Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

After that, when I tried to carry Ariamel to the room, she was unusually selfish and said that she wanted to sleep with everyone today.

In my room, Iska, Fio, Ratts, Nina, and Stella were already sleeping on the bed, and I and Ariamel decided to sleep there together… The bed is quite large, but it is too small for seven people.

When it comes to combat, my physique is blessed, but I feel like I’m taking up a little too much space when I sleep with the children.

No, but wait? How about I make myself like the bed and let little Nina, Stella, Ratz sleep on top of me?

Not a bad idea…in fact, it’s a very good idea.

Ariamel is already quietly sleeping, perhaps because she wanted to sleep. Her expression is very peaceful and happy, different from the one she had when she was having a scary dream. …If I could see her sleeping like this, I should buy a bigger bed.

I was thinking about this when Nina slowly raised her face and grabbed my clothes.

“Oh, bad, wake-up oto-san… pee'”

Don’t panic, don’t rush, I gently picked Nina up and went to the bathroom, making as little noise as possible.

Somehow I managed to finish it safely, and when I was about to go back, Nina rubbed her eyes and asked me to hold her, so I picked her up and gently patted her back, and she immediately fell asleep.

She sleeps surprisingly well.

I returned to the room, this time slowly so as not to wake Nina, and saw Stella sitting on the bed, staring at me.

“Papa pee…”

My speed is like a fathers’.

My silence is like a fathers’.

Before Stella finished her words, I approached the bed without making a sound, gently laid Nina down, and patted her head as I pulled the covers back over her. Then I picked up Stella and started running (quietly) to the bathroom. At this point, I had a bad feeling.

Nina followed by Stella…so was Ratz next? I glanced at Ratz before leaving the room, but he was sleeping normally, so I felt relieved and headed for the bathroom.

But for some reason, bad feelings often come true.

When I returned from the bathroom with Stella in my arms, Ratz was standing by the bed, fidgeting with his feet.

“Wait, hold on, Ratz, I’ll be right with you… Ah.”

He probably got up right after I took Stella to the bathroom and was waiting for me to come back.

And now he’s reached his limit…

Ratz was shocked that he couldn’t hold it in, and he looked down and started crying.

“It’s okay, Ratz. I’ll wipe it off right away.”

I felt a great pain in my heart when I saw Ratz tearing up…. I change his wet pajamas and hold him until he calms down, stroking his soft red hair gently and telling him over and over, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

You may be wondering what is “okay”, but a crying little child doesn’t understand theory or logic, and talking about such things just confuses them even more.

By the way, Stella also strokes Ratz’s head together with me. Isn’t she sleepy…?

When I lay down on the bed with Ratz, who has finally calmed down, he clings to me and immediately begins to sleep.

And right now, I’m sandwiched between Ratz and Stella, and if I move poorly, I might wake them up.

What should I do, if I don’t wash Ratz’s clothes tonight, it will get stained…

By the time I managed to get out of bed and finish washing Ratz’s clothes, the sun was already rising and it was time for Ariamel and the others to get up.

I’m sleepy…but if I sleep here, it’s obvious that I’ll fall prey to Nina’s morning mischief again. Therefore I…

“Otosan breakfast!”

“Papa, Aria-oneechan is calling for you.”

Yut-yut-yut, Pechipechi Guimuni

“… Oh, I’m up, I’m up, I’m up…”

When Nina and the others woke me up and took me downstairs, Iska, who was arranging the dishes, noticed me.

“Ah, good morning. Breakfast is coming soon, so please go wash your face first.”

“Good morning. All right, I’ll do that.”

As I washed my face, I wondered what kind of relationship Iska and Ares had in the game.

Allies or rivals? I don’t think there’s anything related… or even an enemy.

Well, no matter how the game is over there, it would be nice if the two of them could build a good relationship.

(…Should I tell everyone about Ares after breakfast?)

I thought as I wiped my face.

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