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Chapter 16. The Seventh Prince duels with the demons (wants to lose)

 My name is Noah Carter.

 I was exiled from the royal family as an incompetent prince and arrived in a remote land.

 I was excited about the slow life that was about to begin.

 However, before I knew it, the residents easily found out that I was capable. 

 In addition, dangerous people gathered under me one after another…

 The Demon King and the demon tribe joined in.

“Why? Whyyyy!”

 In the office of the lord’s mansion.


 I was holding my head and screaming.

“Why did the Demon Lord come from the other side and become my subordinate before I even realized what was happening.” 

“Don’t you think you should resist Noah-sama? The current demon king is just a child.”

 The white cat Laurie says while slacking on the desk.

 Damn it! I want to be a cat, too.

“Ku ku ku…Laurie-kun. Not yet. My incompetent move is yet to come.”

“Yes, yes. So, what are you going to do this time? 』\

“Well, look at this. They’re sealed envelopes that just arrived for me.”

“Which one of them….Letter of Intent?』\ 

“I’ve been challenged to a duel by a group of demons who don’t like the fact that the demon king is now under my command.” 

 There are three sealed letters.


 All of them were from the special grade demons.

 The demon race is divided into ranks based on power.

 It seems that the highest level of classification is the special grade.

“So you’ll accept the duel? 』\ 

“Of course! Here’s the plan, it’s the “Noah-sama, I’m disappointed that you’re actually weak!” plan. It’s a good strategy.” 

“Wow…it’s going to fail in seconds.”

“Shut up! Look, these are demons who are frustrated with me. If I fight them in front of my people and lose, they’ll be surprised that I’m actually weak enough to be defeated by demons and I’ll be able to retire from my position as lord! That’s how it works.” 

“Why doesn’t this person learn that all his actions backfire…geez! 』\

“This time…I’ll prove that I’m an incompetent prince! They’ll say they overestimated me!  I’ll lose with all my might!”


 In the backyard of the lord’s mansion.

 Three special grade demons were gathered in front of me. 

“Fufufu… Is this the kid who wants to be our king? 』\ 

“Huh? He’s just a kid! 』\ 

“….stop laughing”

 What does each one look like?

 Grass turtle, fire monkey, water penguin

 Something like that.

 Their names are… 

 Green turtle.

 Red Monkey.

 Blue penguin. It seems. 

“Such uncreative names 』\

“But they’re pretty good right? At least they’re stronger than that idiot Outside from the other day.” 

“But they’re not strong opponents for Noah-sama are they?” 』\ 


“I can beat them in my sleep, I have no intention of winning though.”

 The monkey seems to be motivated enough already.

 On the other hand, the gallery (the people of the territory) surrounded me with their arms clasped.

“Noah-sama, it’s all right…”

“You can do it! Noah-sama can’t lose!” 

“Exactly! If it’s Noah-sama, it’s 100% certain that he’ll win.”

 Thank you for raising the losing flag, my people.

“I, Sarah, will serve as the referee”

 My fiancée, Sarah, is standing in the middle.

 I approached her and put my hand on her shoulder. 

“Hya ♡, Noah-sama…?”

“Sarah, I’ve got something to tell you when this fight is over.”

“Eh…that’s…in front of everyone…♡”

“I’ll win. I have something to tell you when I win.” 

“Yes! I believe…Noah-sama will win!”

 Okay, if I’ve planted so many losing flags, I can lose!

 I look towards the special grade demons.

“Come at me, demons. You’re up against….Noah Carter, Lord of Carter Territory!”

“Then…let’s begin!”

 Well, let’s see what they’ve got.

 In the meantime, I need to pretend to fight, appropriately.

I can’t let people think I lost because I wasn’t motivated.

I’ll make it look like I’m really trying, then I’ll lose.

 That’s it.

 I release a little bit of my magic power.

” Ugggggggggggghhhhh』\ 

 The Green Turtle dropped to his knees on the spot and spewed out vomit!

 Huh? Why!?

“What…a huge amount of magical power…both in quantity and quality…a level that exceeds even that of the Demon King…!? 』\ 

“Eh? You’re kidding… at this level?”


 I usually control the amount of magic I use.

Even now I haven’t even released 1%, so why is this guy falling down?

 The Fire monkey…Red Monkey says with a cold sweat.

“Kekeke… it’s obviously a bluff!』\ 

“That’s right! Don’t be intimidated by appearances!”

“Whose side are you on Noah-sama? 』\

 The monkey spews flames from its body.

 It’s using the propulsion of the flames to come at me.

 Oh yeah!

 That’s exactly what I wanted!

“Flame Legs Blaze Kick!” 』\

 The Monkey unleashes a leaping kick at me using the propulsion of the flames.

 Here it is……!


 ……Huh, what?


Why is the monkey screaming, not me?

I couldn’t explain it, but somehow the monkey was flying in the air.

 It spins around and falls on its face.

“I can’t tell what happened. It was so fast!” 

“Yes, but Noah-sama did something.”

“Wow! Noah-sama, I can’t believe you can counter at that speed!” 

 No no no no.

 What, what happened?

“Noah-sama, you dodged the opponent’s attack at a tremendous speed and hit it with a counter attack right? 』\ 

“Counter? No, I didn’t do that. I just dodged the attack right before it hit me, using minimal movement because I didn’t want to get hurt. 』\ 

“When you dodged, your arm collided with him. It was probably a reflex. You’re a martial arts expert and you can counter an attack as easily as breathing. If you counter at that speed, he’ll be blown away.”

 Oh, shit!

 I’m just doing what I always do!

 Because…..when an attack comes, you usually counter it, right!?

 It’s a required skill!

 Just like when you throw an apple and it falls to the ground, when an attack comes, you counter it!

” I don’t know that! 』\


 Well, okay…..there’s one more opponent left.

“…Is it my turn?”

 The Blue Penguin is the last stand!

 Please! You decide it!

 Enough! just unleash a big magic bang and I’ll go down like a sore thumb!

 This is it!

 Let me finish it!

“…My ultimate magic…! Take this, [Absolute Zero Casket]!” 

 The penguin opens its mouth and a blizzard of cryogenic temperatures runs from it.

 It freezes the earth in an instant.


 Yes, that’s it!

 That’s what I was hoping for!

 Now I’m going to get blown away……

“Guaah…aaaahhhh! 』\


 The opponent’s ice magic was reflected, freezing it in an instant.

“What was that just now? …the magic…was repelled….! Is it a magic reflex!? No, it’s an attack reflex parry! 』\

“Eh? No…..I haven’t done anything……I just laughed……”

“You defeated extreme magic with just your breath when you laughed. Such …..substandard….monstrousity.” 

 Eh, hey? 

 Hey, wait, Penguin?

 It’s frozen and silent?

“What…I haven’t done anything yet?

“Noah-sama has lived two previous lives, so your current opponents are defeated without putting up a fight. After all you’re amazing…”

“Ahhhhh! Why are these guys so weak!?”

 I had heard from Laurie that the overall power level of this world was declining.

 However, I never expected it to be so weak…!

 No, crap…I was going to lose…did I win?

“”Whooaaa! That was awesome! As expected from Noah-sama!”” 

 The people shed tears and shouted with joy.

 Crap, I knew it!

“Noah-sama is strong!”

“You killed three special-grade demons in an instant!”

“After all, Noah-sama is the best Lord in terms of Valor.”

 …… Can’t I even pretend to be incompetent by losing?

 How weak the demons of this world are!

 Hah, how did this happen?!

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