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Character Introduction 

 The data will be updated little by little.

 The order is, the main character and the children, Ares, “WarMaiden”, Elder Orcs, and Ganzas.

 Why are Elder orcs before ganzas? It is in order of popularity


 He is a 34-year-old veteran adventurer.

 He has a bad face and is often mistaken for a bandit, ruffian, or hoodlum.

 He had no parents for as long as he can remember, and he had been indebted to the villagers while helping with field work in a certain village.

 One day, when he went into the forest to gather nuts, he was attacked by a monster, but was saved by an adventurer who happened to be passing by. Since then, he has had a strong yearning for adventurers and has set his sights on becoming one himself.

 Although he is currently solo, he used to belong to a party called “One Sword”.

 Although he is a reincarnated person, it is quite subtle in that he recalls his past memories in order of age.

 It was not until long after he became an adventurer that he learned that this world was the world of a game called “Bright Fantasy”. (Since he never played the game, so he has no proof of this, and frankly, he doesn’t care.)

He is well represented in “Bright Fantasy.”


 She is 13 years old, the oldest of the orphans Gray picked up. She’s everyone’s mom…she could read, write, do math, and was good at housework, was she probably the daughter of a fairly wealthy family? Gray thinks that she was a daughter of a very wealthy family, but no one knows the details because she doesn’t want to talk about it.

 She loves the other children and Gray, but she does not yet know what form that will take.

 The feeling of wanting to live with everyone and protect the place where Gray comes back is considerable.

In “Bright Fantasy”, she only appears in past scenes.

“Saint of Despair, Ariamel”


 An 11-year-old boy who looks like you can find him anywhere.

 He has a well-trained body for his age, and his personality is quiet and doesn’t assert himself much.

 The type that ends self-introduction with “I’m Iska. Nice to meet you.”

 He and Fio are childhood friends and often argue, but they get along well.

 The village where he grew up is attacked by monsters, and while he and Fio are on the run, they are rescued by a riding carriage passing nearby.

 However, the village had already been destroyed, and while he was at a loss, he thought, “There is nothing I can do if I stay here,” and was brought to a place where people live.

The protagonist (name can be changed) of Bright Fantasy. He meets Ariamel and his friends and begins to live with them, but they are attacked by street thugs and all fall apart.

 And when Iska found out what happened to everyone…


 She is an 11-year-old girl who grew up in the same village as Iska. She has a caring and considerate personality, but her language is a bit harsh.

 A tsundere who is firm and actually likes cute things.

 She intends to hide that she likes Iska, but even the little ones find out easily.

Appears only in past scenes in “Bright Fantasy”.

 The girl’s death drove a kind-hearted boy insane.


 A 3-year-old girl with an innocent personality who calls Gray “Otoshan”.

 One of the Gray family’s three little children. The three of them often assess guests together and are lenient in their judgments.

 She is a pampered child, and she is always making Gray tired and troubled with her selfishness. The doll that her father gave her for her birthday is her most precious treasure.

 Originally, she lived in a house in the woods with her beloved father, but…

 When she was lost in the city, she was picked up by Ariamel. That was the beginning of her good fortune…

Only in parts of the past scene does she appear in “Bright Fantasy”.

“The Girl from ◯◯◯◯”


 A 4-year-old girl who is half vampire and half human. Although her facial expressions don’t change much, you can tell by looking at her words and actions that she is a girl with a lot of emotions.

 One of the Gray family’s three little children. Since he has been persecuted as a vampire half, her evaluation process is very strict.

 She likes sweets and is a little cunning, such as reducing the amount of food she eats when she wants to eat sweets.

 Originally, she lived with her mother, but when Stella’s mother died of exhaustion and illness, she was evicted from the house she was living in, and when she was wandering aimlessly, she was picked up by Ariamel.

Appears in Bright Fantasy.


“◯◯’s ◯◯ Stella”


 He is a 3-year-old red-haired boy with a calm personality who loves eating and his father. For some reason, he is unable to speak, but neither he nor the other children are particularly concerned about this.

The final assassin of the Gray family’s little children. His name is Ratz the Redhead!

Guest assessments are normal. But in general, he is kind to everyone.

 His specialty is making friends with animals. He is often seen staring at stray dogs and cats.

 While wandering around Bastok in tattered clothes, he was picked up by Ariamel.

 It’s you again.

 The name Ratz was given to him by Ariamel, and his real name is unknown.

 I’m not even sure if there is one.

Appears in Bright Fantasy.




 Gray’s ex-party member and former lover. She is 29 years old.

 She is currently the leader of an A+ ranked party called “War Maidens”. With her firm tone and beautiful face, she has many fans not only among adventurers but also among nobles.

 Her simple skill with a sword is even better than that of Gray, who has had his body strengthened. She is also charismatic, and the way she takes the initiative to stand in front of everyone is fascinating to watch.

 Although I have told you this much, when it comes to love, she is clumsy and is at the level of an old elementary school student.

 She still loves Gray.

 She is the third daughter of a noble family and has known Kasha since birth and is headstrong.

Also appeared in Bright Fantasy.

 Basically as an ally. When the conditions are met…


 A former member of Gray’s party and Emilia’s guardian. She is 29 years old.

 Her mother was a maid in Emilia’s family, and since she was close to Emilia’s mother, they were often together from a very young age.

She is the sub-leader of the “War Maidens” and her skills in auxiliary and healing magic are at a level that would cloud the eyes of a high-ranking priest.

 She is the big sister of all the “War Maidens” and takes good care of them.

There are two factions in “The War Maidens”: those who support the relationship between Gray and Emilia and those who do not. Kasha is naturally in the former group.

Appears as a sub-character in Bright Fantasy.


An elf archer belonging to the A+ party “War Maiden”, she is 97 years old, about 27 years old in human terms.

She is one of the oldest members of the “War Maidens” and was invited by Emilia and Kasha to form a party with the three of them.

She usually has sleepy eyes, but in fact she is always a bit sleepy. She has a long history as an adventurer and is a first-rate archer and scout trooper.

She is an elf but not good at magic.

Although she is troublesome, she gets along well and has many friends.

Honestly, she doesn’t care about the relationship between Gray and Emilia.

In Bright Fantasy, she appears as a sub character and joins the protagonist’s party only once.


Elder Orc

For some reason, this monster is popular among some readers.

It’s not a name, it’s a species name….

They are a superior species of orc, the elder orc is easy to distinguish because orcs have green skin while elder orcs have blue skin.

Its strength varies from individual to individual and depends on the number of orcs under its command, so the difficulty of defeating it is not consistent, but it is considered a monster that a B-rank party with a proven track record can generally defeat.

It is highly intelligent and can understand human language to some extent. However, it is only an orc brain.

The testicles are traded at a high price because they are used to make powerful aphrodisiacs.

To be honest, from an Elder Orc perspective, Gray is a bit of a no-no.

The Elder orcs Gray defeated were larger, stronger, and died faster from the start of the battle than those defeated by “Blood Axe”.

From Melinda’s point of view, it is easier to handle than a goblin general’s head. But that’s not the point.

In “Bright Fantasy”, it naturally appears as a monster.

(※Testicles do not drop)


He is a 30-year-old adventurer who attends the Bastok Adventurer’s Guild and has a rank of B-.

He is the leader of a party called “Blood Axe” and its four members are Barge, a scout, Hahn, a magician, and Kaoran, a healer. They are all men and childhood friends from a rural village.

Because of the length of their relationship, the party coordination is quite good.

In fact, he happened to witness Gray fighting monsters in the past, and when he invited Gray to a party afterwards, he was promptly turned down.

He thinks he is involved with Gray because he doesn’t like him, but in fact, he subconsciously admires his strength and doesn’t want to admit it, so he gets more involved with him. In other words, he is a real spoiled brat.

His hobby is sewing.

He appears only briefly in Bright Fantasy.

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