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Chapter 21. A Hero Escapes the king

 One day, sometime after Noah Carter took the hero as his apprentice.

 At the royal palace, I was currently receiving a report on the current situation from the hero.

“I’m sorry…..Julianne. I’m not sure I understand your story……”

 In the audience hall, the king was intensely puzzled when he heard the report from the hero, Julianne. 

 What she told me was the shocking truth.

 In other words…….

“Are you saying that Noah…that incompetent prince defeated the Demon King…?”

“Your Majesty the King. That is a mistake, that is”

“Oh! That’s right! There’s no way that stupid son can defeat the Demon Lord……!”

“Lord Noah has taken the Demon Lord under his wing. He promised me that the demon race would not harm humans. Thanks to Noah-sama, that I do. After all, that man is wonderful…..!”

 …… There was a certain respect for Noah in Julianne’s eyes.

 Is she telling a dream story, this girl?

 I doubted that at first.

 However, it is true that the frequency of demons is decreasing (not to zero. There are those that don’t agree with the demon lord’s idea)

 The report that Julianne brought had a ripple effect on his subordinates who were also present.

“It’s a lie … Noah-sama is the Demon King?”

“And I hear that the Hero has become a disciple of Noah.”

“I told you so! Noah-sama is an amazing person…..”



“Then….Julianne. Why have you come here?”

“I have come to…… to report on the situation and to ask for my leave today, that I have.”


“Um. I will now train as his disciple in Noah-sama’s territory.”

 Julianne took off the holy treasure sword she was wearing and placed it there.

 It is a sacred sword that was once used by ancient heroes to defeat the Demon King.

 The kingdom had lent it to Julianne.

 The return of the holy sword, that is, means that the hero will leave the hands of the king.

“Well, that’s a problem, Julianne!”

  The king panicked.

 However, the hero didn’t seem to understand why the king was panicked.

“Listen, Julianne. In addition to the important task of defeating the Demon Lord, you also had another role to play as the foundation of this kingdom!”

“Even if you say that…”

“The holy hero who defeated the Demon Lord. The kingdom that chose you. With you, our country will have a long period of peace.”

 In other words, they are trying to make the prestige of the royal family known for a long time by keeping the hero who saved the world at hand.

 But such things were of secondary importance to Julianne.

 All she wants is for people to be at peace.

“I would love for you to stay in my country!”

“I’m sorry, but I have to decline.”

“What, what did you say!? Why!?”

“As I said earlier, I would like to go to Carter’s territory where Noah is and train there. …… I was inexperienced.”

 Julianne met Noah, the best swordsman in the Abyssal Forest.

 He has a fluid swordsmanship and a steel-like mentality.

 And above all…that thoughtfulness.

“He surpassed me in every way. He was kind enough to see that I was a hero and pointed out my inexperience…… The Demon Lord must have been attracted by his kindness and joined as his subordinate. That’s what…..Noah is!”

 The hero was completely infatuated with Noah.

 She had the same eyes……as Lista and the other residents, who had no doubt that Noah was an amazing person.

“Well, wait! You’re a hero! You must stay in this country as the hero who defeated the demon King!”

 Use the hero for publicity.

 That was the king’s intention.

 But that’s just something the king decided on his own.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not cut out to be a hero. I’m an ally with the Demon King, I can’t beat him.”

“No, you can’t! The Demon Lord must be defeated! The Demon Lord is evil! He must be destroyed as evil!”

 The king receives a great deal of aid from other countries.

 This is because the Demon Kingdom and this country are adjacent to each other.

 They receive money from other countries for being the first to suffer damage from the demon king and the demon race.

 …… Conversely, if the evil entity known as the Demon Lord were to disappear, there would be no reason for them to receive assistance.

 Furthermore, if the demon king was not defeated by a hero chosen by the country, but by an incompetent prince abandoned by the country……

  It was inevitable that his ability would be questioned as he had expelled such a talented person from the royal family, not to mention that he would not be able to take credit for the country’s success.

  In other words, the king wants the hero to defeat the Demon King for the benefit of his country.

“It’s a good thing you’re friends with the Demon Lord! Julianne, approach the Demon Lord right now and kill him! Use this sword to kill him from behind!”

……But Julianne became….. angry when she saw such dirty ways of the king.

 Zu……! And the magical power and aura of anger are emitted from her body.

 With a thud, the king and everyone else in the room fell on their knees.

“…… Didn’t I just say that I’m an ally of the Demon Lord?”

“Ah… oh…”

“I would never kill a friend. You think it’s a lie? … I’ll never go against that person’s path!”

 The hostility emanating from the hero was real.

 In her eyes, the king was the enemy.

“If you want to defeat the Demon King, you can do it yourself….However, Carter territory has the best lord in the world. I don’t think he’ll let his people get killed.”

 Julianne snapped back and left.

“Oh, hey! Wait! Hold on!”

“I won’t wait”

“Hey! Please! I don’t want you to leave now, hero! If you don’t defeat the demon king, I’ll be in trouble!”

“So why don’t you do it yourself…… Oh, yes. I’ve heard that your son has been given the skills of a sword saint. It would be better to leave it to him……Most likely.”

 Julian stops and gives us a serious glare.

“If you’re going to turn on us, we’re not going to stand idly by.”

 Then, the hero left.

 Everyone in the room was unable to move.

“What should we do…Your Majesty the King…”

 And, it was then.


 Bang! The door opens, and Noah’s brother… Dava enters the room.

 He was listening to the conversation outside the room.

“Father! Leave it to me! I’ll definitely defeat the Demon Lord…..!”

 His eyes were full of self-confidence.

 Dava has the skill, sword saint. 

 He had been given the strongest sword skills of anyone from the heavens.


“…Dava. I’ll give you an order.”

“Ha! Anything you want!”

“Noah…bring back that idiot who was banished!”

“Huh! ……Yes? Eh……!?”

 Dava looks at his father with a shocked expression on his face.

“Are you insane? Why would you do that?”

“Just get Noah back here now! That’s an order!”

“No! If I’m going to defeat the Demon Lord, I’ll do it myself……”

“Shut up! Get the hell out of here! If you disobey my orders, Dava, you too will be banished from the royal family.”

 Giri…and Dava grit his teeth in regret.

 It was as if his father had admitted that his…… brother was more capable.

  Thus, on his father’s orders, Dava went to the Carter Territory……to Noah.

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