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Chapter 27: During the Break

 Six months have passed since Hirune became a saint.

 Jeanne is in a good mood these days.

“It seems that the subjugation of the demons in the south is going well. The flow of people is also returning to the area, as I heard a very skilled saint was assigned there!”

 Jeanne, who was born in the south’s, steeple-colored eyes shone.

Her maid's uniform and ponytail suit her well today.

 Jeanne's aunt and uncle, the people who raised her, sacrificed themselves as shields to protect the people of their village. The news of the liberation of the southern region is of great concern to her.

“The weapons purified by Hirune-sama and Holly-sama have been very well received, and as your maid I’m very proud.”

 Jeanne puts her hands on her hips in a cute way.


Seeing such a cute maid, Hirune narrowed her eyes happily.

"Jeanne looks happy and I'm happy too. It was worth all the hard work of purification.”

 After the purification, she had fallen asleep, but she thought she had done her best.

 She’s been using her arm as a pillow ever since Jeanne asked her if she thought it was a good idea to use a weapon as a pillow. It was not the birth of the second Hinokiborg.

“Oh, by the way, I and Holly have reading in front of the soldiers today, don’t we?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“It's been a while since I've seen Holly.”

“Just the day before yesterday, Hirune-sama pulled her into bed and slept with her.”

“is that so?”

"That's right."

 Jeanne giggled.

 Holly strongly refused, saying, "I'm going to sleep in my room. I don't want to be forced to clean the thousand-hall corridors while I'm a saint," but when she got under the covers, she was asleep in seconds. Jeanne remembered this and found it funny.

“It's nice when the three of us sleep together, isn't it?”

 Jeanne, who was used to sleeping with Hirune, nodded her head.

 Hirune also nodded in small increments.

“It's warm. Holly's body temperature is a little high, so she's a great hugger. She's the first saint pillow.”

 Jeanne didn’t quite understand, but Hirune nodded in satisfaction.

“I'm sure Holly would be furious if I told her.”

 Jeanne smiled and pulled Hirune’s arm from lying on the bed.

"Come on, Hirune-sama. We should get ready. Everyone is waiting for us.”

“It can't be helped. Thinking of the soldiers, I can’t help but change my clothes.” 


With a look of disappointment on her face, Hirune got off the bed and made a hail Mary pose.   

 Jeanne made quick work of preparing Hirune.

(Well, let's go.)

"Good morning, Hirune. You look sleepy today.”

"Good morning, Holly."

 They met up with Holly in the saints’ common room and headed for the chapel.

It seems that they were already ready.

“You're not going to fall asleep during the reading, are you? I'll pinch your butt if you try to sleep.”

 Holly said in a whisper as they prepared.

 Hirune nodded obediently.

“Please," she said. “I'm about to fall asleep.”

“Hey, hey.”

Holly sighed softly.

 In the chapel, where the atmosphere is solemn and tranquil, there are about a thousand soldiers lined up.

  The elite of the kingdom are upright and immovable. It was so quiet that I could hear my own breathing.


 When the two ten-year-old saints stood in front of the statue of the Goddess, there was a resounding sound and the soldiers all knelt down at once.

(Oh, wow. It's spectacular.)

 Hirune opened her sleepy eyes and looked at the chapel.

 Faint light spilled from the elaborate stained glass windows, illuminating the soldiers.

The bishop, who was facilitating the event, said solemnly, "We will hold a reading session to ask the goddess Sophia for her blessings.”


 Holly pinched Hirune’s butt a few times, but the reading session ended without incident.

 The next step was to look around the soldiers' dormitory.

 The purpose of the visit was said to be to check if there was any miasma in the area, but the real purpose was to improve the morale of the soldiers. When the saints make their rounds, the soldiers are motivated to work hard again.

 In fact, the beautiful Hirune and Holly were very popular.

 When they saw them in their pure white, finely crafted saint's uniform, both the feeling that they must be protected and that they were being protected by the blessings of the goddess came to mind.

 The effect of being the youngest saints of the Mephistopheles religion is very strong.

 The mystique of Hirune seemed to strike a chord with the soldiers, many of whom murmured things like "precious" and "beautiful" as they gratefully made the holy seal.

(I feel like a local celebrity. ......I know I'm a beautiful girl because the goddess gave me this body, but ......I'm not sure about what's inside...... Let's not think about it too much.)

 She’s still surprised when she looks at her face in the mirror, because it's too neat.

 Hirune thought back to her own self, who dozed off everywhere, and thought that she was clearly wasting her looks, but she soon became sleepy and it didn't matter.

(I'm so sleepy. ......)

She lets out a big yawn.

 The patrol of the soldiers' dormitory was over, and it was time for a break.

 After this, they were going to visit another dormitory then return to the main church.

 When she looked up at the window of the waiting room, she saw a chimney.

 White smoke was blowing in the breeze and changing its shape.

"Jeanne, what is that chimney?"

 The royal city was huge. Hirune pointed to a chimney she had never seen before.

 Jeanne and Holly, who were resting together, also looked up at the chimney.

“There’s a bathhouse over there. I've seen a lot of them in the royal capital, but you've never seen one before?”

"A bathhouse? Did you just say "bathhouse"?”

“Oh, yes, I did .......”

 Jeanne's eyes fluttered, and Hirune stood up with a rare agile movement.

 Jeanne and Holly were surprised to see it.

“Let's go. We can't stay like this. It's time for a bath, a bath. You know how much I've been wanting to take a bath, don't you?"

 Hirune pointed to the chimney.

 Holly, who had a bad feeling about this, opened her mouth in a panic.

“You're not going to the bathhouse, are you? You're kidding, right?”

“Is it a joke?”

  Hirune brought her face closer to Holly. Her starry blue eyes twinkled as if they were a sea of stars.

 Ugh," screamed Holly, squirming.

“I find that I sleep much better after a bath. It's the best. I want to take a bath every day.”

“You're always a good sleeper.”

“No, Holly, there's a big difference between having a bath and not having a bath, like having dessert after dinner.”

 Nodding her head, Hirune opened the window with a quick movement.

“What are you doing?!”

“We're going to the bathhouse. Let's go."

 Holly grabbed Hirune’s waist as she put her hand on the window sill.

“Jeanne! Do something about Hirune! It's outrageous that a saint would go to a bathhouse!"

 In the almost one thousand years since the establishment of the Mephistopheles religion, not a single saint has ever gone to a bathhouse in her saintly clothes while on a break from work.

 Jeanne was waving her arms in panic. It was kind of pitiful to try to stop such a happy-looking Hirune.

“You’re going, too. So is Jeanne."

 Hirune looked back at them happily.

"Me too?”

"Me too?"

'It'll be fine as long as we can get in and out quickly. Oh, are you worried about the towel? No problem. Holy magic will take care of that.”

"I'm not worried about towels!"

 While Holly was saying that, Hirune casts the holy magic of levitation.

 As the stardust sparkled and danced, the bodies of Hirune, Holly and Jeanne floated.

"Wow, we’re floating!"

“Hirune! Stop it!”

 Jeanne widened her eyes and Holly held the skirt part of the saint's dress. Holly's saint uniform was short.

"We're off!"

 Hirune said in a relaxed tone, and the stardust fluttered happily, carrying the three out the window.

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