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Chapter 29: The Seventh Prince Kills the Evil Dragon

I went to the empire and ended up killing the dragon that occupied the mine.

 “How did this happen ……?”

We were in the Gold Dragon Mine of the Empire.

It’s a place where you can literally get gold, but since the dragon had taken up residence it’s been difficult to work in this mine 

I went there and got rid of it.

 “Hmm…I’m depressed… Why do I have to solve the problems of a neighboring country if I don’t feel like it?”

“Then why did you accept the offer, Noah-sama…?”

“Because of the incompetent move, of course!”

“Are you really that stupid, Noah-sama …..? Oh, no, don’t touch my stomach like that!”

I’m at the entrance of the mine.

The mine path which is open towards the mountain surface, which leads to the back.

“So Laurie let me explain the plan.”

“Would you like to go get rid of the dragon?”

“No. They expect us to kill the dragon and come back with a big smile on our faces. I’ve already confidently told Prince Garcia and the Emperor to leave it to me. Now all I have to do is fail.”

“Huh. …… But you can defeat the dragon with just your pinky poke, right?”

“You idiot. What are you talking about?”

“That’s right, you’re dealing with a monster dragon and you can just poke it with your finger.”

“I can kill it with my breath.”

“You’re more of a monster than I am”

At this point, our plan is to go down into the mines now, see the dragon’s face and come back with a good beating

“Now let’s go and slay the dragon (farce)!”


With the white cat Laurie on my shoulder I walked down into the mine.

There were trolley rails laid out that seemed to be used by the workers.

“It’s surprisingly intact.”

“It’s not like it’s a dungeon, of course it is maintained to get gold.”

“Dungeon … Hey Noah-sama. The dragon is here, right? Does that mean that other monsters will also come?”

“Maybe it’s a dungeon because of the magical power of the dragon. Well, it’s just a dungeon, even if a monster appears, it’ll just be a low-level small fry.”

A [cow] monster appears to block the road.

 “Hey! This guy is dangerous! Noah-sama … “

I snapped my fingers.

At that moment, the cow burst from the inside and died.

“Eh! Noah-sama, what did you do!? “

“Eh, finger snapping. Haven’t you destroyed an object using  natural frequency? That’s what I just did.”

“But that doesn’t mean you can kill this guy with a single finger snap.”

“What? You can kill all these small fry with a finger snap.”

Looking down at the cow monster beef chunks.

“There were plenty of monsters like this in my days.”

“Like I said the level is literally different between the time when Noah-sama’s previous life and the present time! Look, this cow monster is…?”

“We’ll talk later. The enemies are coming out in packs.”

Cows, wolves and other weak-looking monsters are pouring in.

“It’s a monster parade! It’s the kind you see in dungeons sometimes, where the monsters come rushing in formation! What are you going to do, Noah-sama?”

Yes, finger snapping.


“…… No way. I can’t believe a bunch of those monsters were wiped out in an instant…….”

“Look, I’m going Laurie. I don’t have time to worry about small fries.  My purpose is to get rid of the dragon.”

“I’m glad he doesn’t have any ambition. If Noah-sama became the Demon King, humanity would surely be destroyed.”

After a while.

We arrived at a place that looked like a large hall.

In the back of the hall, there was a huge monster, shining gold.


“There it is! It’s a powerful dragon!”

Laurie is trembling on my shoulder.

Dragon, huh?

“It’s so scary! its magic power is comparable to that of a demon god, it’s a powerful dragon!”

“Hey ……….. Laurie. Are you an amateur?”

“Eh? Why are you so calm in this situation? …… Oh no! The dragon is about to release its breath at us!”


An extremely large bolt of lightning shoots from the monster’s mouth.

A breath clothed in purple electricity which didn’t hit us.

“Eh! How come it didn’t hit us!? “

“Well, that’s thanks to my anti-magic barrier.”

“What a powerful barrier to extinguish the intense breath of the dragon!”

“Hmm? It’s like etiquette when you’re going out, it only takes a second.” 

“How long did you stay in the land of Shura in your previous life?”

Well, whatever it is.

“Laurie. That yellow guy … is not a dragon.”

“Don’t be silly! No matter how you look at it, it’s a dragon! It shot its breath at us!”

“Hey, you can’t even see through the【Mimicry】 even though you’re a demon. Look at it closely.”

I used creation magic to make a sword.

I swung the sword lightly.

At that moment, my opponent fell down and collapsed.

“What did you do now?”

“Well, I just cut it about 10,000 times.”

“Eh, 10,000!? I couldn’t see it because it was too fast! “

“You’re a demon and you can’t track this with your eyes, you should eat blueberries.”

“Gosh, you monster prince.”

“Hey Laurie! Look. See that monster carcass I killed, there isn’t any blood on it?”

“Yeah…… Oh! It’s true! And it’s a living thing but it’s not bleeding from the cut surfaces….”

I approached the monster’s corpse.

Poked the meat mass with the tip of the sword.

It had a squishy, jelly-like elasticity.

“It’s a slime.”


“Yes.  A high level slime has the power to mimic other monsters. It’s not a dragon.”

“Wow, ~~~~, Noah-sama, you’re amazing, you saw right through that.”

I dropped my sword and stretched out.

“Now, let’s go and find the dragon.”

“Hmm? What are you talking about, Noah-sama…..?”

“That’s why I’m here, to find the dragon that lives in this mine. Don’t you remember? I’m here to meet and lose to the dragon.”

“No! Isn’t this the dragon? The one the Emperor was talking about, the one that took over the mine!”

“No! I told you it was a slime. How can it be the dragon?”

The emperor wanted me to slay the dragon.

This is a slime that was mimicking a dragon, which means it is a fake dragon.

“There are real dragons, aren’t there? The ones with teeth, unlike these little bastards.”

“No….. Noah-sama. I think you’ve probably already completed your mission.”

“No way. Look Laurie, I’m going to find the dragon and lose quickly then go home.”


But after that, no matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find the dragon.

 I went to kill the dragon, but I didn’t get to kill it!

And I went to the emperor, thinking that I have done an incompetent move.

Finally, the incompetence move was a success!


Later, at my mansion.

“Noah, I give my highest gratitude.”

His Majesty the Emperor was bowing down in front of me, tears streaming down his face.

“What? What’s wrong with you all of a sudden……? Did I do something wrong ……?”

“Didn’t you kill the golden dragon that settled in the Golden Dragon mine!”

“See. That’s why I told you the slime that mimicked the dragon was the monster his Majesty was talking about.” 

“That’s impossible!”

The Imperial Army couldn’t handle such a small fry!?

“Noah, you also destroyed every single one of the powerful monsters in the mine!”

“Hey, was there even a powerful group of monsters in the mine?”

“The first monster that was a Minotaur, an S-rank monster. The monster parade that followed were all S-ranked.”

Laurie communicated via thought as though she was amazed.

Such an idiot! 

“Those small fries are S-rank!?”

“Oh, this one is more of a monster. I’m sorry, that was rude to the real monster.”


I mean…what? 

In other words … something

Not only did I defeat the dragon, but I also wiped out the powerful monsters that lived inside the mine?

“In addition, you returned the mine to the empire the other day. …… How very nice of you, Noah-sama.”

“Oh, no… because, you see, I didn’t accomplish anything and I only returned it to you as an apology.”

“In fact, what you actually did was that you heard that the empire was in trouble, so you quickly set out to kill the dragons, defeated all the monsters that were inside and walked away without receiving any reward.”

“What’s that, the hero of some legendary tale?”

His son Prince Garcia’s eyes sparkled as if they were filled with galaxies.

“Noah-sama! You are, after all, the great Hero Lord!”

“That’s right, Garcia. He will be remembered as one of our greatest heroes for generations to come.”

Oh, I’m getting even more respect from the emperor and his son!

I thought I was doing an incompetent move!

“Why is this happening?”

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  1. Did this idiot protagonist actually deliberately act as a Hero in his two past lives… or did he luck into saving the universe twice before his third life? Is he actually cursed with good luck by one deity and blessed with bad luck by a second deity?

    Thanks for the chapters.

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