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Chapter 27. The Seventh Prince trains the Prince

 One day at the lord’s mansion.


“What’s wrong, Noah-sama? 』

“I can’t finish my work.”

 I put my head on the desk which gets buried in a pile of papers.

 The white cat Laurie, poked at the pile of papers with its tail.

“Isn’t there even more paperwork?”

“I can’t help it! The bandits have become part of us and the number of residents have increased again. More people means more work…ah, this is the worst.”

“Well, it’s all your fault, so I guess you’ll just have to live with it.”

“Ah! I’m so stressed! Laurie! Give me a little paw poke!”

“No way! I’m a girl, even though I look like this. I don’t let men touch me easily.”

“…..Do you want some sardines?”

“Mmm ~♡ I can’t help it ~ ♡ I’m special ~ ♡”

While giving Laurie sardines, I touched her paw.

 But paw pads are not enough to relieve my pent up stress.

 Well, what should I do now…and that was the time.


 Ban! The door is opened energetically.

 It was Garcia, the prince of the empire, who came in.

 Silver hair and silver eyes.

 White skin and a noble face.

“It’s just like the royal family, isn’t it? Unlike Noah-sama…”

“Hello, Prince Garcia… and my sister.”

 Sister Meishen also comes in.

“Noah-sama, please come and join us today!”

“This child is also a fan of Noah.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m busy.”

“Ah… is that so …”

 Prince Garcia’s shoulders slumped in disappointment.

 I don’t even sleep well enough……but seriously, I don’t have that kind of time.

“Noah, I have a request for you as well. Would you please train Prince Garcia ?”


 Sister Meishen looks like she’s in dire straits.

 I wonder what it is…….

 The white cat Laurie sits on my head and talks to me with its thoughts.

“I’ve been wondering for a while, Noah-sama, why is Garcia-sama already married at the age of five? Isn’t that too early? 』

“Well, that’s true. He’s not old enough to have an heir, but it’s worrisome getting married out of the blue. If he’s a fiancé, then so be it. 』

“Does Garcia-sama have any special circumstances? 』

“I don’t know what’s going on in the Empire’s side…..but hmm……”

 The emperor’s son is in my house.

 This…How can I not use it?

“Prince Garcia. I’ve changed my mind. I’ll train you.”

“Eh!? Really!”

“Ah! Follow me…! I’ll teach you some real magic!”

“Yay! Yay!”

 I leave the mansion with Prince Garcia.

 Laurie, who is still on top of my head, asks me.

“You’re not going to use this child to make an incompetent move, are you? 』

“Yeah, that’s right. 』

“Hey! You’re trying to abuse such an innocent child…your conscience doesn’t hurt!? 』

“Not at all, not even a little.”

“What a scumbag prince you are…… I didn’t know the same royal family could be so different.”

“Shut up. Okay, let’s do it. I’ll call it [I’m not mature enough to deal with children] strategy! 』

“Wow, that’s a simple strategy…..mostly in the name of teaching magic and using it to make Prince Garcia cry and lose your favour with the people, right? 』

“That’s right, you know exactly what I mean. Do you understand me now? 』

“It’s time for you to understand that the heavens have decreed that all of your actions will backfire…..”


 We came to the back of the lord’s mansion.

 The grassy ground is spread out.

“So, Prince Garcia. Let’s start with the basics of magic, the manipulation of magic power.”

“Magic manipulation…?”

“It’s the basic technology to move the magic power in your body freely. If you can’t do this, your magic won’t be as powerful.”

“I see, I’ll do my best!”

 The prince says, sniffling with great enthusiasm.

 Kukuku… You’re playing right into my hands.

 After all, innocent children are easy to fool…..!

“There’s a virtual organ that generates magic power in the navel. It’s like drawing magic power from there and circulating it throughout your body.”

 I open my hands and release a little bit of the magic I have inside.

 Goo……! and magic power blows out from my body.


“That’s dangerous! 』

The prince is blown away by a surge of magical power.

Laurie transformed into a white dragon and caught the prince.

“How can you be so serious with a child? 』

“Wow….this is a tremendous amount!”

“Don’t be silly. I’m not even close to being serious yet, have I?”

“No way…”

 Fufufu, Prince Garcia seems to be dented.

 In fact, I’m not even 0.0001% sure I’m serious yet.

 I am a sage and my magic power is nearly inexhaustible.

 It’s a strategy to break his confidence by showing it off.

“Go ahead, try it, Prince Garcia.”

“Yes! The bottom of my navel….Gununun, it’s so hard~……”

“Um, Noah-sama? Isn’t magic manipulation a pretty advanced technique? 』

 Laurie says, looking up at Prince Garcia.

“What? That’s not possible. I can do it like I breathe.”

“That’s because you’re a reincarnated sage! It’s hard for a normal human to handle magic power! Unlike monsters and demons, humans are not strong enough to handle magic.”

“Hmm. It’s a good thing, too. If magic manipulation is a difficult skill, there is no way Prince Garcia can do it…..”

“I got it!”

“‘ Huh…!?'”

 Go-ooh! Magic power blows out from the prince’s body

 That’s about the same amount of magic I just showed him a handful of minutes ago.

“Wow, that’s amazing! Somehow this magical amount! 』

“But …… Aww! I don’t know how to stop it!”

 The amount of magical power that blows out from the prince’s body gradually increases.

“It’s not good! If nothing is done, his body won’t be able to keep up with the magic power he’s releasing and it’ll explode! 』

“I can’t help it!”

 I go through the storm of magical power and approached Garcia.

I wiggle my fingers and gouge out a blow to Garcia’s stomach.



“A crack? What’s that sound…..?”

 The storm of magic that had been blowing out subsided and Prince Garcia slumped on the spot.

 Sister Meishen and Laurie hurriedly approached.

“Your Highness, Garcia!”

“Prince! Oh no! Noah-sama, you really shouldn’t raise your hand to a child! 』

“Shut up. I just messed with the magic circuits.”

“Magic Circuits…..?』

“It’s a pathway for magical power. It was about to run out of circulation, so I just tweaked it a bit.”

“Yeah, I don’t really understand…Does that mean that you have improved the circulation of magical power in his body? 』

“That’s what I mean.”

 Ugh……and Prince Garcia wakes up

“Your Highness! Are you okay? ……”

“Yeah…I’m sorry Meishen…”

“It’s okay…..as long as the you’re safe…..”

“……Huh? I feel kind of light……”

 Well, whatever.

 Now my sister would’ve seen that I’m a useless and unmanageable lord!

 If this gets through to the Imperial side….. I’m sure they’ll protest and demand that I be removed from my position as lord!

 Well, I’m looking forward to it!


 Later on, in my room.

“Thank you, Noah!”

“Whoa!? What happened Prince Garcia…..? My sister too……”

 They come into my room with a smile.

 Prince Garcia seemed to be looking better than ever.

 Sister Meishen tells me with tears streaming down her face.

“Noah, thanks to you, His Highness Garcia’s illness has been cured!”

“What……? Hey, were you sick?”

“Yes….. His Highness was born weak for some reason and was told that he wouldn’t live long. The doctors said it was probably a disease, but they didn’t know the cause……”

“I see……so you got married at the early age of five. Because you don’t have long to live.” (Laurie)

“A mysterious disease… not sick anymore…Ah!”

 One thing that came to mind was Garcia’s poor performance.

 Magical power failure. The prince was born with a narrow magic pathway and was prone to malfunction.

“I see, the cause of the illness was the bad circulation of magic power. So, when Noah-sama tweaked the magic pathway, the path of magic power became better and as a result, the disease was cured and he became healthy.”

“Ah, seriously…”

“Noah, you have identified and cured the cause of the prince’s illness that even the best doctors in the world could not find! I’m impressed!”

“Thank you very much, Noah-sama! I’ll never forget this favour…..!”

 Oh, that…?

 It’s funny…… that I’m trying to be less likable with the kid, I was trying to lower my favorability rating…….

“The emperor will like you and you’ll be able to spread your abilities to the world. Good for you, Noah, you’ll have more followers.”

“Haah… How did this happen!?”

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