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34. The seventh prince also solves the food problem (by accident)

One day.

At the lord’s mansion where I live

“This is difficult work… Laurie-mon.”

I put my cheeks on the desk and touched Laurie’s paws.

“Who’s Laurie-mon? I’m a proud demon god. I want you to respect me properly.”

“Says the cat that is hung up on dried sardines and is letting me touch her paws.” 

There was a knock on the door

That’s when Laurie used the chance to run away. 

“Excuse me”

“Oh Hilde, What’s wrong?”

Hilde, a little girl with horns, comes in.

“Actually, there’s a problem that I want you to solve immediately.”

“Oh, that’s strange. I want you to get rid of this pile of documents as soon as possible. Burn it.”

“Noah-sama, you shouldn’t make fun when someone is in the middle of a serious conversation with you 』\

Hilde explains the problem.

“Actually, it seems that we have a serious food shortage now.”

“Ah? Why is that?”

“Well, that’s because the brothel is so big now”


“Yes! The brothel made by you is very popular! We are in trouble because there are a lot of people here and there!”

“Madame’s shop is thriving well. As expected, erotica saves the world …”

It’s good that the number of jobs created has increased, but it means that the number of people who need food to eat has increased also.

“Are you still receiving support from Sabrina’s company and Sarah’s grandfather?”

“There is a limit to how much food we can get from outside. It would be nice if we could be self-sufficient in food production “

“Can’t we?”

“Um … there are lands in the abyss forest, but there are limits to the numbers of places where we can cultivate the fields.”

According to Demon King Hilde, lands are dying in the abyssal forest, especially in the territory of the Demon Kingdom.

Even if you grow crops, the soil contains poison. 

“Even though the number of people has increased, will people have to starve and die? Noah, can’t we do something about it please …”

It’s a pain in the ass.

If you don’t have bread, why don’t you just eat cake? ……

 “How do you make cake when you don’t even have crops? 』\

“With a little bit of magic”

“Don’t treat yourself and the general public the same way…..” 

Well a troublesome problem has come….

Damn it! One after the other…….

“Okay. I, Noah Carter will take care of this problem for you.” 

“Oh! Noah-sama! You’re so reliable!”

“Hmm … Tell the other guys that I will solve all the food problems! Let’s go Laurie!”

I picked up the white cat by the neck and went out of the window.

“Hai hai, Noah-sama”

“I haven’t done anything yet!”

“Anyway, you’re trying to make an incompetent move and it’s going to be amazing this time…』\

When I let go of my hand in the air, Laurie falls down.

Katsu ……! As she shines, Laurie in the shape of a white dragon comes in front of me.

“I’ll die!』\

“You won’t die, you’re a demon.”

Anyway, I decided to make an incompetent move this time using this food problem.


When we came to a certain place in the forest of Carter’s territory.

In a relatively open place

“So this is the field?”

“The soil is kind of dry, isn’t it?”

The field spreading in front of me was cracked, probably because it lacks nutrition.

“Laurie try and lick the soil a little bit”

“Okay …Pero(lick), this is potassium cyanide … Why are you trying to kill me?… Ah, ah! I’m going numb …… numbness …… help me!”

“I see. The poison is contained in the manure of monsters polluting the soil.”

I analyze the soil while Laurie twitches around 

“Puah! I managed to detoxify myself… Noah, that was mean! 』\

“You’re fine aren’t you. Now, I know the cause. All I need to do is quickly …… Summon.”

I raised my right hand and shouted.

A magic circle appeared on the ground.

What came out of it was a spirit whose whole body was made of water.

“U -Undine! Isn’t it the great spirit of water!”

“Oh my buddy! Right?”

Undine was trembling and rattling…

“No, Noah-sama… That reaction is not that of a good friend. What did you do? 』\ 

“Yeah, I beat her up in a previous life. She got carried away and caused a flood.” 

“You’re amazing, you can beat up a great spirit. …… Poor guy, she made a deal with a demon….. Me too.”

Laurie and Undine nodded as if they are in agreement with each other.

“Let’s get this over with. Hey Undine, Wash this field down with a lot of water”

“Okay Noah!”

Undine nods to me and spreads her hands.

A large amount of water overflowed from a water source in a remote place and washed down the fields.


“Oh, I forgot to take her.”

I avoided the flood with flight magic, but Laurie was on the ground, so she was washed away by the flood.

“Well, it’s okay, I guess.”

“No It’s not! 』\

The white cat changed to a white dragon again and she came back to my side.

“Noah, what are you doing? There’s a big flood in the field!”

“I told you it was an incompetent move. It’s called the [just wash the poison away with water] strategy.”

The field was soaked with water so it couldn’t be used and the farmers will accumulate hate for me.

“If they hate me for it and say, ‘ look at what he has done to us!’ my liking will drop “

“Noah … I think it would make everyone happy if you clean up the fields with purification magic without doing such a roundabout thing.”

“Shut up! Alright, that’s it. Good work, Undine. You can go home now.”

The Great Spirit breathed a sigh of relief and disappeared like a smoke.

Laurie said, “Let’s go for a drink sometime. I’ll listen to your complaints,” she said, as if they had become friends.


With this, my purpose has been achieved!

The field was flooded and unusable with damage over a wide area.

My mischief and denunciation are inevitable.

Kuku …… The day has finally come when my reputation will be ruined!

Later in my mansion

“Noah-sama! As expected! Thank you!”

“Huh …!? What happened again?”

Demon King Hilde smiled and came into my mansion.

“It’s wonderful! The poison in the field was washed away by the magic of the Great Spirit of water!”

“What do you mean by that? 』\

White cat Laurie opens her mouth and asked

“Undine, the Great Spirit of Water. The water she invoked contains a purifying effect. It has cleansed and purified the polluted soil, transforming it into a splendid, nutrient-rich fertile field!”

“That’s a lie, oh, crap!”

Undine you bastard! So you had that kind of power hidden away.

“But Noah-sama, you’re really good. No one has been able to make contact with the Great Spirit since the days of old. What kind of amazing ritual did you perform?”

“Blackmail, assault, Noah suspect”

“Oh! You’ve brought her to her knees with force! That’s amazing! As expected of Noah-sama!”

“Oh no, Noah-sama. This little girl is also a believer.” 

More than that.

Eh? I… I’ve done it again?

“Thank you Noah-sama! This will grow the crops and solve the food problem! Thank you!”

“Oh damn it! Undine, i’ll remember this!!!!!”

“Oh, hello, Un-chan? Yes, you’d better run. Noah is very upset right now. No, no, don’t worry about it, let’s go out drinking again.” 

“Ah, why did this happen again? Ahhhhh!”

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