Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

Ares steps in head-on, swinging his wooden sword, and I observe his movements.

The sword techniques he performed, such as jodan, thrust, and horizontal slashing, were so fast and sharp that it was hard to believe that they were those of an amateur who had first held a sword three months earlier.

However, his movements are linear and his blows are light. Both the movement and the lightness of the blow can be attributed to a lack of experience.

The lightness of the blow is probably due to a sense of avoidance against hurting the opponent… I feel sorry for Ares, but he has no choice but to get used to it.

For a while, I don’t attack, but continue to parry Ares’ wooden sword, and when the time is right, I flick it away.

Ares slumps on the spot, breathing on his shoulders, without going for his wooden sword.

“That’s it. Tomorrow morning, you will go to the Adventurers’ Guild, register as an adventurer, and then accept appropriate requests. For now, have dinner and get some rest.”

After catching his breath, Ares replied, “Yes!”

“Um… may I have a moment?”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

As the two of us tidy up the yard before entering the house, Ares speaks to me in a reserved manner.

“Gray-san’s adventurer rank is B… isn’t it?”


Well, officially, it’s a B+.

“Um…Are all the B-ranked people as strong as Gray-san?”

“No. It’s mixed.”

I answer while imagining the faces of some B-rank adventurers like me. Finally, remembering the hot-tempered Ganzas, I sighed a little. That guy is going to get involved tomorrow…I can only imagine how much trouble he’s going to be in.

“The Holy Knight Rondi, whom Gray-san defeated, used to show up at the training center to have mock battles to test my strength. However, I was beaten so he laughed at me, hit me many times, stepped on me, and spat on me.”

…I knew it was the right decision to castrate and then kill that sex offender. It was Harsalia who castrated him.

“Every time I lost, I was told that it was all because I was weak. I was forcibly separated from the people I cared about, and I always wondered why I had to go through all this.”

Ares, who was looking down while talking, raised his face and stared straight at me.

“Will I become stronger if I become an adventurer? …Will I be able to be with Mia and the others again?”

Mia is probably the fellow at the orphanage that Ares was talking about. But… that’s a hard question to answer, Ares will definitely get stronger. This quiet and slightly shy young man is a rough diamond stone, as expected from a hero.

In the old days… Well, if me in my second year as an adventurer were to fight against the current Ares, I’m sure Ares would win. If he continues to grow like this, in the not too distant future he might even surpass me.

But whether Ares can stay with Mia and his other friends…

If the orphanage in Kodar is still there, that’s fine, but even if the orphanage is gone, as long as they are not killed to silence them…for example, if they are alive and being illegally enslaved, then we can just kill the slave trader.

Essentially, enslaving people without a formal reason is prohibited even in countries where the institution of slavery is recognized. This also applies to elves, dwarves, and beastmen.

Other countries, such as Storia, have banned slavery itself.

In other words, those who enslave orphanage children are equally criminals, and I will provide a fitting end for those who prey on the lives of others.

But that depends on the report from the informant. At the moment, anything I say can only be words of comfort.


“Yeah. So for now focus on getting stronger.”

I said soothingly.

Not for the title of hero, but for you, Ares.

Ares nods greatly at my words. After cleaning up, Ares went into the house first to wash his face and hands to remove the dirt before dinner. I entered the house a little later and found Iska standing in the doorway, facing the back of the house.

“What are you doing here?”

“… Eh… Ah… Gray-san, what about me and Fio’s training tomorrow…”


“I’m going to work on the Adventurers’ Guild request with Ares until dusk.  When I come back, I’ll train him until dinner.”


When I say this, Iska’s expression clouds over.

…Even though I knew this, it is still painful to see my son’s face like this.

“So, after eating dinner and resting for a bit, I will train you and Fio. So tomorrow before you go to bed, take a bath, because it will be hard to sleep when you are covered in sweat.”

Just because I have to train Ares, who doesn’t have much time right now, doesn’t mean I can ignore the other children.

“…! Yes!”

Iska suddenly raised his face. His facial expression changes to a happy one.

“Come on, let’s have dinner.”

“Oh, I helped cook today too.”

Hmm, what a…Iska’s first dish.

“Oh, is that so. That’s fun.”

I said so while stroking Iska’s head.

“…hehehe. Oh, by the way, Gray-san.”

“What’s up?”

“Have you washed your hands?”

“Oh, sorry…”

Afterwards, Ariamel got angry about the fact that a bit of sand was on Iska’s head before dinner….

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