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Chapter 6. The Seventh Prince removes the threat of monsters (as a result)

 I, Noah Carter, have ended up as a lord in the middle of nowhere for some reason.

 I was planning to retire comfortably because I was thought to be incompetent.

"Noah-sama! We have finished cleaning the mansion!"

 In the lord's room, Lista, dressed in a maid uniform, says with a smile.

 I don't know why but it seems that she has decided to work for us.

 I said I didn't need her, but she pushed me to accept it, saying, "I'll need human resources because we’ve lost people.” This girl scares me.

"Oh, I see....thank you. I didn't ask for it though."

 I didn't order the servants to clean at all.



[You can't live in such a shabby looking mansion as the new lord! Let's clean and repair it!]

 Lista gathered the servants and started cleaning.

"Noah-sama, you've been exposed to some dangerous people, haven’t you?

 Said the demon goddess, Laurie, while yawning in the form of a cat.

 No, it's true....what's with this girl....you don't have to do what I didn't ask for.

"So, Noah-sama, what should I do next? Please tell me anything!"

 Lista leans forward, with her glittering eyes.

"No, no....nothing in particular. Yeah, you don't have to work so hard."

 I don't feel like working anyway.

"I see...! That's right!"

 Lista's eyes glitter even more.

 What’s right?

"[I, the lord, will make everyone happy, so the people of this territory don't have to work so hard]....that's it right"

 What did you hear and how did you interpret that?....

"Aren’t this child’s ears clogged....Well, they say that love is blind. she interpreted it in a positive way."

 I don't need that, seriously...

"By the way, Noah-sama...I have one request."

"What, what is it?"

"Actually, I want you to do something about the barrier of my village."

"Hmm...barrier? What barrier?"


 It was at that time.

 An old grey haired butler came in.

 My only ally, Sebastian.

"As expected of an incompetent prince! To be appointed to this place without knowing the circumstances of the territory!"

"Oh, so you think so too, Sebastian?"

"Why are you....! Well, it’s fine....I'll explain it to you."

 Sebastian spreads the map on the desk.

"Here, Carter territory is next to [Abyssal forest, Abyss Wood], which is a vast forest where monsters run rampant."

"Hmm. The Abyssal forest"

 Part of Carter territory is in the Abyssal forest.

 In addition, most of the city is adjacent to the forest.

"Well, that's bad, isn't it? If there is nobody who can fight, this territory will be destroyed in no time at all."

  For me, it's all good, but considering the fact that it hasn't been destroyed yet, there must be some way to prevent it.

"In our city, there’s a barrier given to us by an ancient hero."

 Lista nods and continues.


"In order that we who live here may not be frightened by the threat of demons and monsters, the hero was merciful enough to place powerful barriers around each village and along the main roads leading to the outside world."

"Ah....that's right."

 Is that the sign of magic I felt on the way here?

 I see, the barrier was put up to ward of demons and monsters. So they were safe.

"But in recent years, cracks have been found on the barrier, in various places."

 Sebastian pointed to the villages on the map.

"Why so  suddenly...."

 Lista tilts her head.

 What is she talking about?

"Well, even if it's a powerful barrier magic, it will break if the supply of magic power is cut off. I had that feeling when I came, the barrier had deteriorated a lot over the years and it's only natural that it will break...what's wrong with you guys?"

"Ah, Noah-sama, you've done it again"

"Huh, did I do something?"

 Then Lista's eyes sparkled and she grabbed my hand.

"As expected, Noah-sama! You can see through the mechanism of the ancient hero's barrier technique!"

 Huh? What?

 Is that such an amazing thing?

"Kuh....! Even if I went to the court mage to investigate it, the mechanism of the barrier and the cause of the breakage were completely unknown...did this prince see through it?"

 Sebastian looks frustrated.

 Wait, what!?

"The mechanism of barrier art is in basic magic education right?"

"Like I said, Noah-sama, this is the world of the future since you were a former sage. It's been declining in various ways."

 Tha, that's right!!!

"You're too stupid, this prince....the rumors are serious, It's troublesome to have such power while being an idiot ......Gueeeee!』\

 I silenced the rude demon goddess with magic.

"Noah-sama, you’re not only strong, but you have knowledge as deep as the ocean! Amazing! As expected of Noah-sama!"

"Oh no...It’s not that much of a big deal, is it?"

"That's right. He’s just a fool with power... 』\

Lista bows her head...!

"Please, Noah-sama! My village....could you fix the barrier in Ain's village!"


 It is said that the village of Ain was the first village that the heroes of the past saved when they came to this territory.

 That's how it got its name.

 The village of Ain was adjacent to the abyssal forest.

"Lista, what's up with that uniform?"

 The old man, who seems to be the village chief, rolled his eyes when he saw Lista's appearance.

"Village chief! Listen, the new lord will fix the broken barrier!"

"Oh my! That young man over there is the....lord?"

 The village chief looks at me, and he looks at me with suspicion.

 Well, if such a young man came to me suddenly, I would be suspicious.

"It's Noah Carter, the incompetent prince. So, is this the barrier?"

 I point above my head.

 Something like a rainbow-colored membrane covered the village.

 However, there are cracks and holes in some places.

"Yes. The number of broken parts has been increasing lately, we’re in trouble......."

 From the look on the village chief's face, I'd say he's in serious trouble.

 The villagers were also somewhat tired.

 They must be staying on guard duty without sleep. How inefficient.

 But.....it's convenient.

"Can you do something about it?"

"Yes, I'll take care of it!"

 Don! I hit my chest.

"Absolutely, positively! 100%! I, the incompetent prince, will fix the barriers and bring peace to everyone! Hahaha, you guys must feel like you're on a big ship!”


 Not only the village chief, but the other villagers also pay attention to my behavior.

 Fufu, it's a great idea.

"What are you thinking, Noah-sama? 』\

 Laurie bends her head close to my head and converses with me using thoughts.

"You want to pretend to be incompetent, but you’re acting so confident that you can fix it.』\

"Idiot. It's an incompetent move too. Look, think about it. You're so confident that you're going to fix it, then what happens if you fail? The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment. People will spread rumors that I’m incompetent! What do you think?』\

 It was the perfect plan.

"Ah, yes, yes, that's right. It's perfect. So? What exactly are you going to do to fail? 』\

"It's easy. they’re in trouble because there's no barrier, right? Then..."

 I grinned and put my right hand forward.

 I close my five fingers as if to grasp space.

 Then, when I twist it...


""What the...!? ""

 Lista and the others peeled their eyes open and shouted.

"The barrier is broken!?"

 The villagers look astonished.

 This is good!

"It's not easy. I was going to fix it, but I broke it in the process. It's funny. I thought I could definitely fix it with this method."

"You, I can't believe you broke the terrible barrier that the heroes put up for centuries, in an instant. I'm glad I'm not your enemy."

 Aside from the noisy demon goddess.

 Fufu...I broke the barrier.

 With this, they will surely think that I'm incompetent.

"Please don't misunderstand, everyone! This is a dare!"

"What!? Lista-san!?"

 Lista showed a very serious expression to the villagers.

"This is what the lord wants to say. How long will you rely on the relics of the past, such as the wards of the heroes? I'm here now. I, Noah Carter, will show you how to defeat the demons. There's no need for wards, that's what he’s saying."

"What the hell!?”

 The voices of the villagers and mine were completely synchronized.

 What are you talking about!

"Love is blind, isn't it? It's always a mess..."

 No, really!

""Li, Lista ... Is that it, I can't believe it ...""

"That's the idea!"

 Then the villagers say with smiles of joy.

"Yes, our lord will defeat the monsters."

"Otherwise he wouldn't have broken the barrier!"

"How reliable our new lord is!"

 How can they be so sure!?

"There's no decent person around Noah-sama......."


 But not yet.

 With this, if I fight the monsters and lose, they will surely think I'm incompetent...!

“Noah-sama is so strong that he can even defeat the boss of the territory around here, the volcanic turtle! The monsters in the Abyssal Forest will only take a moment!"



"Oi....Lista? What do you mean?"

"Yes? What is it?"

"Oh, no... about the volcanic turtle...."

"Yes, it's that volcanic turtle. It's the boss monster that controls the western region of the Abyssal Forest."

Huh, the boss is that weak!??

"No no no, S-rank is usually strong, isn't it? 』\

 A monster that will die from beginner magic [Fireball]!?

"No, you're the only monster that can do that..."

 That's....that's stupid.

 The level of monsters has also dropped!??

 I didn't realize it had gone this far .......

 And then.

"Hey! Listen, everyone!"

 A young man with a bow came calling from the Abyssal forest.

"Village chief, who is that guy?"

"He's from this village and an adventurer's son. He is in charge of thinning out the monsters in the forest."

 The adventurer says, breathing hard…

"The monsters are retreating!"


 The villagers and I synchronize again.

 What's going on?

"It's because the volcanic turtle is gone! Their boss is gone, so the small fry around have also left!!"

"I see.......well, that's natural. There's a monster nearby that can take out their boss in one hit, so they’ll run away." (Laurie)

 Who's the monster!

 Goddamn it, he’s in my way! I want to kill him!

"No, it’s you."

 ....Well, whatever...

"As expected, Noah-sama!"

 Lista grabbed my hand and looks at me with glittering eyes.

"Not only did you save us from the threat of demons, but you also defeated the volcanic turtle expecting this to happen!"

 No, I just defeated the volcanic turtle because I thought it was annoying...

 I didn't even know it was the boss around here...

"And you also saved Lista! You've overcome three difficulties with a single action! It's amazing.....what an amazing lord you are!"

 The village chief shouts exaggeratedly.

 The villagers kneel before me, tears streaming down their faces.

"We will all follow you till death! Young lord!"


 How did this happen?

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