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Chapter 10. The Seventh Prince digs up a vein (resulting)

 One afternoon, in the dining room of the lord's mansion.

"Huh...Is it just this?"

 On the table were bread, soup, and more.

 Because it's a grand table, the poor meal stands out.

"I can't fill my stomach with this...”

"I'm sorry……"

  The maid, Lista, bowed her head apologetically…

 Then the door opened and a white-haired old butler walked in.


"It can't be helped, after all, our territory is out of money."

"Well...... that’s right. Until recently, the village was threatened by monsters."

"Exactly. The rewards for adventurers. Our territory is short of money for adventurer's rewards, village repairs, and so on...And there’s nothing to make money with."

"There's not even anything that could be considered a specialty huh?"

 I took a bite of the bread and sipped the soup.

 Yeah...I'm not a bit hungry.

But, okay, I've got an idea.

"Are you going to make an incompetent move, idiot? 』\

 I step on the cat that was lying under the table...

 It screams like a monster.

"So, Master Noah, how do you, as the lord, plan to solve this problem when you are short of money?"

 Sebastian says with a grin.

 It seems he thinks it's impossible.

"You can have the strongest vassals, but without money, you can't make a living in your domain. You can't even make gold with magic by yourself.”

 No, you can.

 It's easy to create gold.

  Well, I won't do it, though! I'll be busy!

"I'm sure you'll find it easy......Gueeeee."

"Hmm, that's right......I'll tell you what I'll do......The answer is...nothing! 」

"Huh, you won’t do anything?"

"Of course not.. I'm not a god, I can't create money, I can't have knights and mages without the money to hire them. If I don't, they'll go on strike and leave us sooner or later."


"Oooh! That's right! Even Noah-sama can’t do anything about this!"

"Yes, that’s right!”

"Hahaha” “Hahaha!"

 ......Sebastian and I laugh at each other.

 Seeing that scenario, Laurie sighed in dismay.

"I see, Noah-sama wants to quit and Sebastian wants to get rid of him."

    I got up.

 Laurie gets on my shoulders.

"Where are you going?"

"I’m going for a walk"

"Huh! A walk?"

"I'll be home for dinner. Well then."

 I waved to Sebastian and left.

 Laurie looked up at me curiously.

"Where are you going, even though walking isn’t your usual pattern? 』\*


"'The forest. I'm hungry, so I thought I would find some food to eat locally."

"By the way, you're not going to go get food for your hungry subjects huh?? 』\

Perhaps.......eating a delicious meal alone while everyone else is hungry.......seems incompetent, doesn't it?

"It's like an incompetent or corrupt lord.  I'm sure it will end up being pointless though."


 We arrived at the adjacent Abyss Wood.

 I proceed alone into the depths of the forest.

"Is there anything good to eat here? Like mushrooms? 』\

"You idiot. There are better things to eat than that."

 I arrived at a cave at the foot of a cliff.

 The sound of the wind reverberating in the cave is echoing.

"What is this place? 』\

It's a nest of the「Red bear Bloody bear]

"Red bear? 』

"Yeah. A monster. It's a bear, but it lays eggs. And they're delicious...”

 Even if you roast it, boil it and sprinkle salt on it, it tastes as good as any fine cuisine.

 Just thinking about it makes me drool.

"But if it's a nest, of course there's a bear, right?

"Oh, I guess."

"Well, I'm sure you’ll be fine even if you encounter it. Noah-sama is insanely strong after all."

"What? I won't encounter it."

"Why not? 』\

"Because of this. [ Fireball】」

 I shoot my magic towards the entrance to the cave.

"Next, I’ll block the entrance with dirt."

 I touch the ground with my hands. Then, the earth rises up and seals the entrance.

"The monsters inside will be annihilated due to lack of oxygen. The eggs are baked nicely and you can get a delicious omelet."

"Wow, you're amazing, Noah-sama. The way you did it was unbelievable."

"That’s cause efficiency is my priority. Well, let's get going."

 I unsealed the entrance and went inside.

 I cool the ground with ice magic and proceed to the back.

"Yes, red bear egg! So Delicious!"

"Noah-sama.....please give me some too!" 』\

"No way, this is all mine, Fuhaha!"

"Demon! Devil! Evil lord! 』\

"Oh, that's pleasant."

 I picked up a baked egg, peeled the shell and ate it.

 It's an egg, but it tastes as juicy and rich as a piece of high-class grilled meat.

"Ku...! Fine, stingy prince. I'll find a red bear and eat the meat."

"Aye, aye, have a good time."

 ......Well, red bear meat is stringy, so it's not very tasty.

 I crouched and ate the eggs.

 And then it happened.

"Noah-sama, dot good! 』\

"What? What's going on? Is there something deep in the cave?"

"Yes! It's a vein of ore! And it's mithril! 』\

“…………What? Vein? Mithril?”

"Anyway, come here! 』\

 I was guided by Laurie and proceeded to the depths of the cave.

 The place where the wall originally seemed to be was destroyed by my magic.

 Behind it was a magnificently beautiful vein of brilliant blue silver.


"Mithril is a luxury item, isn't it? If you sell it...it will fetch a great amount of money. "

 Oh, that...?

 This...by any chance, did I do it again...?

"This solves your money problem. Congratulations.』\

"Yeah. Let's blow it up!"

"What? Why do you want to waste it like that!? 』\

"Because if they find out, it'll be like I did something good again! Yes, I'll blow it up!"

 That was the time.

I turned around and saw them.

"" What's this! ""

 Looking back, there were people from the village of Ain.


 Why? Why are these people here?

 And of course, Lista is there too.

"Master Noah! I heard from Sebastian-sama that you went out, so I was looking for you with my friends, and we found you here!"

"Oh no, she's a stalker! 』\

 I agree!

  But that's not the point right now...

"Noah...it's amazing! This is Mithril, isn’t it? And...So much!"

"What? I don't think it is.......it’s iron, right?"

"No! This is Mithril! No doubt!"

 Lista turns her eyes to me as bright as the vein.

 Not only her but also the people of the village of Ain...they looked at me with respect.

"As expected! You felt heartbroken at the sight of your people suffering, and then went into the dangerous red bear den alone to dig for veins in secret......! As expected of Noah-sama!"

"Wow, this woman is amazing. She said “as expected” twice in one line. Her respect meter is already over the limit."

 The rest of the village seemed to agree with her, and they were all talking about how great and impressive I was.

"What's wrong? What caused the previous explosion...what is this!?"

 Sebastian also heard the commotion and came to the cave.

"Kuh...! Noah-sama...did you know about the existence of this from the beginning...What a horrible guy!"


 How did this happen?

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