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31. The seventh prince helps his brother (black history erased)

Noah’s elder brother, the seventh prince, received an item called the “Dark Superhuman potion” from a mysterious person.

 Few hours later above the Abyss Wood around abyssal forest adjacent to Carter’s territory

Dava was magically floating in the air.

He now uses magic that is considered higher in this era

He was a sword saint(Kensei) that had no magical skills, so it was unusual for him to be able to use magic.

What makes the impossible possible is nothing but the effect of the elixir he took last night.

Dava raised his hand.

A black ball of fire appeared on his palm.


A black flame flew from his swinging hand and ignited the forest.

At that moment with a violent explosion the trees in the forest as far as the eye could see burned all at once.

“Ha-ha! This is amazing! “

His hands tremble with joy.

He trembles because of the tremendous power of the magic he used for the first time in his life.

At this time, a huge turtle monster raised its head up while making a loud noise.

It’s a volcanic turtle. An S-ranked monster that Noah killed instantly before

Even if a monster dies once, it can still come back to life.

This monster which was burrowing deep under the earth when it heard the commotion and surfaced


 A volcanic bomb is fired from the back of the turtle, a bomb of a terrifying size flies toward Dava.



“Hmm … what are you proud of?”

Dava was unharmed despite being attacked by the S-rank monster

 A black flame was covering his body.

He does look like a black flame monster when viewed from a distance.

“This is! Power is overflowing inside me. In this case I can do this all day”

Dava bends his finger towards the sky.


A pillar of black flame extends toward the heavens.

The flame extinguished the volcanic turtle without a trace…

“Ha-ha-ha! That was awesome! One punch and an  S-rank monster disappears this is exactly what I’ve been looking for”

Dava who became a flame monster laughs loudly in the air.

That’s when it happened.

“Huh…! who’s that guy?”

The villagers in Carter’s territory heard the noise and came out of the village.

The village where the people of this territory live is protected by the mage leader Liza who built a barrier to protect them.

At this point there was no damage to the territory.

But under the eyes of Dava, the villagers outside are out of the barrier.

And Dava laughs wickedly.

“It’s Noah’s territory people.”


In front of the evil magic power released by Dava, the villagers were terrified and could not move.

“Kukuku … I’ll hit them with this black flame, I’m going kill his important territory …

 Gehya, Gehyahyahyahya!

A Universal feeling due to having a strong power and above all due to the side effects of the dark superhuman potion Dava was already losing his sanity.

“Save me us Noah-sama!”

“Hahaha! Die!”

He Swung his arm wrapped in flames.

The black flame spread over a wide area. At that time as he tried to burn the people of the village.

“Stop it!”


The spreading flame was drowned out in an instant.

“Noah-sama ah ah ah ah!”

The territory people shed tears of joy.

In the air a black-haired boy wearing a red cloak, Noah Carter appeared.

“Noaaah! I have been waiting for you!”

Dava was ready to kill Noah.

Noah, on the other hand was shaking his shoulders in anger.

“Hey … what the hell are you doing?!”

Boom! And his body overflows with magic power.

“Wow, that’s amazing. You’re angry at the bad guys who prey on the weak. It’s like the main character of another work! What happened, Noah-sama!”

The white cat, Laurie is observing the situation on Noah’s shoulders.

But Noah was so angry that he couldn’t hear Laurie’s words.

“Only you … I can’t forgive you!”

“Huh …! Try it, Noah hahahahah!”

Dava holds his right arm over his head.

A huge lump of flame appeared.

It was even more powerful than the bomb that killed the volcanic turtle. 

Oh!!! Noah received a blow that could have been mistaken for a huge meteorite.



“What the….!”

“Wow, Noah-sama, you erased the huge meteorite with a single swing of your sword.”

Noah’s right hand is holding a sword.

“How fast …! Damm”

Noah approached Dava before he knows it. And tore his body of flame into pieces.

Dava’s flaming body was cut with a sword and shown.

“What a skill of swordsmanship displayed by Noah-sama.”

Noah lands on the ground.

Dava’s body lying down however was being regenerated by a black flame.

“Noah I understand I’ve lost this fight.”

He became stronger after taking the secret medicine made by the ancient wise man [Dark Noir].

Although he was doped but he was still no match for Noah

 Dava was keenly aware of the difference in the ability of him and his younger brother.

Noah stands silently with his sword in one hand.

“Kill me I should have died Noah”

Dava closes his eyes and was ready to accept death.

Shukon …!

Noah was about to slash Dava’s body as it was supposed to be. However, he noticed Dava was in his original human form.

“Wow, awesome … the sword surely cut the human body, but the other person is alive. He healed the physical abnormalities… “

“Oh! As expected of Noah-sama! What a sword technique, but Noah-sama why don’t you kill this undeliverable thing!”

All the villagers who gathered on the spot were angry.

Yes even though there was a barrier and the damage was zero, it would have been dangerous if Noah didn’t come

“You should have killed him immediately!”

But Noah smiled at Dava.

“Oh, I’m glad you are safe”

Is it a mistake?

His younger brother just said, “I’m glad you are safe.”

“Can you forgive me Noah?”

Dava hugged Noah and shed tears.

“I’m sorry Noah, I’m sorry!”

Dava was completely defeated this time.

His younger brother was not only had great skills, but his personality was great as well.

He hits the pinch of the territories and defeats his enemies.

Not only that, he forgives the mistakes of his enemies, he has a big heart.

“Eh! That….! looking at you now, you’re my pack animal brother..? Eh…why?”

I don’t know what happened, but Noah was surprised.

“Thank you! Noah! Thank you! You are the king’s vessel! You are an excellent person who is suitable in becoming the next king!”

Dava shouted like that shedding tears.

Yes, it’s my turn.

The night of the day that Dava came,I was thinking in the bedroom of the mansion.

“Noah-sama, what was that?”

The white cat Laurie came to me.

“What was that …?”

“It’s unlike Noah-sama to protect the people of the town from the enemies transformed by dark magic and forgive them. I thought it was a different work for a moment. “


Laurie, I don’t seem to understand what you mean.

“Do you know what this is?”

“Potion bottle?”

“Oh it’s the potion that Dava drank; it seems he got it from a suspicious person, He said it is a dark superhuman potion made by the dark sage Noir.”

“The Great Sage of Darkness … Noir? Noah, eh …? No way …”

Huh …….

“It’s me, Aaaah!!!!”

I held my head and shouted.

“It’s me in my previous life!”

“So it was you Noah-sama who made this suspicious potion?”

“Yes, it’s embarrassing”

I squirm on the bed. 

“It’s embarrassing? What do you mean by that?”

“You’ll understand if you hear it. Who the Dark Sage was, what’s the Dark Superhuman potion of the darkness is? It’s too dumb! Ah! “

When I was crying, Laurie said as if she was amazed.

“You made it yourself and named it. What are you talking about?”

“Hmm! It’s a long time ago when I made this! When I had a young spirit. It’s a past I wanted to bury in the darkness! Yet some idiot…!! “

“Treating the magical potion that exerts such power as black history …”

When I was writhing, Laurie came next to me.

“Huh? Then what? You just helped your brother Dava by chance?”

“I felt the presence of a potion I made a long time ago! I was in a hurry to get there, but then my black history was unashamedly made public, so I had to get rid of it”

“Then you weren’t trying to help? You were trying to erase your shameful black history from the world”

“Ah…Some people have seen it already…Ahhh… I’m embarrassed.”

Lourie sighs

 “I’m so relieved, I thought you were helping your older brother who had fallen into darkness”

That was the time.

” Noah-samaa! “”

“Geeeh Lista!”

When I didn’t want to see anyone.

Lista, the last person I wanted to see just came in

“I heard! You saved the heart of your brother who fell into the darkness!”

“Ahhh! It’s different from what you think, oh!”

“The people of the territory were talking in tears! What a beautiful brotherly love!”

“That’s a misunderstanding!”

“No, it’s not a misunderstanding!”

“Pack animal brother!”

Among the villagers Dava was disliked!

Moreover he has the same eyes as the fanatic Lista!

“My brother is the best!”

“Ah! This is always awful!”

Just by trying to bury my black history, my followers have increased again.

Laurie says with a bitter smile.

“Yeah, Noah-sama the number of your followers will increase.”

“Why is this happening? Aaahh!”

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  1. Isn’t the Seventh Prince, Noah? The first paragraph says that Noah’s older brother has that position… but I’m pretty sure the previous chapter called Dava the Sixth Prince.

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