saint’s holy magic cannot be used right away. You have to train and become a full-fledged saint.”

(… Training sounds hard, but it comes with a bed and three meals a day … I should just take it easy.)

 Hirune looked sleepy and lifted the bed covers.

(Huh … is he thinking I’m too laid back now? He wouldn’t have thought that if it was my former self)

Zekytos looked at Hirune, who was lost in thought and opened his mouth to speak.

“I’m in the main church. If you have any problems, please contact me anytime.”


 She nodded at Zekytos, who looked very serious.

 He took one more look at Hirune’s face, then turned on his heel and headed for the door.

“Um, Zekytos-san”

“What is it?”

 Zekytos stopped and looked back at her.

“The world is shining brightly, isn’t it…? Like the stardust I saw earlier …”

(I wonder, is time flowing slowly …?)

 Hirune said as she thought.

 Zekytos opened his eyes, almost drawn in by her large blue eyes.

 Maybe this girl sees something that he cannot see. Thinking so, he returned to the room through the door and stood by the bed.

“Yeah …”

 Nodding modestly, Zekytos gently stroked Hirune’s head.

 Her fine platinum blonde hair was soft.

“Go to sleep … you must be sleepy?”


 After a few seconds later, he heard a light sleeping breath.

 Zekyutos put Hirune’s covers back on, slowly made the Holy Seal, and left the room.

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