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Chapter 11: Treatment Center

 One year has passed since her reincarnation, and Hirune is now nine years old.

"Good morning, Jeanne."

"Good morning, Hirune-sama."

 It took Jeanne ten minutes to finally wake Hirune up, and she stared at her.

 A year had passed, and Hirune's good looks had become more polished. A child grows up unexpectedly in a year, and before you know it, she becomes an adult.

“I'm worried Hirune-sama will become a beautiful woman.”

"What are you worried about?"

“I'm worried that someone will take her away.”


 I'm not sure if she's really serious or not, but Jeanne has her hands on her chest and puts focus on her steeplechase eyes.

 Hirune is a beautiful girl in terms of appearance alone. Her near- goddess-like appearance had a great influence, and she was known among the saint freaks.

“It's okay, I'm sure I’ll just sleep the whole time after they take me away. What worries me more is that I haven't been offered a futon for a long time. This is a serious matter, Jeanne.”

 The contents remain as disappointing as ever.

(It's been a year since I was reincarnated ...... and I'm still as sleepy as ever ......)

 Hirune rubbed her eyes and stretched a lot.

 Her silky blonde hair spilled over her shoulders.

'isn't it nice ...... to have this all to yourself?'

 Jeanne looked at the defenseless Hirune and nodded scholarly as if she was convinced of something.

'What's the matter, Jeanne?  Do you want to skip work and sleep with me?”

“Please don't say such ridiculous things”

 Jeanne shook her head in panic.

 Even though Hirune says she's sleepy, she had never skipped a day of work. Although she often broke the rules, she still fulfilled her role as a Saint Apprentice. She was also aware of its importance.

 Incidentally, she had become quite adept at cleaning the thousand-hall corridor. She calls herself a mop wizard. Wanda's worries only increased.

"Hirune-sama, you're going to start working at the treatment center today. Are you going to be okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I've memorized the scriptures and Holly has taught me how to make diagnoses.”

“Please do your best. I'll finish my maid work and come see you.”

“I'll be waiting.”

 When a Saint Apprentice learns the holy magic of healing, she is sent to a treatment center. It's part of her training.

 The Saint Apprentices treatment takes place every Saturday on what is called "Treasure Day" in this world.

 The general public can receive holy magic at a lower price than normal healing, and the saint apprentices can practice. It was a win-win situation.


 However, even if it was inexpensive, it would cost the average citizen a month's salary, so they would not come unless they were seriously injured or sick. The reason it was still so popular was because of the existence of demons in this world.

“I think we can make our offerings a little cheaper.”

“It seems that Mephistopheles is also having a hard time finding money. It's not easy. ......"

 Jeanne answered Hirune’s words in a serious manner.

 Jeanne, who was becoming a superhuman maid, had a lot more free time due to the amount of stamina and mobility from her blessings. Wanda, the educator, has started paying attention to Jeanne as well, and for the past two months, she has been giving Jeanne studies in political economy.

 If she continued to grow at this rate, she was going to be the perfect maid, tireless, athletic, and well versed in politics and economics.

 Among the maids, Jeanne was a promising one.

 At this rate, it would be certain that Hirune would become a saint and her, her sidekick.

“Our support to the South is free of charge, you know. Isn't it inevitable that the money will run out?"

 Hirune said sleepily.

“Yes, it is.”

 When the time came, they ate breakfast in the cafeteria and went to their separate posts.


 The Mephistophelian treatment center stands at the edge of the West Church grounds.

 The chalk-white building is simple, with few decorations, and it looks like a smaller version of a chapel. It was designed to be clean and tidy.

“Holly, we should use holy magic depending on the size of the injury, right?”

 An hour ago, Hirune had stopped Holly.

"Yes. Don't forget the scriptures. I'd be surprised if you omitted it.”

“Hmmm, do we really need a scripture? I feel like all I need is the result of a cure.”

“The process of chanting the scriptures is also important.”

 Holly, who is now nine years old, was growing little by little.

 Her light blue hair had a sheen to it, and her well-toned face is becoming more defined. She has large, hanging eyes.

 She has a mature manner of speaking, which is another sign of her intelligence.

“One day soon you and I will be saints. The examiners will be here."


“Yes, we will. We're excellent.

“Hmm. We're getting closer to becoming Great Saints, aren't we?”

 Meanwhile, Wanda, our educator, entered the center.

 Ten saint apprentices who could use healing were lined up in a row.

"Today is Treasure day, and you will be doing some practical training in healing. Do not overdo it. If a patient is beyond your ability, call me or the priest immediately. If you're about to run out of magic, call me even if the patient is waiting for you. Is that clear?"



 The ten replied at once. Hirune was the only one who was a tempo slower.

 As usual, no one cared, and they headed to their assigned stations.

 It was separated by a simple partition, with two chairs in each space. As soon as you’ve sat down, a patient was ushered in.

 It was time to open the clinic, and patients began to arrive one after another.

 Wanda assigns patients according to the girls' abilities, so all of them can be treated with holy magic without difficulty. Many of the patients have external causes, such as broken bones or sprains. There are also people who have been attacked by demons. Most of them were adult males.

(It's a matter of life and death, because if you can't work even with a single sprain, you won't be able to make any money. ......If that’s the case, it would be more efficient to cure it with magic…..)

 Using magic with sleepy eyes,  Hirune healed the patient in front of her.

 She completely forgot to recite the scripture.

“Oh ...... thank you. Oh, did my toothache heal too?"

“I fixed your cavity also.”

 Hirune smiles.

 I found it when I diagnosed him earlier.

“You can't sleep well if you have cavities. If you don’t get enough sleep, life’s hard. Lack of sleep is the enemy of everything. Take care of yourself.

"Thank you very much."

 The man who looked like a carpenter bowed happily and left.

 After treating about thirty people like that, Wanda tapped Hirune on the shoulder.

“Hirune, are you okay? Tell me when you're tired.”

“Wanda-san, I'm not tired yet. I'm just sleepy to say the least.”

“You're always sleepy.”

 Wanda looked at Hilne's whole body with concern and touched Hirune’s forehead while chanting a scripture.

"You... still have magic power..... It's strange, ...... You've seen thirty patients in a short time."

"Maybe I get less tired than others.”

“Maybe the goddess has blessed you ...... You're a talented person.”

 "I have to thank the goddess."

 Hirune looked up happily at the statue of the goddess Sophia in the center.

“Just in case, take a break after you treat the next one.”

"All right. Can I go to sleep?"

“...... Come to my place later. I'll set up a chair for you.”

“ Yes!”

(I can take a nap. I'm so happy.)

 With a smile,  Hirune set her hands to heal the next person as quickly as possible.

"Hey, hey, hey, deal with it properly."

 Wanda tapped Hirune on the shoulder and called for the next patient.

 In the other booths, holy magic was being chanted, and several magic circles were glowing. Holly seemed to be doing her best too.

"Saint Apprentice, please ...... Oh, is that you, Hirune-chan?"

"Ah. Isn't it the owner of the bedding store Valhalla?”

The man who came was Thomas, the owner of a famous bedding store in the royal capital.

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