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03. Village girl is helped by a new lord

 It was just a while ago when Noah erased the volcanic turtle.

 A village in Carter’s territory, [Ain’s village].

 [Lista], a village girl who lives in the village of Ain, was trembling with the villagers.

“Again…the monsters are rampaging…”

 Lista. She was a busty girl with dull blonde and fluffy hair.

 She is trembling, of course, because a monster had appeared.

“Don’t worry. This village is protected by the [warding art] that was once applied by the [heroes of old]. There’s no way it will be destroyed.”

 ……Yes, this Carter territory.

 It is also known as the [Underworld] territory.

 There is a reason why people call it that.

 In Carter’s territory, there’s a demon forest called [Abyss Wood], the forest of the abyss.

 The monsters that live here have terrifying power.

In order to prevent the people living there from being troubled, a hero who once visited here, put up a ward to protect them from the monsters.

“That’s right! With the hero’s barrier, we’re all safe!”

“Yes…that’s right. It’s okay, isn’t it …”

 Lista looks up while trembling.

 Beyond that, there was a turtle carrying a huge volcano on its back.

 The eyes of the turtle and Lista meet.

“Hiiii …!”

 The turtle then released a fountain of lava from its back.

“Oh, here it comes.”

“It’s okay! It won’t break…right, right!?”

 Crack……! Cracks appeared in the sky above the village.

“Oh no! The barrier that has protected the village for generations is on the verge of breaking!”

 The villagers were terrified and in despair.

 The turtle continues to release the lava fountain from its back during that time.

“If nothing is done, the barrier will eventually collapse. What should I do…?”

 Seeing the gloomy faces of the villagers, Lista decides.

“I will be the decoy!”

“Lista! No!”

 She intended to use herself as bait and attract the volcanic turtle.

 The village chief did not allow it, but Lista’s resolve was firm.

“I love you all so….I want to protect you.”


“I’m sorry!”

 Lista goes out of the village barrier.

 The volcanic turtle spots the fresh human bait that has popped out and chases after her.

“Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah…!” Lista desperately tries to move away from the village.

 However, the other side has a huge stride. The turtle would soon catch up with her.


 Lista tripped and fell.

 Then the volcanic turtle approached her.

“Everyone in the village….I’m sorry. But, I’m so tired….”

 I really wanted to create more distance between us.

 But….it’s too late.

 The volcanic turtle was about to attack but then….

 Bikun! The turtle’s body stiffened greatly.

“Eh…? What…?”

 The turtle’s body is trembling.

 Earthquake? No, no….it’s afraid.

“Is there something….that the terrible monsters that live in the abyssal forest are afraid of?”

 Yes, at this timing, the carriage carrying Noah was approaching the forest.

 The S-rank monster volcanic turtle was afraid of [something] that was riding in a horse drawn carriage, releasing a terrible magic power and fighting spirit.

 Instantly I realized. There is a monster over there.

 Of course, the volcanic turtle was also aware of the existence of the demon goddess from the forbidden library.

 But there was something more dangerous than that. That was the one it was wary of.


The turtle ignores Lista and attacks the carriage.

“No, person in the carriage! Run away!”

 However, the carriage is crushed by the attack of the volcanic turtle.


 But, something came out of the flame.

 Red cloak.

 White, shiny shirt.

 Black slacks.

 It has a noble atmosphere….a dark-haired boy.

 I wonder if his height is about 170cm.

 A long body and unkept black hair.

 At first glance, he looks like a sloppy nobleman’s son.

 But….his eyes were as sharp as birds of prey.

 He slashed the attack with his sword and then extinguished the volcanic turtle with fire magic.

“………No way, right? With a single blow…?”

 ”Petan”, and Lista makes shiri mochi on the spot.{TN: means she fell on her backside}

 Then… she saw it.

 Standing over the flame, holding out his right hand….the figure of a nobleman.

“Oh, wait, please!”

 He jumped up softly and disappeared into the sky.

“….Why, did you help me?”

 Lista’s chest throbs.

“Wow….what an amazing person. Helping me, a stranger, and leaving dashingly without asking for a reward, isn’t he like the ancient heroes?!”

 In Lista’s eyes, the figure of the mysterious young man who helped her a while ago and his extraordinary power were clearly seared.

“Who on earth…huh? Something is falling…?”

 Lista goes closer.

 There was a white cat.

“Mukyuu ~…Noah no Aho. I’ll kill you later…”

 The demon, Laurie, fainted.

 The mental shock was so much, that it let go of its consciousness.

 Noah didn’t notice his companion who fainted when dropped, and left with float magic.

 Well, for Lista who doesn’t know the situation…

“Huh, the cat talkeeeeeed!”

 It was perfectly natural to be so surprised.

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