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Chapter 20

Monsters in this world have a low probability of giving birth to special individuals. Unique, special, subspecies, whatever you call it. However, they are born with some kind of characteristic. You don't know what kind of abilities they have until you fight them, but in fact, you often don't even notice them.

For example, if there is a goblin with complete magic resistance, it cannot be killed by any kind of magic, but otherwise it is just a goblin. In other words, if you cut or hit him, he will die. Even if you do it poorly, it will fall and die.

Even if they are skilled with swords and bows, they can be defeated by new adventurers with only a club as a weapon.

Even the most troublesome ability is useless if you don't know you have it.

Conversely, if they are aware of their own abilities and have the intelligence to use them, they can be quite troublesome.

It is possible that the monsters I killed today were such special individuals. There was an extremely fast goblin on the way.

...I'm thinking those are what we humans call skills or blessing gifts given to monsters.

It would be fair if the church asked about this.


I don't think God or anyone else cares about such details as being human or monster.

Just as humans have heroes, saints, and people with skills, those guys probably have such beings as well.

"Thank you for the meal"

After eating, close the lid of the lunch box and put my hands together. The lunch box that Ariamel made for me was quite delicious. Sometimes it's nice to eat while sitting on the grass. Maybe next time I'll go on a picnic with the kids.

Ariamel can do all the household chores and can read and write... Well, she's got a pretty face too... I'm sure she will be popular when she goes out in the world...what if she brings a boyfriend in the future?

Maybe I should practice patience or something....

After getting up and stretching in the warm sunshine, I returned to town.

When I entered the Adventurers' Guild, the place was filled with the usual hustle and bustle, unlike in the morning. I couldn't see Sasha, so she was probably taking a break.

I knew she would not like it, but when I got in line for Melinda, she gave me a look of disapproval.

When it was my turn and I properly submitted the part I had killed on the counter, she was incredibly relieved. I don't usually submit a head....

"Is 'The War Maiden' Back Already?"

"Yes, I think they’re up there right now talking about something with the seniors and Guild mash~. Ah, are you also interested, Gray-san? The "War Maidens" are all beautiful women, you know."

"It's not like that."

Do not abbreviate Gilmas, he is your boss for the time being.


What is this annoyance?

I was going to ask them about the house, but I'll save that for another day, they’re probably tired.

It's annoying (for the second time).

"Hey, aren't you going to wait for them? I think they're already on their way down."

"I don't mind"

I received my reward and left the Adventurers' Guild. I had just returned, so there would be no immediate expedition again, so I could ask at the Adventurers' Guild another day.


What was I thinking at the time...

When I got home and told Ariamel that the lunch was delicious, she looked happy.

"Good, I'll prepare it again tomorrow."

She said, I have to say thank you properly.

That night, while everyone is eating dinner, taking a bath, and going to bed, Iska and the others are playing cards, and there is a knock on the door.

Who is it at this time...

"Hey, what time is it now..."

I opened the door and checked outside to see two women standing there. One was a swordsman with long straight blond hair and blue eyes, the other a healer with wavy silver blonde hair and jade eyes.

Emilia, the leader of the party "War Maiden" and Kasha, the sub-leader, two of my former party members.

I wondered what on earth she was doing there... and then Emilia opened her mouth.

"It's been a long time, Gray. I have a lot to say but first Melinda tells me that you were on the first floor of the guild while we were upstairs debriefing.....isn't that a little cold? You heard we were coming down in a few minutes and you just left."

Melinda's superfluous!

"Well, anyway, if we talk outside like this, we’ll stand out, so can you let us in the house?"

When Kasha said that, a voice called out from behind.

"Gray-san, is there a guest? Would you like some tea?"


Ariamel wittily comes out from inside.




What is this air?

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