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01. The Seventh Prince is banished (willingly)

“Seventh Prince Noah. You are hereby stripped `of your royal status. Get out of here!”

 This is the Kingdom of Geta Niga.

 Among the six continents of the west, this is a fairly large kingdom.

 My father … the king of this country is sitting in front of me.

 To my dad, I said

“Yes Father! As you command!”

“… Hmm? Noah … Did you mishear? You’ve just been stripped of your right to succeed the throne?”


“Huh? yes…?”

  This country has a hereditary system of succession.

 However, it also has a strange custom.

 That is, all princes have the right to succeed the throne.

 For aristocrats, the eldest son usually takes over the house.

 The same is true for other royalty, the firstborn has the right to become king. That’s normal.

 But here all the princes have the right to become king.

 It’s designed so that when the king retires a new king is nominated.

 And I’m one of those princes, Noah, the seventh prince.

 Right now, my father has deprived me of the right to succeed to the throne, that is, I am no longer a prince.

“Why don’t you feel depressed …? Why don’t you ask why you were banished?”

“That’s right! That’s right!”

 Next to his perplexed father is [Dava], a blonde boy with a sly look.

 Dava is the sixth prince, my big brother.

 However, Dava and I are twins.

“Noah! Hmph, it’s natural for waste like you to be banished! Because …”

 I say it before Dava says it.

“Because of the other day’s appraisal ceremony, isn’t it? It’s a ritual to confirm your skill at the age of 15, and I was judged to be [incompetent]. I get it. I’m incompetent in a world where skills are absolute. I’m the shame of the royal family.”

 I explain to my dad and Dava fluently.

 Well, I was judged to be incompetent with no skills, so I’m being banished to hide their disgrace.

“Oh, so you do know!”

 Dava says with a hateful smile on his face.

 On the other hand, I also smile and say.

“Okay, so it’s decided that I’m being deported, but father, if you kick a prince out, bad rumors will start, right? What will you do about that?”

 My father, whose eyes turned black and white {TN: It basically means he started panicking}, cleared his throat and said.

“Noah. I’m not a demon, so I’ll give you a territory.”

“Huh, territory?”

“Yes. I’ll give you the [Carter territory]. From today on, you should call yourself Noah Carter.”

“Noah Carter … the lord huh… Is it a reasonable place?”

 I’ve never heard of Carter territory. It’s probably a countryside territory.

 In other words, banishing me would cause problems, so they’re sending me away as royalty, and appointing me as lord of the countryside.

“Pugyahaha! Serves you right Noah! You’ve been relegated! You’ve lost your right to the throne!”

 Dava makes fun of me with a wicked smile.

 Well, that’s that I guess.

“But what’s with the smug look on your face?

 On the other hand, Dava doesn’t seem to like my reaction.

 Well, he was probably expecting me to cry and beg.

“Oh, it’s a shame I can’t succeed the throne, I would have loved to be king. I wanted to be king. …… that’s fine right?”

“What’s the hell is fine!? You’re making fun of me to the very end!”

 Dava pulls out the sword on his hip.

“Hey, Dava! Stop! Don’t kill him!”

 My father gets alarmed and tries to stop him.

 Well, that’s natural.

 If a son kills another son right in front of the king, he would be accused of not having control.

“Be relieved father”

 But that answer didn’t come from Dava.

 It came from me.

“He can’t kill me with this.”

“Shut up! Dieeee!”

 Dava has the skill of sword saint (Kensei).

Sword Saint, the title of the strongest swordfighter in the kingdom.

 I avoid the sword swung down at Godspeed with a paper-thin margin.


    The tip crashes into the ground.

“Just because you got a fake sword saint skill, you think you can beat me?”

 I just told the facts plainly.

 However, Dava trembles with that alone.

Well, I didn’t mean to say it with murderous intent……well, it’s fine.

“Okay father, I’ve troubled you for 15 years! From now on I’m Noah Carter, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life as a remote lord!”

     Snap! I snap my fingers and disappear from the scene.

“Impossible!? Transfer magic!? The lost ancient magic… How could he..!?”

 My dad was saying something, but it doesn’t matter to me.

 Ah, this frees me from unnecessary things.

 I’ll live freely!

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      1. Oh… I get it…. It’s because what he does in the first chapter contradicts the title.
        Well… I mean, it did say “wants”, so maybe this will just be a story about an idiotic protagonist that “wants” 5o hide his abilities but he’s so careless that he let’s them come out a lot(in other words, a comedy)

    1. At this point I think Japanese authors purposely try to make their titles as long as possible as a running gag.

  1. Bruh, what was he trying to do with that such a show off? this totally contradicts the title of this novel…

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