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Chapter 19. The Seventh Prince trains the brave

 One day.

 I went to the abyssal forest, I was slacking off.

 I was lying down by the lake.

 I apply gravity magic and float a bit.

 The white cat, Laurie, was also curled up on my stomach.

“Noah-sama~. Are you sure it’s okay to slack off?”

“It’s okay…… Oh, the weather is also good today……  Laurie, A day like this is the perfect day for sabotage you know.”

“I don’t agree with you, but it’s definitely a nice day.”

 And, it was that time.

 Whoosh, whoosh…….


 Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

“Ah… shut up already.”

“What’s that sound? 』

“I don’t know, but it feels artificial. Okay, let’s check it out.”

 I got up and headed for the abyssal forest.

 When I push through the trees …

“Come on! Ha!  Chorya!”

“…… Is that a child? 』

“Yes. She seems pretty young.”

 She’s probably about ten years old.

 She’s a little girl with braided pigtails and round glasses.

 She swung the sword in her hand.

“Hey kid. What are you doing?”


“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“No, no…nothing. I can’t believe…I couldn’t sense your presence…”

 The kid with the glasses mumbled.

 Is she a kid from a village around here?

 But she doesn’t seem to know me… isn’t she a citizen of this territory?

“Well, whatever. Hey, kid. What have you been doing? You’re bothering me.”

“Oh no. I’m sorry about that. My name is Julianne. I came to this forest on a training trip.

“Hmm. A training trip.”

“She’s carrying a sword on her back, so I guess it’s sword training….. But I wonder if her parents would allow their child travel alone…….』

 At any rate, I found out that she was a kid from somewhere else.

 And she said she was in the middle of training.

“You’re up to something again.”

“Of course. I’m thinking of cheating this girl with some incompetent move.”

“Noah-sama….. It is better to stop making incompetent moves, the exorcism isn’t over yet……”

 Because I defeated evil people in my previous life, there was a grudge against me, and as a result, everything I do will backfire.

 That is Laurie’s reasoning.

“Hey, Julianne. You’re training with a sword, right? Since you’re here, I’ll give you a lesson.

“Oh! Is that okay?”

“Oh….. leave it to me. I have a bit of confidence in my sword skills.”

 Laurie asks above my head.

“So, how do you plan to make an incompetent move? 』

“It’s called the ‘I’m not mature enough to deal with a kid’ strategy. I’m going to beat this little kid to a pulp.”

“Wow…you’re so immature.”

“I’m going to break her confidence to the point where she’ll never be able to hold a sword again. That’s how I’ll lower my reputation with children. 』

“But…Hmm… I’ve seen this child somewhere before. I wonder where…? 』


 I decided to have a mock battle against Julianne.

“Noah-sama, what are you going to do about your weapon?”

“Uh…? This is enough.”

 I picked up a fallen tree branch.

 It’s about the length of an arm, just right.

“I can handle your weak sword with a tree branch. Come on, come on.”

 Julianne nods and closes the distance towards me.

“Ya! 』

“You’re too slow.”

 I dodge Julianne’s slash and strike her on the back of her neck.

 With a crunch, she fell face-first to the ground.

“Oh, come on, is it over already? You’re weak.”

“No, Noah-sama……this kid was fast enough too. Is she really just a child? ……? 』

“That’s amazing, Noah!”

 Julianne gets up and her eyes sparkle.

“What body movement! I can’t believe you’re an amateur!”

“Hah! What’s with your superior attitude? Come on, girl, show me the results of your training.”

“Yes…! Ha! [Autumn rain barrage]!”

 Julianne held up her sword and unleashed a series of blows at me with tremendous speed.

 kinkin, kinkin, kinkin……!

“What? Noah-sama, you’re taking out all of those amazing blows with just a stick! Wow…..! 』

“What’s wrong with you? Is that the extent of your training!”

“Ku…! This…!”

 Kink, kink, kink…..!

“Come on!”


 I flicked her sword hard with the tree branch.

 Julianne lost her balance and was blown into the air.

 She adjusted her posture in the air and landed.

“Hahahahaha! That’s all you got, Julianne!”

“What an amazing person….. My swordsmanship is too dull as it is…..!”

“It seems your long training was meaningless! Now go home to your mother!”

“Wow, Noah-sama looks good as a villain….But then again, that child is something else…..”

 Julianne gritted her teeth and readied her sword.

 She breathes in deeply…………………….

“Noah…..this is the ultimate strike that I have mastered over a long period of time.”


“This is a technique that I developed to destroy demons….. It’s not a technique that ordinary people can receive…..”

“I don’t want to hear it, come on!”

“I understand. Haaaaaaah!”

 A golden aura erupts from Julianne’s body.

 It’s an aura of a degree that it shakes the trees of the forest and makes the heavens and the earth tremble.

“Noah-sama it’s dangerous! If you take it head-on, you’ll die! 』

“Maybe. That’s why I’ll take it….head on! Come on, amateur!”

“Uoooooooo! 【Sun Light Holy Sky Attack】Take thi- Bugya!”



“This guy…you attacked while little Julianne was preparing her special move….! Even though you said you’ll receive it head on! That’s terrible! 』

“Hahaha! It’s her fault for taking it so literally! You’re so naive, Julianne!”

“That was dirty…! 』

“Shut up! There’s no such thing as a fair game. No matter what you do, you just have to win.”

 I smiled triumphantly at Julianne as she collapsed.

“Are you done yet, Julianne.”

“Ugu… Uu…”

“Hah, Noah-sama, you’ve wronged that child. She’s going to tell her mother.”

 But this must have made her think I’m not mature enough.

 Okay, this kind of activity starts with a steady step.

 If I get a complaint from her parents, my reputation will be…..

“Wow, amazing! You’re too amazing!”

 Julianne holds my hand with her eyes shining.

“What brilliant swordplay! And your theory on swords……! Yes….. I was wrong. You have to win the battle, and you have to win first….. !”

“Oh, ohh… eh, you…why aren’t you dented?”

“It’s true that my pride was hurt…but! I was smitten by your excellent swordsmanship.”

“Oh, you like it?”

 She nodded, and Julianne clung to three of his fingers on the spot.

“Please make me a disciple!”



  Hilde, the Demon King, came rushing into my room.

“Hey, Demon Lord, shut up……”

“Noah-sama! Why is that girl here!?”

“What? What do you mean by that girl…?”

“My nemesis… [Brave]!”

“Huh? Brave? I don’t know where……”

 The door opens and Julianne comes in.

“Noah. Good morning!”

“Oh no! It’s Julianne the Brave!”

 The demon King Hilde begins to tremble……


 What did you just say ……?

“Ah! I remember now! Noah-sama, this Julianne is the chosen one! Julianne the Brave [Hero]! 』

“Huh? You’re a hero! You’re so weak!”

“It’s just that Noah-sama is too strong! The only thing that can stand up to the Demon Lord at the moment is the best holy swordsman……and that’s the hero.』

 Well, seriously…….

 Compared to the hero before reincarnation, I feel that the level has dropped considerably….

“That’s why it shouldn’t be compared to your previous life… 』

“Heeeey! Noah-sama! Helpmi!” (said in english)

 Hilde gets behind me and starts shaking and wobbling

 From this girl’s point of view, She’s a self-killing entity.

 Moreover, Hilde is weak.

 She is much weaker than Julianne.

“But Noah, I’m surprised, that I am! I didn’t think you had a Demon Lord under your command! I’m impressed, that I am!”

“Well, she’s my subordinate, or my younger sibling, or….. What? You want to kill her?”

“Heeey! Help me!”

 Hilde is trembling behind me.

 But Julianne shakes her head.

“No way! I’ll be working with my master, Noah, and his students, I can’t kill her!”

“Oh! Oh, good! That’s right! I’m saved! Now the biggest threat is gone! Thank you, Noah-dono! You’re the best!”

“But to think that both the Demon Lord and the hero are both surpassed….Noah is the best after all!”

 ……Ah, that? 

 It’s funny, I’m supposed to be…. hated for being a jerk to children.

 Isn’t it backfiring again?

I don’t know why this is happening……!

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