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Chapter 8

(Marina's point of view)

 When I first saw Gray-san in the village, I thought he looked very scary.

 A big body, a harsh tone, a grumpy expression... I couldn't believe that this person had received the quest from us and came to exterminate the monster.

 And the money we managed to raise from all over the village was very little...no one could afford that much...I thought so, so it was even more important.

 As soon as Gray-san arrived at the village, he was about to go out to exterminate the monster, but the sun was setting, so the village chief asked him to stay the night, and he reluctantly agreed.

 And afterward, the village chief and other adults in the village bowed down to me and asked me to do something for them.

 I would only have to be with him for one night. Even if a child is born, all the villagers will take responsibility and take care of it...

 I really don't want to do that.


 My mother died soon after giving birth to me, and my father died when I was still a small child ....... Since then, I had been helped by the people of the village, and I couldn’t refuse.

 That night, I dressed up to the fullest and made my way to the empty house where Gray-san was staying.

 I knocked on the door with trembling hands.

 I tried my best to be prepared but was casually turned down....

 Am I that unattractive?

 I was sent home without doing anything, and the others were very curious.

 The next day, at least this much... I made breakfast and visited Gray-san again.

 For some reason my hands never trembled.

 Although I never exchanged many words with Gray-san, I could tell that he was a very kind man.

 That’s………………not what he looks like.


(Third-party perspective)

 An elder orc, a large blue-skinned monster, runs as fast as it can through the forest, knocking down trees. Upon closer inspection, I saw that its right arm was missing from the elbow and its body was covered in cuts. His face was distorted with pain, humiliation, and fear.

 Just a little while ago, he was supposed to be triumphantly taking his subordinate orcs to attack a nearby human settlement.

 They chased after fleeing humans and toyed with them, feeding on the men and raping the women, and forcing them to give birth to their children. To these Elder Orcs, humans were like livestock.

 Now, however, this elder orc is being chased around by a human whom he himself had dismissed as livestock.

 We had just encountered humans in the forest a short while ago. The people we have encountered up until now have either run away with their faces contorted in fear or have sat up and begged for their lives...They were the occasional people who stood up to us, but they have been no match for us at all.

 Elder orcs are more intelligent than normal orcs and can understand language to some extent...but for some reason, I could not understand the man's words at all.

"Oh, saves me the trouble of having to look for it. You can leave your balls there. Both of them, and your head, too."

 I couldn't understand it even after trying to remember it again.

 What's more, the man's strength was abnormal, the orcs under his command who headed towards him had their heads bounced in an instant. And the tip of his sword grazed near the groin and, while it was surprised, he closed the distance.


 The Elder Orc was not joking and tried to fight back, but was beaten back, and every time the man swung his sword, more wounds appeared on his body.

 He finally understood after his right arm was cut off.

 We can't win, we have to run.

 He threw the corpses of his former subordinates and started running away with all his might.

"Tsk! Hey, if you're going to run away, leave your balls and your head!"

 ...I have to escape.

 Then I ran through the forest. It didn't matter which direction I went, I had to get away from that man anyway...

 The Elder orc looks back thinking, "I'm sure I can make it if it’s this far. ......”

"Are you done playing tag? Then just give up and stick your balls and head out."

 The man said this with an evil smile.

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    1. I’d say he’s scary if he wants your balls… and head. I’m glad I’m not an orc.

      Imagine waking up to him just standing above you while you were asleep and he just says, “M’orning. I’m here for your balls!”. xD

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