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32. The seventh Prince cures the epidemic (in the brothel)

One morning a while after the incident with Dava

“Hmm … I feel depressed.”

I got up from the bed and sighed alone.

The white cat, Laurie, is sleeping next to me, curled up in a ball.

She was originally a demon god, but now she’s like a pet. 

“I can’t eat any more of those bonito flakes”

I envy the cat that was sleeping carefree.

I got pissed off and pull on her cat whiskers

“Gyan! What are you doing?』\

Laurie said, baring her fangs

I don’t care what you say, but weren’t you a demon god? You’re totally acting like a cat.

“It’s bad for you to sleep carefree”

“Huh? Was there any emergency? I’m sorry if that was the case …”

“No, it’s because I’m suffering from sleep deprivation and you’re sleeping soundly and carefree that’s why I’m annoyed.”

“I Apologize for that.』\

After a while…

 I yawned and went to the office.

“Good morning Noah-sama!”

As soon as I get into my office and sit on a chair, the old butler and a maid come in with smiles on their faces.

“You look great today, Noah-sama!”

“Oh thank you Lista”

 Lista is the maid 

She was originally a village girl, but she became a believer because I helped her by chance

“I love the ennui on your face.”

“It seems it’s because I’m just lacking some sleep.”

“What! You can’t sleep at night because you’re thinking about the future of our territory, Noah-sama you are a great Lord!”

Every time I say something, every time I do something, Lista’s eyes sparkle at me..

 it scares me.

“Noah-sama this is today’s decision document.”

Zun! Sebastian the old butler leaves a large pile of documents in front of me.

Piles and piles of paperwork that I haven’t even gotten rid of yet, and then there’s more paperwork..! 

“Noah-sama would be able to do this kind of work with ease!”

“This person used to be a mean old man until a while ago, he is now completely a believer and a terrible Noah believer too.』\

I don’t remember making up this Noahism

The two left the room, leaving only me and Laurie

“Oh… it’s so hard every day…..”

“Well, with all this work, I guess you deserve it.”

“What? Did I do something?”

“Everything you do backfires. Isn’t it better to seal off the incompetent moves for good?』\

The Incompetent move in other words means the strategy to make me look incompetent so that I can lower the trust of the people and get out of this devil’s land of Carter’s territory.

“I wish you had given up and worked as a competent lord.”

“Idiot! If I do that, I’ll be working until I die. I want to retire comfortably, I want to retire early and comfortably.”

Because I was so busy in my previous life and I don’t want to work again.

“I will continue to make incompetent moves, aiming to be an incompetent prince!”

“Yes, it’s always a wasteful effort, so what are you going to do this time as well?”

“Oh I’ve already set the stones rolling”

It was then that there was a knock on the door  

“It’s been a long time, Noah-sama!”

“Oh Sabrina I’ve been waiting for you!”

“Oh, isn’t that the Sabrina merchant who used to look like a goblin, but thanks to Noah-sama, he’s now a smooth-skinned person?』\

“Who are you explaining to?”

Sabrina comes up to me, his cheeks red and squirming, and says 

“Noah-sama, I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you.”

“Don’t worry about it, you’re the head of a big trading company, you’re bound to be busy.

“Noah …! Uh … how kind … I like … I want you to …”

“What did you say?”

“Oh no, Noah-sama, oh no, you have to cover your asshole….. Geez!”

“Oh no, Noah-sama, you have to protect the hole in your ass …』\

 While squeezing the white cat like a rag, I smiled wickedly.

“By the way, Sabrina, are you ready?”

“Oh, yes!

“OK, let’s go…!”

I stood up and wore a red cloak.

“Noah, where are you going dressed up like that! Battle again?”

“I’m going  to a brothel”

A brothel, in other words is a sex store.

A brothel is a place where you can pay money to have sex with girls.

“When did you establish a brothel in Carter’s territory?”

We arrived at a certain town in the territory.

There was a magnificent brick building there. 

“I asked Sabrina to build a luxury brothel for the residents’ use!”

“What’s in your mind now?』\

“Of course it’s to make people think that Noah-sama is the best at playing with women!” 

“I see, so that’s why it’s such a gorgeous looking building”

“Moreover, using Sabrina’s kneading, we created the strongest brothel that gathered the best whores from all over the country!”

“Well it’s like a stupid idea to waste money just for your own enjoyment.”

“Alright Sabrina, let’s go”

I cringed and hugged Sabrina, who was blushing and squirming next to me

“Lord Noah, I’m just…”

“You’re red. What are you, a virgin? Don’t be shy let’s have some fun.”

“Noah-sama … Maybe Sabrina-chan’s shy about playing with the whore sisters, right? 』\

Laurie said something incomprehensible, but I ignored it.

I enter the hall with Sabrina.

“Welcome Lord, I’ve been waiting for you.”

When I entered, a beautiful Madam greeted me immediately.

“I have been assigned as the manager of this brothel, my name is Madame Elysion.”

“Oh Madam it’s nice to meet you”

Madam and I shake hands.

“Well … let’s get into the main subject right away.”

“Yes I will prepare a young lady immediately, Please tell me if you have any request.”

I grinned and told Madam.

“Bring everyone.”

“What… all of them?”

That’s right, I’m aiming to be a vicious lord.

A sumptuous feast! This is what a stupid Lord looks like!

“The idea is already stupid … Oh, let’s make the tail like that! 』\

“But, Noah-sama, that’s a little….”

“What is it? Can’t you hear my orders? Just go and get everyone, all of them okay?”

Madame bends her neck.

 But it looks like she’s noticed something.

“I’m clever. I’ll get them ready now”

“Oh, Sabrina, you’re second.”

“Yes! I understand. … I’ll clean my ass up!”

“Is Sabrina a cat …?”

“Ah? You’re a cat, Laurie. What are you talking about?”

Anyway this will spread fast to give me bad reputation.

I built a luxurious brothel in vain and hugged all the women in the newly built brothel what a waste of money.

As the worst lord, bad rumors will spread to the territory.

 I’m looking forward to it

Later in my room

“As expected of you lord Noah”


It was Sabrina and Madam who came in, the two of them were standing in front of me with their eyes shining.

“What’s it all of a sudden madam?”

“Thanks Noah for today, you cured the epidemic of the prostitutes.”

“What epidemic?”

Madam says.

It seems that a mysterious illness was spreading among the prostitutes recently.

It seems that it was the same at the brothel run by Madam.

That day, the madam was resting a prostitute who was not feeling well.


“Thanks to Lord Noah’s healing magic, she’s completely cured of her illness! It’s amazing!

“Oh, Noah-sama, did you use healing magic?』\

 Laurie was surprisingly naive and said, “I’ll be waiting outside by myself,” and went out the window before I could even begin.

So I talk to laurie through my thoughts.

“Well, I used healing magic before playing.”


“STD control measure, a lot of prostitutes have venereal diseases, that’s why I always use a cleansing spell before I do it.”

“You can prevent venereal diseases with magic… so you didn’t have any intention of helping the Sick girls?”

“Of course… I don’t want to get a venereal disease.”

Oh that…

but this…

“As expected, Noah-sama!”

Her eyes sparkle.

”you went out of your way to help the suffering prostitutes and healed them with your magic.”

“Oh… it’s a misunderstanding again!

What? It’s strange, right?

I did it because it seemed to be the worst thing I could do as a Lord.

“Noah-sama I am deeply touched because prostitutes are always despised but you have been merciful to us. it’s the first time we are meeting a great Lord like you.”

“Madam, you’ve joined Noahism too!』\

“No oh, why is this happening again?”

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    1. I think he did have a sex but just this time, first, he treated the prostitutes very nicely and respect the prostitutes secondly he cured their diseases. He said he has a habit of using healing magic when having a sex with prostitutes to prevent the spread as they’re prone to the disease. Secondly, the prostitutes most likely has always been treated badly without any respect as the madam said they’re being despised by society for their job and she even said this is the first someone treated them nicely with respect they deserved. In short, the madam and prostitutes is touched, especially he not even treated them with respect but also heal their disease

    2. It does imply he’s no longer a cherry boy, but at the same time, there’s a chance for a misunderstanding like he only knows how to play cards with women.

      1. Right? I mean, I know that the Japanese wording for hugging also has a secondary meaning… But this guy is just so convoluted that I am uncertain of the actual face value.

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