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Chapter 17: A Pattern to Carve

 A week has passed since the mining site for Holy Quartz was liberated.

 News of the liberation of the mining site spread throughout the frontier city of Ixendahl.

 The vocational agencies in the city were suddenly bustling with activity as jobs were created due to the construction of the Great Church. 

“The construction of our Great Church has begun. Our goal is to be the world’s whitest company. Four days off a week, three meals a day, naps, long vacations, and a flexible system.”

 Unaware of what was going on in the city, Hirune crossed her arms and looked at the people gathering at the Great Church.

(Reading, pilgrimage, purification, scripture chanting, treatment …… of the Great Saints. I can’t relax. They’ll have to forgive me for slacking off once in a while.)

 Hirune looked distantly at the workers hauling away scrap wood from the collapsed Great Church.

(Jeanne is probably at the Valhalla bedding store Ixendahl branch right now. This is when the lighthouse is dark. …… Hmmm ……)

 The Great Saint with a maid as her escort.

 It was time for the reading, but it seems she had snuck out.

“Oh, Zigi-sama’s here”

She saw Archbishop Zigitoria, with a large bruise on his forehead, discussing with old man Pompey, a stonemason, and Baldic, a large man.

 They were looking at what appeared to be a blueprint and discussing something.

 Hirune approached Zigitoria, dressed in his archbishop’s clothes, Pompey with his white beard, and the large man Baldic.

“Hello, everyone.”

“Oh, well if it isn’t Hirune-sama.”

 Zigitoria smiled like a good old man and made the holy seal.

 Pompey and Baldic also greeted Hirune with a smile.

“Pompey, Baldic, how is the Great Church? Can it be ready by tomorrow?”

 The Great Saint was somewhat impatient.

“We’re working on it as fast as we can.”

“Hahaha! It can’t be done that fast!”

 Pompey said calmly, and Baldic laughed gaily. 

“Let’s look forward to it, Hirune-sama.”

Zigitoria smiled and nodded to Hirune as if he was talking to a child.

(That’s right …… ah, I can’t wait!)

 Hirune looked up at the half-destroyed Great Church.

 The thought of it being reborn as a new Church uplifted her spirits.

“It seems that the Great Church is pleased that you have arrived. It looks like this will end well.”

 Zigitoria looked at the Great Church with deep emotion.

 Before Hirune’s arrival, the Church would collapse on its own and return to its original crumbling form when repairs were made. No accidents involving people had occurred, but the Great Church couldn’t be repaired – this was the common understanding among the priests and craftsmen.

 The Great Church welcomed Hirune as a great saint.

 The Goddess Sophia was blessing her.

 That’s what people were whispering.

 The person herself didn’t seem to care much, but she was looking up at the Great Church with sparkling blue eyes.

 Zigitoria, Pompey, and Baldic looked warmly at Hirune.

“Speaking of which, what were you discussing? Do you see the wrinkles on Pompey-san’s forehead?”

 Hirune pointed to her forehead.

 Pompey touched his own brow and rubbed it a few times to relax it.

“We’ve been struggling with the design on the holy Quartz.”

“A pattern?”

 At Hirune’s question, Zigitoria nodded instead.

“We have to carve a pattern into the quartz we cut out. The Mephistopheles Church recommends the goddess Sophia.”

Baldic shook his head at Zigitoria’s comment.

“It’s absurd, Archbishop. It would take ten years to complete the work if we carved goddesses on everything.”

“Ten years?! That’s no good!”

 Hirune couldn’t help but exclaim.

(Ten years is unacceptable. If we don’t build the headquarters of the white company as soon as possible, …… I won’t be able to take a nap in peace.)

 The Great Saint was nap-first.

 Pompeii and Baldic nodded their heads in agreement, and Archbishop Zigitoria shrugged his shoulders in disappointment. If he had had time, he would have planned to have the sculpture done at length.

 Baldic raised his thick arms and made a bicep.

“So, I think I’d like to see a strong design befitting the city of iron and smoke.”

“ I don’t think I’m going to go for anything too gruesome.”

“Gah!.. no?”

  At Hirune’s dubious look, Baldic lowered his hands and made a troubled face.

“I think the wings design is good.  I saw you flying at the mining site and thought that was it.”

 This time it was old man Pompey who said it.

 A wings design.

 It might not be bad, Hirune imagined.

 But Archbishop Zigitoria was not convinced.

“The wings designed are used in the Great Church of the West. It is outrageous that the Savior of the South, Great Saint Hirune, should follow the example of another Great Saint who is already using it. It’s not right.”

“Oh, is that so? I think it’s pretty good.”

(Imagining flying might help me sleep better.)

 When Hirune said that, Pompey and Baldic ruled out wings, saying, ” Archbishop Zigitoria is right.”

 It’s probably because the Great Saint Hirune is highly regarded. Or maybe it’s because it’s like an old man’s point of view, who thinks his grandchildren are the prettiest and most talented.

“This is why we can’t decide which design to carve.”

 Old man Pompey stroked his white beard and said.

“Hmm. ……”

 Hirune put her hand on her chin and nodded her head.

(The frontier city of Ixendahl – also known as the city of iron and smoke. I’m not sure if I want a design that goes with the name.  But, hey, iron and smoke and all that nasty stuff……..)

 The outer wall of the Great Church was not pretty enough for her.

 A pattern of a futon would be nice, but it would probably be rejected.

“Then, how about a pattern of flowers?”


 Baldic raised one eyebrow.

“There are no flowers growing in this city.”

“Is that so? Then we need them even more. Ixendahl is in need of healing. When I walk around the city, all I can smell is iron and smoke. So, pretty flowers, please.”

 Hirune nodded, thinking it was a good idea.

 No one would expect that this statement would later change the city.

(Holy Quartz with a floral carving. Isn’t it nice? And while we’re at it, let’s introduce chairs that ruin people.)

 I wonder to whom she is speaking.

 In addition to that, the introduction of a chair that ruins people was a definite matter in Hirune’s mind.

“Flowers. …… I think that’s a good idea. There are several flowers mentioned in the Bible, so why don’t we refer to that?”

“Zigi-sama, the Bible is good, but why don’t we use a flower that’s familiar to the southern region?”

“Oh, I see.”

 Zigitoria smiled.

 It seemed to be a good suggestion to the Archbishop of the southern region.

 What kind of flowers should they use?

 Just as they started to talk about this, a voice sounded from behind Hirune.

“There you are! Hirune-sama!”

(Oh no, Jeanne?!)

 Surprised by the voice, Hirune turned around.

 Jeanne, her maid’s uniform fluttering, came running up the lawn in a furious dash.

“Hirune-sama! The reading session has already started! Everyone is waiting for you, Hirune-sama!”

(I can’t believe she’s ten years old!)

 Jeanne’s feet were too fast, and even if she tried to run away, the Great Church at work was behind her. If she ran left or right, she would end up being jumped on.

 She could have used the holy magic of levitation to escape into the sky, but Wanda had just banned it, so she couldn’t use it in front of Zigitoria. She was closed in in all directions.

 The great saint of slackers gave up and held out her hands.

“Mm, I’m sorry …….”

“I got you!”

 Jeanne rushed over and grabbed Hirune’s hands, puffing out her cheeks.

“Seriously Hirune-sama. You’ve been gone for a long time. Everyone’s been waiting for you without saying a word. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable the atmosphere is.”

 Jeanne was desperate.

“The people there today are very serious. They’re sitting in silence, as if there was no room for private conversation in the holy chapel. The priest’s eyes are on me, asking if the Great Saint is here yet.”

“Oh, that’s a very unpleasant feeling.”

(The image of a hundred people sitting in silence was quite painful.)

 The person who created such an atmosphere thinks carefree.

“Please don’t escape by saying you’re going to go pick flowers!”

 Jeanne held both of Hirune’s hands and brought her face close to her.

 It seems The Great Saint tried to escape by saying she was going to the bathroom.

(Jeanne’s eyes are so big. …… So cute. ……)

 It didn’t resonate with her at all.

  Zigitoria, Pompey, and Baldic, who were listening to the exchange behind them, laughed. They seemed to be happy that the children were doing well.

 Incidentally, Archbishop Zigitoria seemed to be thinking of letting Hirune run free and watching over her, he had no intention of getting angry. He thinks it’s Wanda’s role to scold her.

“you’re laughing at me, aren’t you?”

 Hirune smiles at Jeanne.

 Jeanne’s anger was blown away by the starry blue eyes, and she narrowed her eyes in resentment.

“Hirune-sama is sly. I can’t say anything.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s nothing. Hmph.”

 Jeanne pouted and turned her face away.

“I’m sorry, Jeanne. I’m coming over now, so please don’t get mad at me. Okay?”

“I’m not angry.”

“Oh, by the way, are there any famous flowers in the southern region?”


 At Hirune’s question, the serious Jeanne immediately began to think.

“In the village where I lived, we had beautiful mini berries in the spring and snow lilies bloomed in the winter.”

“What kind of flowers are snow lilies?”


 When Hirune asked, Zigitoria took a notepad out of his archbishop’s pocket and drew a picture.

“It looks like this.”

 It’s a beautiful, graceful flower with six petals.

(It’s pretty similar to the lilies I saw in my previous life but more gorgeous.)

 Hirune thanked Zigitoria and looked up.

“Let’s carve the lilies and mini berries into the holy Quartz. Eventually, I would like to make the city of Ixendahl overflowing with flowers.”  

(Iron and smoke don’t make for a good night’s sleep, you know.)

 At Hirune’s words,  Zigitoria, Pompey and Baldic looked at each other and nodded their heads emphatically.

“That’s good,” said old man Pompey.

“If the Great Saint said that,” said Baldic, “everyone would plant seeds.”

“I want this city to overflow with flowers. ……” Zigitoria looked up at the sky.

“I look forward to seeing it completed.”

 Hirune smiles.

 While the four of them were thinking, the serious maid walked up behind Hirune and put her hands behind her back.

 “Well, Hirune-sama. You’ve already told them your story, haven’t you? Please don’t tell me you’ve grown roots in your legs that’s making you sick and can’t move.”

“I wouldn’t say that!”

“I know you, Hirune-sama.”

 Jeanne laughed and walked off, pulling Hirune with her.

“Oh, Jeanne! I’m still talking!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the disturbance.”

 Jeanne apologized and walked backwards, pulling Hirune with her.

“Just five more minutes! No, I want to take a nap on the lawn, so only fifteen more minutes!”

“Why do you need more time? Everyone is waiting for you in the chapel.”

 Jeanne laughed at the trouble she was in, and Zigitoria, Pompey, and Baldic laughed happily at the Great Saint being dragged along.

 Hirune, whose body was naturally lolling as Jeanne pulled her along, saw a large blue sky in her field of vision.

(Those clouds look like takoyaki … oh … I’m getting sleepy …)

 Hirune is dragged along, dozing and squinting.

 It was an hour later before Hirune began to read in the chapel.

 The participants were blessed with a lot of holy magic, and they all left very satisfied. The blessing of a great saint was something you could be proud of for the rest of your life.

 coincidentally, Wanda’s sermon was also an hour long.

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