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Chapter 12. The Seventh Prince saves the unfortunate assassin (unaware)

 One night.

 I sat down on my bed, waiting for someone to come.

 Laurie, the white cat lying by the window, asks me a question.

"What are you waiting for, Noah-sama? 』\

"A whore. I had Sabrina arrange for one."

"A whore? Why do you need one again?』\

"This is just another one of my incompetent moves, Laurie-kun.”

"Calling a whore? 』\


"That’s right! A lord who indulges in women is incompetent, isn’t he?"

"That's why you asked that young man to prepare a whore? 』\ 

"That's right. It's a perfect strategy to lower Sabrina's opinion of me and also to ruin my reputation by indulging in womanizing. It's a perfect plan."

"Well, no matter how much Noah-sama uses this strategy, you can't actually progress by pretending to be incompetent and then exposing your true ability."

"That's enough. Well, I wonder what kind of girl will come." 

"You’re in a good mood aren’t you”

"No, no. I just want to call a whore and sully my reputation. After that, everything else is secondary, I'm not looking forward to it."

"Hai, hai. Then, I'll be going outside so as not to disturb you. "

 Laurie jumps out of the window.

 I was left alone, waiting for the prostitute to come.

 Sabrina said, "I-, I understand. We’ll prepare the best whore!" He said.

 The best whore.

 I wonder what it's like?

 I’m a man too.

 I also have sexual desire.

 I'm surrounded by fanatical Lista, brainy Diva, white cat Laurie and there aren't any women around that makes me want to hold them. 

 And, that’s when it happened

"Huh? The light went out…."

 Before I knew it, the magic light in my room was out.

 Well, that doesn't mean I can't see inside the room.

 I can use sensing magic.


 Even though I can't see them, I know someone’s there. 


"Oh, you're here. Welcome!"


 I hugged the child who came from behind.

"...How did you notice Yonah-chan?"

"Did you say Yonah-chan? I'm Noah. Nice to meet you."

 Even in the dark, with sensing magic, I can see the child in my arms.

 She’s a bit tanned.

  With pure white hair and cute red eyes,..... but.

"This is the best whore....?"

 After all, her body is like a child’s.

 I think she hasn't even reached the age of 10.

 Well, she felt soft when I hugged her.

 But she’s still a kid



 You just sent me a random girl.

 What did you mean by "the best whore"?.

"Kids aren’t my thing! Well...so what do you want to do? Do you want to do it with me?"

“...Ah. Yonah won't lose. Die!" 

 Yonah slithered out of my arms like a snake.

 Oops, she has a pretty flexible body. 

 She tried to hug me again with the movement of a snake.

 It’s quite passionate.


"You'll never get a man that way."

"You avoided Yonah's move again.....??"

 I hugged Yonah's little body.

 I don't have any interest in doing it with a kid.

 But she came here for work.

 I'm not motivated, but...well, I'll have to deal with it for a while.

 However, she moves like a fish in a jittery manner.

"Let me go! Fool! Idiot!!"

 She pushed me away,

 She swung her fist quickly.

 But …

" How are you able to dodge a soundless, deadly blow to your vitals?!?"

"I already saw that move coming. Don't think you can get away from me." 

 However, she’s a pretty strong woman. 

 She's been trying to attack my vital points with precision for a while now.

 But I predicted all of them and I twist my body to avoid them.

 At first I thought I'd forgive her, but...

 My patience was at its limit.

 I flip Yonah around and put my index finger on her back.

"Huh, I can't move at all…..my center of gravity’s....restrained... I can't move....Wow, amazing." 

"You can't do it, can you? You're getting paid to do this, but you’re not doing your job."

Probably this girl, Yona, is a rookie whore, who is paid but doesn't want to entertain men.

 In other words, she’s third rate.

"...Ugh, gus….waaaah!" 

"Oh, hey, don't cry all of a sudden."

"Yonah.....gusu......work, fail......no good......Yonah, Yonah......is a waste with nothing to show for it except for work......I have to work, but I’m no good......."

 I guess it hasn't been long since she made her debut as a prostitute.

 And yet, she still takes pride in her work.

 She’s a serious girl. Even if she’s a third-rate whore who can't entertain a man for the money she’s paid.

 I guess she was proud of being a third-rate whore.

"Hey, it's okay. You don't have to work."

"Huh...? What do you mean?"

"You know, work is something you don't have to do."

"Huh, is that so....?" 

"Oh yeah. In the old days, humans were monkeys. They didn't have any work to do at that time. But in the process of evolution, they developed extra wisdom. The harmful effects are work and money. But......you don't need to work and pay if you don't need to." 

 Yonah sits upright in front of me and earnestly listens to my words.

 Well, that's it.

 Yeah, I've got a lot of playtime left.

 I’m just killing time.

 I can't hold such a little kid.

 I make some random conversation with Yonah.

 There’s no particular meaning.

 But ...

"Yes! You're right! Work is.....shit!"

"Yeah, yeah! That's right, work is shit! So you understand Yonah-kun. You’ll probably be a big shot in the future."

"Thank you, Noah-sama!"

 Yonah hugged me.

 It’s not my hobby, but well, the other person’s a kid so it can’t be dangerous. 

"Thanks to you Noah-sama, Yonah is enlightened. I'm quitting my job. I’m not going to work as an assassin anymore."

“Oh, I see.…huh? Assassin...? Quitting your job...? What do you mean?"

 And, it was that time.

 Crack! The window glass breaks with a loud bang.

 It was the Knight Commander Diva who came in.


"Whoa! Diva! Oh, You can’t come in through the window!"

"We're in trouble! Noah-sama, I have information that the legendary assassin [Yonah the Silent] is targeting Noah-sama's life!"

"The Legendary Assassin....? Yonah the Silent......?"

 What's that……?

 I mean, hmm, Yonah?

 The assassin is......no way?

"She's a killing machine that’s) disposed of hundreds of dignitaries with her own hands. It’s said that no martial artist has ever been able to challenge her. I heard from a reliable source that such a dangerous assassin will soon be coming for your life...Noah-sama, who is that child? "

"Yonah is Yonah! Work, assassin."

"That's her!? I can’t believe the legendary assassin is such a child. And..."

 Diva looks at me and Yonah.

 Yonah is hugging me and rubbing her cheek.

 I have a very unpleasant feeling....

"Wow! Noah-sama! I can't believe you were able to tame that legendary assassin! That's amazing!"

"Oh, no, I'm not taming......huh?"

"No. Yonah, is enlightened. I’m now going to be Noah-sama's slave."

"Oh! To change Yonah's heart, the one who is feared as a killing machine!"

 Diva turns her sparkling eyes on me again.

 Yonah also had the same eyes....

"Rumor has it that suggestion is used to force child assassins to kill targets! Perhaps this child too. She probably didn't do it of her own volition. To unravel that allusion and make her change her mind even more...! How kind of you!"

"Noah-sama, you’re so kind!"

 Not again! I screwed up again!

 Oh damn, damn, damn!

 How did this happen!

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