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Chapter 12: The Beginning of a Day  

  On the first night, Hirune, who had used the warding magic starting from the statue of the goddess, was asleep, glittering with the residue of stardust.  

  She had set the ward to automatically stop in the morning.   

 It was not active now. 

 –Chirp Chirp.

A small red bird, native to the southern region, chirped outside the Great Church.   

 The morning sun was spilling into the crumbling Church, casting light on the large bed. 

   A number of makeshift partitions were set up, separated by lace. It took a whole day to create the appearance of a Great Saint’s room.

“ You’re sleeping ……so comfortably.”

Jeanne, who had woken up earlier, finished her morning maid duties and looked into Hirune’s sleeping face.

 A custom-made mattress and a slightly old-fashioned comforter that she called her partner.

 Her long blond hair was shining in the morning sun.


   Perhaps the light was too bright, Hirune turned over in her sleep.

 Jeanne giggled at the adorable gesture and poked her cheeks.

  She couldn’t help but smile at the soft elasticity of the cheeks.

 It’s hard to believe that this tiny body could have created a ward to protect the entire frontier city.

    The statue of the goddess that was used as the starting point for the warding magic was also looking down at Hirune with a somewhat happy look.


  Ending her privilege of being the resident maid, Jeanne gently shook Hirune.


“ It’s morning, Hirune-sama. It’s time for prayer.”

 “Hmmm……? Jeanne~”  

 Hirune slightly opened her eyes and hugged Jeanne’s waist, who was standing by the bed.   

   Jeanne lets out an “oh” as she is pulled closer.

“Thirty minutes more… Guu …”

  The great saint immediately fell asleep while in the embrace. 

“Hirune-sama? You see, morning prayers and breakfast are waiting. There’s also freshly baked bread. Thanks to Hirune-sama’s ward, the citizens are very happy. A lot of donations have been made.”

 “What was that…?”  

  The great saint of cash rubbed her eyes.

 “There are cheeses, seasonal grape-nuts, pears and a lot of other things. ……” 

“What about futons?”

“ Unfortunately, there was no donation of a futon……. “

“Oh my gosh ……guu……”

   Perhaps she was in shock, but Hirune took her hands off Jeanne, threw her arms over the edge of the bed, and started to sleep again. 

“Oh my, Hirune-sama, if you don’t get up soon, you won’t be in time for prayer.”

    Jeanne puts Hirune’s body back on the bed with a “yosh, yosh”, flipped her over like an okonomiyaki, and stripped off her partner with an expert hand. She was starting to get serious.

 “Ahh, my partner. Buddy!” 

   Hirune opened her eyes, it was cold.   

    Jeanne took Hirune’s hands and pulled her up, then she pulled her out of bed by her sides and stood her upright.

“I’m sleepy~”

 Because of her lack of strength, Hirune’s body was squishy like konjac. {TN: A kind of food}

Jeanne took Hirune in her arms, moved her to a chair and gently sat her down.

 “I’m going to fix your hair.”

“…… Mmm.”   

  She was so sleepy and dazed.

 Jeanne smiled and held her wobbly head as she carefully arranged her hair.



 After about twenty minutes, Hirune finally woke up, let out a yawn, and rubbed her eyes with the sleeve of her nightgown. 

“Jeanne, good morning.”

 “Good morning, Hirune-sama. Can you stand up?”

“Sure, I’m ready”

“ Excuse me.”  

    With a breath of fresh air, Hirune did a Hail Mary pose, and Jeanne quickly changed her into her Great Saint’s clothes.

 (Yes, …… Jeanne’s handiwork is fast …… and professional, thank you …)

 It only took a few minutes, and Hirune left the Great Church.

“ It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. It doesn’t rain in the south this time of year.”

“Is that so?”

“ Yes.”

   Hirune gazed at the expanse of grass, then slowly walked to the Church at the bottom of the hill.

   There was the crisp sound of stepping on the grass, and grasshopper-like insects jumping.

“ It’s so peaceful. …… It makes me want to take a nap.”

“It’s still morning, Hirune-sama.”

“After the prayers are over and we’ve eaten breakfast, we can take a nap today. We’ll spread a cloth on the lawn, lay out a futon on top of it, and take a nap together.”

 (It’s time for a slumber.)

 Hirune giggled as she fantasized about her dazzling nap.

  But she forgot that she was a great saint.

  Jeanne smiled and nodded her head stiffly.

“That’s a wonderful suggestion, but after the prayers today, we will have to meet the saints posted to the south, go on a tour of the commercial district of Ixendahl, read the Bible at the House of the Lord, and recite scripture in the Great Square. In your spare time, you have the opportunity to meet with the craftsmen who are rebuilding the Great Church. ……”  


 At Jeanne’s quick words, Hirune fell straight onto the grass.

 Seeing Hirune’s sudden collapse, Jeanne called out, “Hirune-sama.”

“What is it? All of a sudden my body started to feel sick. Hmmm, this is not good, it’s a disease where you can’t get up. I can’t get up, I’m sick.”

  Hirune rolled over on the grass and laid down on her back.

 “Hirune-sama, please don’t sleep here!”   

    In a panic, Jeanne rushed to reach out and help Hirune up.

 But this Great Saint intended to escape.

“ I am the earth. I live with all living things.” 

“Don’t say something like that and close your eyes. Oh! Don’t run away with holy magic! Hirune-sama!”

    Hirune used holy magic to lift her body up with stardust and began to flee, flying low like a flying carpet.

“Farewell, Jeanne. Until we meet again–”   

 Hirune flies away on a carpet of glittering stardust.   

 It was a fantastic sight to see a beautiful blonde girl riding on a carpet of stardust, but the fact that she was trying to escape from her duties was foolish. It was not something to be shown to the citizens who had deepened their faith in Mephistopheles through last night’s warding. 


   Jeanne dashed after her.   

 After a few minutes of playing tag, Jeanne made a diving catch and took Hirune into custody

“I’ve got you! I’m taking you in!” 

“I’m Not guilty! I’m not guilty!”

“It’s no good. Let’s go, shall we?”

“I’m the earth. It’s not about going or not going!”

“I don’t understand, Hirune-sama.”

  Jeanne firmly held her hand, and dragged her down the grassy hill.

“Noo, it shouldn’t be like this. It’s because the Great Church hasn’t been repaired isn’t it? When it’s my Church, I should be the one who rules!”

“I’m sure you will, Hirune-sama.”  

  Jeanne laughed and pulled Hirune towards the Church at the bottom of the hill.

“ We must hurry to complete the Great Church.”

(It’s urgent, Urgent. …… to spend a leisurely life!)

“Now, Hirune-sama, Please stand firm on your own.”   

 When they arrived in front of the church, Jeanne took her hands off and bowed.  

  The maids who were cleaning the church noticed Hirune and Jeanne and bowed deeply, saying, “Good morning, Great Saint Hirune.”

  Resignedly, Hirune straightened up and walked to the chapel.

“Good morning, everyone.”

    And so began the second day of her assignment in the frontier city of Ixendahl.

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