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Chapter 7

 I don't mind being appreciated.

 I think it makes me as happy as anyone else, but.

 It feels complicated to be thanked when I'm about to go get the testicles of an Elder Orc.

 Rejoice, unseen Elder Orc, your male symbol will surely be processed and used effectively to create heirs for the nobles...

 When I arrived at the village where I was requested, there was no outer wall, only a fence to keep the beasts out, so what were the monsters doing until now… I wonder.

 Villages like this aren't particularly rare, people cultivate small fields, and spend their entire lives without ever leaving the village... such people don't question the place they live in.

 And then...




 In the awkward silence, I hear that the girl in front of me is said to be the most beautiful and good-natured girl in this village.

 The girl, dressed up in her best clothes, was standing at the house that had been assigned to me for the night, looking at me with fear and trepidation.

 Most likely, the village chief or other adults in the village had told her this.

"For the sake of this village, please bear with him for just one night."


 Ordinarily, she would naturally dislike it, and she may have been reluctant to do it after being told by those around her to do so. But this situation now means that she still accepted it.

 And this is supposed to make up for the small request fee.

 It's a total joke.

 It's true that many adventurers like us are crude and barbaric, including me. But not all of us live on the bottom half of our bodies like Ganzas. No, I don't know about his lower body situation.

 ...... I remember there was a rumor that he was a virgin cherry boy, and come to think of it, that's even worse than my rumor.

 Be that as it may.

 How should I overcome this situation?

 .…no, let's get her back to normal.

"Hey, what's your name?"

"Oh, um, ...... I'm Marina...and I'll be taking care of Gray-san today..."

 You're too scared, damn it.

"I don't need it."


"I said I don't need it.  I have an early day tomorrow, I'm taking the rest of the day off, so tell them that. You too, go home early."

"B-but then..."


"Don't worry, the request will be fulfilled. All you have to do is plow the fields to feed yourselves tomorrow and the day after. After I kill the elder orc (testicles), you can hunt small animals in the forest. So go home already."

 I really want to rest...


 Marina was a little worried, then gave a small reply and went back.

 What if she is blamed by other villagers because of this? ...... No, it's just a matter of me accomplishing the request properly.

 Then I should get some rest for tomorrow.

 I lay down on the hard bed.

 The next day, I wake up early in the morning and as I am getting ready, someone knocks on my door.

"Who is it?"

"It’s Marina, Gray-san, I brought you your breakfast."

 Breakfast...is there any reason to turn this down?

"Okay, I'll open it now."

 When I opened the door, unlike yesterday, Marina, dressed as a normal village girl, brought me bread and soup for breakfast.

“Good morning, yesterday was…well...”

"I don't mind. …I appreciate the breakfast."


 This looks like I don't want Marina, but I'll take breakfast. But I don't know what else to say.

 Afterward, I told Marina that breakfast was delicious and that she should thank whoever made it, and for some reason, she was a little embarrassed.

 As I leave the village with the villagers seeing me off, Marina bows her head as she approaches me and says, "Thank you, thank you," to which I respond with a wave of my hand.

 Well, I'll be done by noon.


 B-class youkai leave the ball

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