Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

(Third-party perspective)

“…… chee!”

Rondi is a man with a lot of pride and sexual desire, but he is one of the most capable of the Holy Knights of the Holy Land of Storia.

He was confident in his own strength and thought he could kill an adventurer in an instant, but he was quite frustrated that he was too busy dealing with the attack of the man in front of him, Gray.

(Damn it! Every blow is so fast and heavy… is this guy really just an adventurer?)

The margin that I had just now lost is gone, and I try to manage to keep my distance once more, but it doesn’t work.

“Rondi, what are you doing with your big mouth! Kill that man!”

Seeing the holy knight being pushed, the impatient bishop yells out. If this adventurer kills Rondi, he will definitely try to kill him next.

The hero is useless, and at this rate…

“Shut… up! Shut up or I’ll kill you first!”

“… What?!”

From Rondi’s current point of view, a bishop who only raises his voice in a pompous manner is just a hindrance.


“You too! Where… have… you… been… aiming… at… me… since… a while ago?”

“Oh? Sex offenders should be castrated, right!”

The man who said this, Gray’s eyes were so straight and serious that it was clear that he was not joking.

“Don’t…fuck…with me, you crazy bastard!”

Rondi pushed back as hard as he could, not wanting to deal with this crazy man any longer.


Gray, who was blown backwards, showed a surprised expression. He didn’t think he would be pushed back while using physical enhancement magic.

However, Rondi was also desperate in a pinch of male dignity.

“Fuck you crazy bastard!”

Rondi poses like an “I” while still at a distance.

It is the only deathblow trump card that Rondi, who disliked hard work and was only able to make his talent bloom half-heartedly, was able to master.

(I never thought I’d have to use this in a place like this. …… I’m gonna kill him! I’m going to fuck the saint in front of his corpse too!)

“Mystery: Hidden in the Clouds… Huh?”

At that moment, Rondi felt something strange in his lower body, and looked down to confirm it.

The identity of the discomfort was immediately apparent.

There was an arrow stuck in the place where his symbol as a man should be.

Just as I understood this and was about to shout, I saw an adventurer wielding a sword in my field of vision.

One Holy Knight’s life ended here and now.

He was arrogant, crude, and powerful. But he was only a “holy knight.

(I never thought he would try to use such a flawed technique…)

From Gray’s point of view, he was so surprised to see the arrow sticking into Rondi’s groin that he was slow to take the plunge.


Hearing a pitiful scream, Gray turns his attention to it.

The former Holy Knight’s head was lying at the feet of the bishop who was the owner of the voice.

The bishop is an expert in healing magic. He can heal injuries to a certain degree immediately, and can even heal missing parts under certain conditions.

But dead people can’t be helped.

The two remaining knights would be no match for an opponent that the holy knight could not beat. The hero is also reported to be stronger than an ordinary knight but still cannot beat the holy knight, and he is still motionless, perhaps unconscious.

I was careless. I should have waited until the hero had grown up, or let the countries negotiate with each other and send a formal invitation. If I had done that, even this man would have….

Regret does not come first. The bishop finally learned that it was that simple.

The price is life.

“Gray, please wait. It’s over.”

Harsalia, holding a large bow in her hand, speaks to Gray.

“Oh, thank you for your help. Thank you.”

Gray looks down on the bishop who has lost his nerve.

The normal bishop would have been angry, saying, “You’re just an adventurer!” But now the bishop has…

How can I help?

That was it.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting. Have you finished praying to god properly? You’re going to visit your favorite god, please look happier.”

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