Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

We were on our way to the Adventurer’s Guild when we discussed the possibility of registering Ares as an adventurer, and whether we should use a false name since the neighboring Holy Land of Storia might be searching for him….

“But is it okay to register under a false name?”

Ares, walking next to me, asks a little anxiously. At his waist is a short sword he had just purchased at a weapons store.

I could have given him my old sword, but that’s something I plan to give to Iska in the future when he becomes an adventurer.

“There are many adventurers like that. But basically, with a few exceptions, once you register a name, you cannot change it, so if you continue as an adventurer, you will have to live with that name for the rest of your life. Think carefully before deciding.”


There are more than a few who want to throw away their names, their pasts, and start their lives over from scratch. Sometimes these people become adventurers. Whether they succeed is another matter.

After walking for a while with Ares, who has become quiet, perhaps distressed, we see a familiar building.

“Here we are.”

Ares looks up at the Adventurers Guild building after hearing my words.

“This is… the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Let’s get in, I want to register early and complete some requests today.”

I want him to have some achievements while I’m with him. Ares can probably win a one-on-one battle against hobgoblins and orcs with ease. However, he also needs to experience one-on-many battles like those with goblin hordes.

As for the party, it is much tougher given Ares’ situation. Ares is an E-level rookie who has just registered as an adventurer. He is not likely to be invited to a party out of the blue, and even if he were, he would not be able to trust them.

Or rather, in this city, it’s impossible when I follow you around.

Once at the Adventurer’s Guild, I had Ares line up at the reception desk, and while he was waiting, I ransacked the place for requests.

However, hobgoblin and orc requests can only be received from D+, so there is only one resident request: to take down a goblin.

Wolf-type monsters are perfect for group fights, but perhaps because of their survival instincts, they don’t attack those who are too different in ability, so they avoid me when I’m with them.

…… Huh, maybe I’m in the way?

“Gray-san. I’m done registering.”

When I turned around after being called out from behind, there was Ares happily showing me his adventurer card. The card has Ares’ name and rank on it.

“Oh. You didn’t change your name?”

“Yes, this name was given to me by my parents who I had never seen before…”

“…I see.”

I don’t know how Ares ended up living in an orphanage. I wonder how Ares’s parents felt about leaving their child.

And the same can be said for Iska and the others.



“Hmm? Oh, sorry. This is your first quest. you’ll start with the resident goblin subjugation request. Do you have any experience fighting goblins?”

“I had a few before I came to this city. The rest of the time I also fought orcs.”

In that case, I thought it would be okay to work out the details as we move along, so I lined up Ares in the line for Sasha with the request form. For now, let Ares accept the request himself, and explain the details to Sasha. It would be nice if the veteran adventurer trained the newcomers…that’s usually the case.

“Hey, who’s that kid? Ah, maybe Gray-san, the loner, is so desperate for party members that he finally tricks a newcomer who doesn’t know anything about it and makes him a friend?”

Just as it was almost our turn, Ganzas, a man of leisure with a request form in his hand, as I had predicted yesterday, got involved.

“Ah? Can’t you tell by looking at it? I decided to train a newcomer. As usual, you’ve got a big gaping hole in your eyes, ears, and mouth. Well, the level of some self-proclaimed B-rank party is so low…the other day, they were shocked when I handed them an Elder Orc’s head, can you believe it? If things continue like this, the quality of all adventurers will be affected, and I’ll have to make a move.”

“You bastard!”

As usual, Ganzas, a man of leisure, is red-faced and angry.


Ares is frustrated with a panicked look on his face at the exchange between me and Ganzas the idle man.

“Hey Leader, let’s get a move on and stop playing around. We’ve been preparing for days.”

“Guh…tch, I know.”

Ganzas was stopped by a member of “Blood Axe”, who glared at us, clicked his tongue and walked out of the guild.

With a request to subdue the Elder Orcs in his hand.

Well, good luck with that.

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