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Chapter 47

I took Ares, who looked as if he wanted to say something, and we proceeded in the direction the goblins were walking.

"There they are. Goblins."

As expected, he finds goblins and hides out on a nearby rock.

Um...aren't there a lot?"

We were looking at a crowd of over 50 goblins. And among them were not only hobgoblins, but also warriors and generals....

In terms of simple combat ability, goblin generals are no match for elder orcs or high ogres, the higher species of ogre. However, goblins have uneven abilities, and not all of them are the same.

A general, over two meters tall and muscularly built, sits proudly on a rock with his arms folded. On his back is a greatsword, and two warriors stand on either side of the general, each holding a weapon. They probably took the weapons from some adventurer or merchant, as they don't make their own weapons.

From the looks of it, there seems to be no King, so that General is the boss of this group.


One general, two warriors, four hobs and the rest are all regular goblins. I said that earlier, but Ares can't do it alone.

I'll kill the generals and the warriors...and maybe a few hobs too. I may be a little overprotective, but just this once, next time, even if there is a wyvern winged dragon, I'll make sure you get it done until the last minute.

"Ares. There are a lot of them, so I'll help too. I'll take that big guy and a hob or two and the cronies on either side, can you handle the rest?"

"Uh, that number?"

"Yes. This time, I'm going to put some physical reinforcement on you. And I'll draw their attention first, so you can cut off as many as you can from the outside before they notice you. Many goblins run away when they realize they can't win, so..."

"Ah, I see. So I can reduce the number of those I killed and those that escaped, and then fight the rest of them?"

Ares looks satisfied.

"What are you talking about? No, I was going to tell you not to let any of them escape."


Monsters whose flocks have been annihilated become even more resentful of humans, even if they aren't goblins. Those guys learn, evolve and become even more harmful to humans. Letting go of a cornered monster would do a lot of harm and no gain.

If the escaped monster is a special individual, and if it awakens a troublesome skill, it's a real eye-opener.

"Well then, let's go"

"Oh, hey..."


The herd boss, the Goblin General, quietly waited with folded arms for the return of his goblins, whom he had sent on a scouting mission.

The herd where the general used to be was killed by the humans, except for the general, who was still a hob at the time..

The generals themselves do not hold grudges. They have destroyed human settlements themselves.

But that doesn't mean they don't attack humans. For goblins, there is no need for a reason to grow their herds or to attack people.

The whole troop was beginning to get annoyed with the scouts who had not come back after a long time.

The goblins under his command suddenly began to make a commotion, and the general turned his attention in that direction. There stood a human man with a sword on his shoulder.

Why are there humans here? Without even pausing to ponder such a question, the man glanced over the goblins and let out a smirk and a fearless smile. The goblins seemed to be very displeased by this, and let out a squeal of displeasure.


“I thought I smelled goblins. Come on, I'll kill you and play with you."

The man said so, challenging him to come at him with his hands. The man…Gray speaks as if he had stumbled upon it by accident. It is not clear whether the goblins can understand human words or not, but when they realize that they are being mocked by Gray's behavior, they get even more heated, stamping their feet on the ground and slamming their weapons on the ground. Still, they do not attack because they are afraid of the general.

Gray, without moving his gaze, walks up to the general when he sees Ares slowly making his way behind the goblins.

The warriors on the left and right of the general come forward with their weapons, spears and hammers.

At this time, the Goblins thought that the man in front of them would lose to the warriors and beg for his life.

As the Warrior with the spear thrusts, Gray twists his body to the side, grabs the spear by the handle and pulls it in.

"Too slow."

Saying that, he decapitated the Warrior.

Next, he closes the distance to the warrior who raised the warhammer and grabs his arm. With a dull thud, the warrior dropped the hammer in his hand, but he did not scream, for he had already lost the head he needed to do so.

The goblins were shocked when the two warriors were killed instantly. Ares took the opportunity to attack the goblins from behind. As he cut them down one by one, Ares regretted in his heart that he would not be able to see the battle between Gray and the General.

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