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Chapter 10

"Uh... Uh"

"...Papa-chan, give me a good pat."

"Ah... ahaha..."

“N… Nina, look, Gray-san… right?”

Nina is on my lap, hugging me as hard as she can and pressing her head into me. Tears and snot are making my clothes a mess, but... well, that can't be helped.

Iska and Fio looked troubled, Ariamel was just flustered, and Stella's first word to me was "Papa ''.

Before I knew it, I had a second child... I have a lot of children...

While stroking Nina's head, I gently pat her back.


......Why am I in this situation?


It was still early in the morning when the carriage returned to Bastok, so I decided to go back to the inn and repair Nina's doll with a needle and thread.


Hmm, the fabric used for the doll itself is damaged, so it looks like it will tear again soon.

I wonder if there is some kind of magic that can restore the damaged fabric to its original state.


Maybe alchemy will work.

I thought of that as I contemplated the face of an alchemist I knew.

If not, maybe soaking it in an elixir or something like that might help.

What if it doesn't .......

I got ready and decided to leave the inn.

As I walked out of my room and down the stairs, I saw the innkeeper's father sitting at the counter looking bored.

"Hmm? What's the matter, you just got home and now you're going out again?"


Before I say that it's fine, the father makes a face that flashes something.

"Ha-ha-ha, it’s a woman, isn't it? You're so energetic right after coming back from work... when I was young..."

"Hey Rina, your father is saying something again."

When I said that, a beautiful girl with semi-long blonde hair who was cleaning the room on the second floor came down the stairs.

"Already! Dad, again!"

I'm afraid that I can only rely on his daughter, Rina, when I'm in trouble. I don't care what you think, It doesn't matter, but they really don't look alike. An ogre giving birth to an elf or something like that.


"Oh... no... You're cowardly to call Rina! If you're a man, you won’t be afraid to talk openly about dirty things!"

It is meaningless.

"I'll leave the rest to you."

"Oh, yeah, I'll take care of it! Have a good day, Gray-san."

"Go on, take care."

"...... yeah, I'm off."

The rooms are clean, the food is good... and best of all, oh yeah, they greet you on the way out and back. It's a nice place to stay.

The only reason it's not so prosperous is probably because of that old man.

"...you're a rip off"

After that, I went to the alchemist's home and workshop and showed the doll to an alchemist named Lukes, who always looked sleepy, and asked him if he could fix the damaged fabric.

"Oh, what's wrong with that doll? You brought me something that doesn't look normal... hmm? Of course I can fix it. Of course, I’ll get paid for it. How much? No, no, actually, there's a material I want now...Elder Orc's...you know what I mean? It's not the head. How did you know... it's a trade secret."

So, in the end, one orc ball was taken away.

Why don't I ask someone else? Luke looks like that, but he's still the only one who doesn't make unreasonable demands....

Besides, if you're good in times like this, he'll be accommodating in various ways.

Cure potions on hand.


"Normal drug... it's a failed product, I'll give it to you."

It was given to me for free. It's usually expensive to buy.


I look at the beautiful doll. If Nina is happy, then I don't mind.


What was I thinking...

I bought some food and went to Iska's hut. What was waiting for me was Nina, who was hugging Ariamel and crying that Oto-san was gone.

"It's okay, Papa will definitely come back."

And it was Stella who comforted her.

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