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Chapter 15. The Demon King becomes a subordinate of the Lord 

 It was around that time that Noah subdued the special grade demon.

 In Keravnostia, a demon kingdom located deep in the Abyss Wood of the Abyss Forest.

“What did you say? Outside…was killed…?”

 The Demon King’s castle, the audience hall.

 Sitting on the throne was a young girl of about ten years old.

 She had long red hair and black horns.

 She has an old-fashioned way of speaking that doesn’t suit her smooth, flat body.

“You’re right, Demon King” 


 Yes…this child is the current Demon King [Hildegard]…Hilde.

 It was her subordinate, the demon [Czerni], who reported to Hilde.

 He was a demon in his twenties, with short blue hair.

“Czerni……are you serious? Outside is a special grade demon with the highest level of strength among us, you know?”

“Your Highness, Hilde. There is no doubt about it. Besides, the 10,000 troops he led were erased by the Lord of the Carter territory.” 

“I see… I see..”

 Hilde returns to her throne and smiles….. 

”Uwaaaaaan, w w what should I do?”

 Hilde hid behind her throne, trembling and shaking.

 Her appearance was very unlike that of a demon king.

 It can’t be helped.


 She is still young.

“I can’t do this! Father! Help me!”

“……Your father has passed away. Is that not why you, the incompetent one, are now standing at the top?” 

“Hey, Czerni! Did you just call me incompetent!?”

“Aren’t you…..the incompetent demon king……the incompetent king Hilde-sama?”

 Czerni looks down on the demon king with frosty eyes.

“You’re indeed a direct descendant of the former Demon King. However,  you’re not as powerful as he was and could not unify the Demon Kingdom. This is why powerful special grade demons, like Outside get carried away and do as they please.”

“Noooo….I can’t help it! I’m a…..half-demon……”

 Half demon. In other words, half human and half demon.

 Hilde is not completely of the Demon King’s blood.

 Therefore, she is ridiculed by some powerful demons.

“……Well, it’s worth pointing out that you’re still trying your best to play the part of a demon king, trying to maintain the dignity of your dead father.” 


“…Even while being limited  by those demons with power” 


 Hilde jumps into her subordinate’s chest.

“I’m doing my best…!”

“…All right, all right, poor Demon King. You’re not much of a talker and you’re a recluse but the fact that you’re trying so hard to act like a demon king is just so pathetic and wonderful.” 

“You…are you making a fool of me?”

“…No way. I won’t do that to the Demon King.”

 Czerni said without any change in his expression.

“……but what can I do? The new lord of the Carter territory is quite troublesome.” 

“Mmm……yes, it’s bad. Honestly, he’s too dangerous. He can kill a volcanic turtle with one blow, secretly raise his people to become strong warriors and even defeat a special grade demon himself……”

 Huh…Hilde sighs.

“This is bad…..I can’t win.”


“….That’s right. if you were to be attacked, the Demon King’s head would be sent rolling with just one fingertip.”

“Hiiiiiiii! I’m scared, Czerniii!”

“…But, you’re not the only one who’s afraid, the other powerless demons are even more scared.”

 Demons were never a monolith.

 Not all of them are powerful and have a grudge against humans.

 That may have been the case in the heyday when the former demon king was alive.

 But now…it has declined a lot since then.

 The situation is such that the number of demon children who don’t know about war is increasing.

 The only people who were making a fuss are the old-timers like Outside, who are not satisfied with a peaceful world.

“It’s okay if it’s peaceful. Let’s all stay indoors and read comics. Why do they want to fight humans?”

“…..It’s probably because there are a certain number of people who can’t forgive the former Demon King for losing to a human.”

“That’s not it…I’m just scared of fighting.”

“….Yes, it’s not only you, but the powerless demons as well.”

 Outside took only belligerent demons who wanted to harm humans.

 Now, all that remains in the demon kingdom are pacifists, low-ranking demons with no power.

“…According to the information, the lord of the Carter territory seems to be preparing for war.”

“Noah Carter……the best and brightest lord who rebuilt the tattered Carter Territory in a short time.”

“He’s a man who excels in martial arts, magic and tactics and is trusted by his subordinates…. a man who was born to stand above others.”

“How did such a stong guy end up as a lord of a rural area like this….?”

“…..I’m certain he’s going to attack us sooner or later.”

“Mmmm………Aaaahhh. No! No! No! I hate this!”

 Hilde lay down on the ground and waved her arms and legs in a fluttery motion.

 Czerni sighs at the sight of the demon king.

“I don’t want to diiieee! …but”


“……I won’t be able to face my late father if I don’t do anything here.” 

 I’m the daughter of the demon king, even if I’m rotten.

 I have a duty….to protect the weak demons.

“Hey, Czerni, what if I challenge the lord of the carter territory?”

“…you’ll die, surely.”


“That’s right…Well, would he protect the demons in exchange for my life?”

“……does that mean you’re willing to give up your own life and appeal for the protection of the demon race in return?”

Hilde nods weakly. 

 Other than that, there’s no other way for the demon race to survive.

 ”Noah Carter is powerful enough to destroy a country single-handedly”

 The army he has raised is the most powerful army in the world.

 If we challenge such people head-on, we’ll inevitably be destroyed.

 In addition, now that Outside has picked a fight, it’s certain that the other side will come to destroy us sooner or later. 

 The time to make a decision….is now.

“……Czerni. Let’s go to Noah.”


 Hilde’s little body was trembling.

 She was prepared to die.

 I will give my life and declare our surrender. 

 That is….my duty as the king of the demons.


“…it’s fine, Hilde-sama” 


 ……Thus, the demon king Hildegard and her subordinate Czerni went to Noah Carter to seek the protection of the demons.


“Why did the Demon King come here alone?”

 In Noah’s room, the lord’s mansion.

 Noah Carter, the dark-haired boy in the chair, was holding his head for some reason.

 Noah and the white cat were in the room.

 Only the Demon King Hilde and her servant Czerni were present.

 But outside, strong female warriors, wizards, a hot-eyed woman named Lista and scary soldiers, are keeping a close eye on them.

 Indeed, this is the enemy’s territory.

 Hilde asked for a meeting with Noah and then revealed that she was the Demon King.

 Then his face turned pale and he exclaimed.

“I wonder why trouble always comes from the other side. What do you think, Laurie-kun?” 

“Hint, your usual behavior”

“Shut up!”

 Noah tugged on the white cat’s cheek and shook it vertically.

 ……Hilde shook her head at the sight.

“….hey, Czerni. Is this really the Noah Carter I’ve heard so much about?”

“…Yes, there’s no mistake”

“Didn’t the rumors say that he’s a great saint of valor and character?”

“…Yes, but he’s kind of different from the rumors.” 

 Noah, on the other hand, scratched his head.

“Damn it! This is what I get for trying to get rid of the fanatics before they start rioting! What? Am I under some kind of curse that binds me to this place?”

“Oh, uh……Noah?”

“What the hell is it!”


 But don’t be frightened here.

 I came here to protect the demons.

“What I want is peace……”

“Oh, so do I.”

“Oh, well…..Noah. I’ll dedicate my life to you. So please….forgive me…..”


 Noah glared at me.

 I guess……my life is not enough.

 That’s right.

 The demon king is evil and the demon tribe has repeatedly fought with humans……so to speak, we’re enemies.

 If such an enemy begs for his life, there’s no way that humans will let him off the hook……

“I don’t want it.”

“………Eh? What now?”

“I said I don’t want a kid’s life.”

 Noah was genuinely saying at this point that he did not want Hilde’s life which was being offered.

 He didn’t have any ulterior motives and did not know why the Demon Lord came here in the first place.

 Hilde’s determination to have the demon tribe protected in exchange for giving her own life……

 It was not transmitted to Noah at all.

 Rather, it was more like, “What’s this guy doing here out of nowhere, trying to die?” He was shaking his head.


“Noah-dono…gusu…how…how kind…” 

“Huh? Eh? What? What’s wrong? You suddenly started crying……”

 Hilde slumped to the floor and began to wail.

“You won’t deprive the Demons of their future. They’ll all be….protected….you’re actually saying that….” 


“Uuuuu”…Noah, you’re just as wonderful as they say! Noah-donoooo!”

 In other words, Noah was impressed by the Demon Lord’s determination and he unconditionally forgave the demon people and took them under his protection.

 That’s how the Demon Lord interpreted it.

“Eh, protection? What are you talking about…?”

“” As expected of you, Noah-samaaaa! “”

 Boom! The door opens and the people of the territory come in.

“I can’t believe you’d show mercy even to your enemies!”

“You couldn’t take the life of a child!”

“You let bygones be bygones and help the weak and vulnerable!”

“” Noah-sama is the best lord in the world! “”

 ……Already, the level of respect from the people of the territory was not only at a maximum but had swung over the meter.

“Noah-sama! Thank you for this! I’ll never forget it! We, the demon tribe, will come under your command and work for your territory! 

 In addition to that, new residents….the demon king and demon tribe were being added.

“Eh? Laurie…..this is….what?….why am I supposed to accept the demon king and the demon tribe?”

“Well…I wonder? 』\

Czerni, on the other hand is calmly looking at this funny situation…….

“There’s nothing but idiots here. It’s really funny.”

 He was laughing to himself, with his belly in his arms.

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